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Pseudonym: Lapsley, Gerald

Gerald R. Lapsley was possibly a pseudonym used by CIA officer, and former Director of Logistics, James A. Garrison.
Lapsley also used the aliases of Ben Damer (and variations of it) and Carl Teels.

Gerald R. Lapsley was involved in logistical work on Project PBSUCCESS in 1954. Lapsley was named in a report, in circa November, 1954, in regards to logistics. In these documents in 1954 it was mentioned that Lapsley had "assistants", a "support team" and "a team assembled under" his direction, which suggested that he was a Chief/Director of Logistics.

Memorandum No. 3 on the Garrison investigation stated that among the friends of CIA asset, Alfred Moran (probably AMLUFF-1), was James A. Garrison, the former Director of Logistics, who was now retired. The last mention of Lapsley in CIA documents appears to be in 1964.

Ray Millard is still a possibility (he may have another pseudo as well). This would also effect the Carl Teels, Ben Damer aliases/pseudonyms.

John Prados, in his book, Safe for Democracy: The Secret Wars of the CIA, described James Garrison as the CIA's "logistics wizard." Prados recounted a story about Garrison taking Jake Esterline on a visit to a CIA arms dump in the Mid-west when the Cuba operations were being wound down.

One potential problem with Lapsley being the pseudonym of James Garrison is that Lapsley was a case officer of AMTHEO-1 (September, 1963, memo) and met with Orlando Bosch and others in New York City, in late October/early November of 1963. This would seem unusual assignments for a logistics expert to undertake.


01/02/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline PBSUCCESS RYBAT: ATTN LAPSLEY: "1. Forward Pivall (probably David Morales) contract when completed. 2. Inform this office status knee mortar and explosives situation. 3. Withdraw all secret manuals from Jan 14 shipment. Send all restricted manuals. 4. Query PQM/OIS for movies outlining principles of KUHOOK (CIA Paramilitary Operations Staff) operations. Sterilize by cutting sound and English wording and place on Jan 14 shipment. Films will be destroyed on use."


01/11/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: WH PASS INFO TO: PM/AMD ATTN LAPSLEY: "1. The following instructions forwarded from Pres KMFLUSH (Nicaragua) for KMFLUSH flight as discussed AMD - Cadick (William Robertson): A. Approach airport over the lake from north and contact the control on frequencies 126.9 or 3105. B. Use the following license number only for your verbal identification: HP-195. C. The control tower will clear you in order to give you authorization to land direct. D. Avoid flying over the city and when you are in the traffic pattern, turn your navigation lights off. E. If you desire, use your landing lights on the final approach. F. You will receive from the control tower your taxiing instructions. The runaways have been checked and found suitable for your use. G. Only 100 octane available. Arrangements have been made for 4,000 gals to be standing by for use if requested. H. Plan to land 2000 to 2400. Definite ETA should be cabled LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) soonest for placing in proper hands, KMFLUSH. 2. Pan American landing instructions including elevations and traffic patters on field are available this office. Notify if desired pouch to AMD." Handwritten on page 1: "NOTE: Shown to AMB 12 Jan 54 + found satisfactory, by (Unintelligible) (REDACTION). Paras A-H (unintelligible) (REDACTION)."


01/19/54: Memorandum from Jacob D. Esterline to Chief, WHD (Attention: Withheld): Subject: The PBSUCCESS Operational Support Plan: "The attached plan was submitted by LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) 19 January 1954 via telecon for action and/or approval. It has been prepared in draft so that the appropriate people in WHD may review, revise, and/or comment on the plan before it is finalized and submitted to Chief of Operations and the DD/P in a final form." - - - Pages 2-5: "Limitations on discussion of operational support plan. Lapsley urgently needs copy of proposed unit equipment kits prior to discussing packaging needs via KURIOT (CIA Technical Services Division). Cannot locate rough draft HQs...Other than discussion on kits and requisitions to be drawn up plus general nature of KUHOOK (CIA Paramilitary Operations Staff) plans Lapsley unacquainted details nor possesses draft to date...3..A. Pre D-day underground supply kits, water proofed and made single man transportable by Lapsley and support team between 25 Feb and 12 March, for transport from ROBOLO (Fort Clayton, Panama) to airfield near staging areas Honduras and Salvador by black flight, from airfield to staging areas by Seekford arranged black flight...Equipment inspected and repacked by Lapsley and support team between 12 March and 1 April...Packing for airdrop with sterile (if possible, French cargo chutes. This matter to be discussed Cadick-AMB in proposed Jan 26 meeting) equipment...for delivery ROBALO approx 25 Feb are as Lapsley's list except following...B. Also submitted by Lapsley will be packing material necessary for Category A equipment...2. Lapsley complete the packing equipment survey and required requisitions be submitted and approved by C/WHD and handed to (REDACTION) with same requirements as above..."


