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Pseudonym: Leehold, Zeno

Zeno B. Leehold was an alias for Italian journalist Luigi de Marchi. A cable on January 24, 1967, stated that: "Propose that a letter be delivered to Rico from Leehold (de Marchi)."
A cable in March of 1966, originated by Louis de Santi, WH/C/CA/PA, stated that Leehold's trip to JMWAVE had been cancelled because of the arrests of AMLASH-1 (Rolando Cubela Secades) and AMTRUNK-10 (Ramon Tomas Guin Diaz), and the desire not to debrief Nieves at this time regarding anti-Castro conspiracies. The cable said that this meeting may be rescheduled in a week or two. In addition, a cable on January 14, 1967, mentioned that Leehold had a successful one hour meeting with Victor Rico Galan at Lecumberri Penitentiary on the morning of January 13th. Zeno B. Leehold had a letter introducing himself as an Italian writer for "Corrispondenza Socialista," and as an acquaintance of Carlo Coccioli, an Italian pro-Communist journalist, who was friends with Rico in Mexico, and who was currently in Europe. Furthermore, a memorandum for the record on January 19, 1967, from Zeno B. Leehold gave his office as WH/SAO.


03/02/66: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: Louis de Santi, WH/C/CA/PA): REF: DIR 83322* "Per telecon Leehold trip to WAVE cancelled since, in light arrests AMLASH-1 and AMTRUNK-10, did not wish debrief Nieves at this time re anti-Castro conspiracies. May reschedule trip in week or two. Will advise. WH/C Comment: *Gave Leehold eta Wave 1 Mar." Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. Coordinating Officers: C/WH/C/CA/PA, (Signature). C/WH/C/CA, D. Ronis (?). C/WH/C/MO, (Signature). Authenticating Officer: John T. Flynn, A/DCWHD/C.

104-10221-10002: GALAN RICO, VICTOR, 201-336474, VOL. III

01/14/67: Cable: REF: MEXICO CITY 9890 (IN 75995)* "1. Leehold had successful one hour meeting with Rico Galan at Lecumberri Penitentiary morning 13 January. Meeting ended abruptly by call from director of prison that lawyer there to see Rico. 2. Leehold had letter introducing himself as Italian writer for 'Corrispondenza Socialista' and as acquaintance of Carlo Coccioli, Italian pro-commie journalist who friend of Rico in Mexico and who currently in Europe. As result Rico assumed and accepted Leehold as fellow Marxist and friendly rapport established immediately. Most probable that Rico expressed his real thoughts in discussion and answer to questions. 3. In brief, Rico revealed himself as convinced, unrepentant, fervent revolutionary seeing violent revolution 'indispensable' throughout Latin America since peaceful road to necessary changes 'blocked everywhere.' Described Mexico as 'apparent democracy but really police state tightly held,' where strength of 'popular movements' on the rise. Expressed confidence that revolution will win in Guatemala and Venezuela. Characterized Castro as great revolutionary leader and tactician but not able play role as liberator of Latin America since he is too dependent on Soviets who tightly control him...4. COS and Leehold briefed LIENVOY/2 after meeting. Believe Mexicans pleased and appreciative that meeting confirmed their assessment of Rico as unrepentant revolutionary. Leehold attempting see Rico again afternoon 13 Jan. 5. Leehold ETA Washington 14 January Eastern 904. Please advise wife. (Handwritten: *(Unintelligible) has put LIENVOY/2 in contact with Leehold."

104-10221-10002: GALAN RICO, VICTOR, 201-336474, VOL. III

01/17/67: Dispatch from Chief, WH Division to COS, Mexico City: Subject: Victor Rico Galan: "1. Forwarded herewith a three copies of a memorandum written by Zeno B. Leehold regarding his meeting with Victor Rico Galan on 13 January 1967. 2. Also forwarded are three copies of the Spanish translation which was passed to LITEMPO-8 (Luis Echeverria Alvarez) on 16 January 1967. 3. Please call this dispatch and attachments to the attention of Chester D. Dainold (Desmond FitzGerald). (Handwritten: Unintelligible for) Willard C. Curtis." The memo mentioned above is from pages 105-107.