02/09/54: Memorandum from Jerome C. Dunbar to Chief, DTROBALO: Subject: Operational: Logistical Support Plans PBSUCCESS insofar as Support by ROBALO is Concerned: "1. Headquarters tentatively intends to base Logistical Support of PBSUCCESS at ROBALO (Fort Clayton, Panama) . 2. On approximately 15 February 1954 (REDACTION) as Head of Support Activities, will arrive to fully brief Chief of Station, ROBALO on support needs. Accompanying Lapsley will be an experienced packer who will be interested in surveying available working-space and storage facilities. Both will arrive on tourist's cards and will reside at (REDACTION) Hotel until contacted for pick-up. A cable notification of true names and ETA (REDACTION) will be sent. 3. On approximately 20 February an experienced airborne packer will arrive under same circumstances. 4. Between 20 February and 25 February approximately ten cleared laborers will arrive in small groups under similar circumstances unless your station advises more secure method of arrival. 4. Between 20 February and 25 February approximately ten cleared laborers will arrive in small groups under similar circumstances unless your station advises more secure method of arrival. 5. Approximately 25 February thirty (30) tons of additional material, along with air-drop and sterile packing for burial equipment, will arrive (REDACTION) via black flight. Headquarters will provide all black flight arrangements and responsibility. 6. Packing of the material will be the responsibility of Lapsley and assistants. Loading onto planes for transport to dispersal points from (REDACTION) will be the responsibility of Lapsley and assistants..."


Circa 11/16/54: Report on Project PBSUCCESS: Page 84: ATTACHMENT B: PBSUCCESS LOGISTICAL PLAN: ..."C. Preparation: The forecast for this requirement is to provide the necessary equipment in sufficient time to enable the packing and the preparation of special kits designed for this purpose. Lapsley, in consultation with TSS, has been requested to prepare the requirements for packing supplies needed for this logistical requirement and will submit same in requisition form to the Chief, WH, which will enable the supplies to be procured and shipped to DTROBALO (Fort Clayton, Panama) as required. The preparation of these kits will be accomplished by a team assembled under the direction of Lapsley, as indicated below under personnel requirements. This preparatory work should be done at DTROBALO. The foregoing equipment is to be used in the preparation of the following kits..."


9/6/63: meeting with AMTHEO-1 (Manuel Suarez Carreno), Charcoal Grill restaurant, Alexandria, Virginia; case officer Gerald R. Lapsley as Carl Teels. "...AMTHEO-1 first met Artime when Artime was (illegible) and belonged to a civics action group called 'Accion Cubana', of which AMTHEO-1 was one of the five directors...According to AMTHEO-1, Artime belonged to the Communist Party in Cuba at the age of 17, and he fears that some of the theoretical teachings of the party have stuck with him. AMTHEO-1 was aware that Artime was receiving financial backing of major proportions and said that he had no idea where it was coming from. AMTHEO-1 is a very knowledgeable man and I firmly believe he is sincere and honest."


11/04/63: Memorandum for the record from Gerald R. Lapsley: DATE: 31 October 1963 and 1 November 1963: PLACE: The St. Moritz Hotel, New York City: PRESENT: Doctor Bosch, Gerald R. Lapsley as F. Benton Damer, and AMPROVE-2: "1. This report will combine two meetings which were held with Doctor Bosch on Thursday and Friday of last week. AMPROVE-2 participated in the first meeting and, although he was not present for the second meeting, was briefed on what transpired since it was necessary for him to serve as the liaison between Doctor Bosch and ourselves. 2...AMPROVE introduced me to Bosch as Benton Damer, the legal counsel and executive secretary for one of the members of the group offering the financial backing which Doctor Bosch was interested. It was explained to Bosch that these gentlemen were concerned over the legal aspects of their providing funds for this activity. Specifically they were desirous of insuring that their support would in no way serve to be embarrassing to them..."


11/27/63: Cable from Director to JMWAVE: Slugline RYBAT YOBITE TYPIC AMCANOE: "1. HQs regrets WAVE disturbed by sequence events connected with AMCANOE-3 (Antonio Jose Ramirez Mendez aka Tony Ramallo) telephone call. It certain that HQs and WAVE share concern for all agent assets involved. All actions taken by HQs were, are and will be intended to enhance the security of these assets. 2. We have attempted keep WAVE apprised in most expeditious fashion any AMCANOE-3 developments coming to our attention. To this end AMCANOE-2 was instructed on 22 Nov 63 contact and advise WAVE of first AMCANOE-3 telephone call. AMCANOE-2 advised 23 Nov that he had done this. After receipt WAVE 8115 which reflected either misreading or garble of Ref C, Lapsley called Manganello (Stephen P. Mangello) to ensure that WAVE correctly informed in regard who originating call. Para four Ref B also opened door for WAVE discuss second AMCANOE-3 phone call with AMCANOE-2 before call was made..."