104-10221-10002: GALAN RICO, VICTOR, 201-336474, VOL. III

01/19/67: Memorandum for the record from Zeno B. Leehold, Office of WH/SAO: Subject: Leehold's Contacts with LIENVOY/2 on Rico Galan case, Mexico City, 11-13 January 67: Reference: Mexico City 9890 (IN 75995), 11 Jan 67:

104-10221-10002: GALAN RICO, VICTOR, 201-336474, VOL. III

01/24/67: Cable to Mexico City (Orig: Withheld, Unit: WH/SAO): Slugline KAPOK JMROD PBRUMEN: REF: MEXICO CITY 9925 (IN 77995): "1. Desire take advantage Leehold interview with Rico Galan in light following facts. A. Interview was ended abruptly and believe Rico expected follow up session. However Leehold was unable to get in to see Rico for second session. B. At end of interview Leehold gave Rico copy of LINLUCK's book Useful But Dead which Rico was pleased to receive. Leehold also broached matter of Rico writing article for his periodical 'Corrispondenza Socialista.' 2. Propose that a letter be delivered to Rico from Leehold (de Marchi). Letter would explain inability to see Rico again and express hope to see him again on way back from la tour. Letter would also propose to Rico that meanwhile he write for a fee a review of book Useful But Dead for 'Corrispondenza Socialista.' 3. Purpose is to get Rico to express views in writing on Cuban commie situation, Castro-Soviet relations and obtain Rico's analysis of book. Might also begin soften him up to provide real info at some future date. 4. Would prepare letter in Italian at HQs and forward to station. Leave to station to determine best means of delivery, but presumably would be thru LITEMPO/8. 5. Would appreciate station comments and/or concurrence." Releasing Officer: (REDACTION), William V. Broe, C/WHD. Coordinating Officers: WH/1, (REDACTION). C/WH/COG, (REDACTION). Authenticating Officer: (REDACTION), WH/SAO.

104-10221-10002: GALAN RICO, VICTOR, 201-336474, VOL. III

01/26/67: Cable: Slugline KAPOK JMROD PBRUMEN: REF: DIRECTOR 69248: "1. Concur letter to Rico from Leehold would be advantageous operationally. LITEMPO-8 (Luis Echeverria Alvarez) can be asked make delivery. 2. Believe portion of letter should explain why it was not sent regular mail service. Also, should be dated to coincide with Leehold visit Mexico with explanation why it was not delivered sooner or carry current date but on hotel or other appropriate stationery from other country with explanation it hand carried to Mexico by friend."

104-10221-10002: GALAN RICO, VICTOR, 201-336474, VOL. III

01/31/67: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, Mexico City: Subject: Operational/JMROD Transmittal of Letter for Rico Galan: "Transmitted herewith is the letter mentioned in reference. Further instructions will be sent by cable. (REDACTION)." Originating Officer: (REDACTION), WH/SAO. Coordinating Officers: (REDACTION), WH/SAO. (Initials), WH/1/M. Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. - - - Page 96: 01/31/67: "Dear Sir: I am the Italian journalist Luigi De Marchi who had the honor of a brief interview with you on the 13th of January. I have tried, up to now without success, to get together with you again to continue our conversation. I trust that this letter finds you in good health. I am entrusting it to a friend 'de confianza' who will try to see to it that it reaches you. I am still traveling and I'll do everything possible to see you again soon. Meanwhile I would be very pleased if you would agree to write a review of the book I left with you, UTILES DESPUES MUERTOS, for eventual publication in the Roman periodical, CORRISPONDENZA SOCIALISTA. Rest assured that you would be paid promptly the usual fee. with best regards, Luigi De Marchi."

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