04/22/64: Cable from Director to Geneva, Bern: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC MHFREEZE AMWHIP/1: REF DIR 15094* "AMWHIP/1 (Carlos Tepedino Gonzalez) due arrive PARI 26 April. Due GNVA about 30 April. Briefed New York re GNVA contact instructions per para 2, GNVA 6495 (IN 63875). Lapsley should identify self at initial meet as 'Ben Damer, friend of Bill Thompson (William Wainwright).' FYI, it determined recent meet A/1 does not know any UNCTAD delegates personally, but feels can be of some use through ploy of 'mutual' friends. Most willing do what able. Please emphasize A/1 he to do nothing to compromise his 'apolitical' posture vis-a-vis Castroites. (FYI, this posture has recently proved most useful in giving A/1 entre to Cuban Embassy circles Paris). C/S Comment: *AMWHIP/1 unable leave New York prior 24-25 April." - - - 05/09/64: Cable from Geneva to Director: Slugline TYPIC AMWHIP: "1. AMWHIP/1 stated that IDEN remarked during one of their conversations held PARI circa 1 May that Cuban sugar crop would be 'in excess of four million tons.' 2. AMWHIP/1 plans see IDEN PARI after 12 May when IDEN returns PARI from Havana. Lapsley requested AMWHIP/1 to try develop additional info on sugar and report it to PARI Station contact." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=68068&relPageId=2


Memorandum No. 3: Subject: Garrison and the Kennedy Assassination: Pages 9-10: ..."(3) DDP and DCS relationships: (a) DDP. A check of Moran's file showed that he was cleared on 15 December 1962 for use by Miami Station. He was approached on 27 December 1962 by Mrs. Carmel T. Dollar, acting on behalf of the station and through the good offices of DCS New Orleans. Agreeing to help the station in cover matters, he became president of Ace Marine Survey, Inc. Moran 'also permits use of his own company as a funding mechanism' for Ace Marine Survey Inc...Moran has acted as a spotter for the Miami Station and has recommended several other businessmen who are being used by the station. 'He has also made available several oil companies in which he owns interests for use in backstopping cover' of certain operational vessels of the station. He is or has been used by Headquarters for several activities directed by the Office of Logistics. Of Miami Station personnel Moran has met Mr. Ray E. Millard and Mr. Charles C. C. Tresp (formerly DDS/Office of Logistics) as well as Mrs. Dollar. In addition to Ace Marine Survey Inc., he knows Ceres Enterprises Inc. and the Miami Station operational vessel Barb. He also knows that Miami attorney Mr. James Costello participates in station activities...Miami Station records reflect that Moran is a friend of Messrs. Lawrence K. White, Alan Warfield, and James A. Garrison, the former Director of Logistics, now retired..."


Undated HSCA document from CIA: Titled: "AUGUSTIN GUITART CAMPIZANO: 201-727418... - CORRESPONDENCE BETWEEN 'CARL TEELS' AND AUGUSTIN GUITART: Last correspondence appears to have been on Nov. 8, 1963. Contact with Guitart started 6/12/63. All correspondence relates to Guitart's attempts to set up contact with Rene Guitart in Cuba using special chemical paper. - - - Contact Report 6/22/63: Report of contact between Gerald R. Lapsley as 'Carl Teels' and Guitart. Guitart described as energetic; active in anti-Batista and anti-Castro activities. Will set up contact with Rene Guitart, representative of Pillsbury Flour of Canada. "1/28/63: Letter to Carl Teels from 'G': RE: contact with Guitart, recommendation of Guitart as possible recruit. Indicates Guitarts' wife is sister or very close friend of Sara del Toro. Sara and her husband Amador Odio are in prison in Cuba now - both were close to the Castro family in 1959 and 1960. In late 60 or 61 they were accused of conspiring against the government. Amador sentenced to 30 years, Sara to 6 years. They have 9 children, all believed to be in the U.S..."

John Prados, Safe for Democracy (Ivan R. Dee, Chicago: 2006) p. 323

..."As Cuba operations wound down, agency logistics wizard Jim Garrison* took Jake Esterline with him on a visit to a secret CIA supply dump in the Mid-west. Esterline thought he had better things to do, but Garrison dragooned him into the trip. The stockpiles were vast - cases of rifles, heavy weapons, assorted equipment, row upon row. 'See all of that? rasped Garrison, 'You made me buy that, you bugger!' Esterline ended his career in Miami, running JM/Wave years after Shackley had let, primarily as a social services provider...*No relation to the New Orleans district attorney who acquired fame in the 1960s pursuing tendrils of the alleged plots against John F. Kennedy."

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