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Pseudonym: Lamprell, Robert

Unknown identity. Robert G. Lamprell was the senior officer in the Soviet Office in the CIA's Paris Station at the time of the assassination of President Kennedy.
The HSCA learned from interviewing Thomas B. Casasin (Jacques G. Richardson) in 1978 that Robert G. Lamprell had died of cancer a few years previously. Therefore, it seems unclear why Lamprell's real identity had not been released to the ARRB in the 1990's, and during the most recent release of documents in 2017-2018.


00/00/78: CIA document: "The following requested to be made available for interview & deposition: B. Hugh Tovar, William S. Donnelly, Thomas B. Casasin, Marguerite D. Stevens, Walter P. Haltigan, Robert C. Lamprell."


06/01/78: Memorandum for the record from Rodger S. Gabrielson: Subject: House Select Committee on Assassinations Request: "2. (S) The HSCA also requests the following persons to be made available for interviews. The interviews will be conducted in Agency office spaces. Marguerite D. Stevens, Walter P. Haltigan, Robert C. Lamprell. 3. (U) This request was presently verbally on 1 June 1978 and is made an official written request by virtue of the HSCA senior representative whose signature appears below on behalf of the Committee. Rodger S. Gabrielson." Signed by Michael Goldsmith of HSCA on 6/6/78.


08/17/78: HSCA document: Interview of Thomas Casasin, American Embassy, Paris, France: Page 3: ..."Casasin explained that Lamprell (whose real name was (REDACTION), he died of cancer a few years ago) was one of Casasin's contacts in Paris. He said that Lamprell was the Senior Officer in the Soviet Office in the Paris Station, and served as the second in command. Casasin said that Walter Haltigan (whose real name was (REDACTION) was his normal contact in Paris. He surmised that his memo was sent out by Lamprell because Haltigan might not have been available. He does not know the reason for the delay between the date of his memo, 25 November, and the transmission by Lamprell, 12 December..."


12/13/78: HSCA document: Titled: SR People/Casasin: Page 2: "As a result of this memorandum, the Select Committee contacted Mr. Casasin in an effort to determine whether the CIA had been in contact with Lee Harvey Oswald...He stated initially that he prepared this memorandum for Robert C. Lamprell*, who was the Senior Officer in the Soviet Office in the CIA's Paris Station at the time of the assassination. (Ibid. p. 3). Lamprell, Casasin noted, died of cancer a few years prior to Casasin's interview with the Select Committee. Casasin further stated that his normal contact in Paris would have been Walter Haltigan, but he believed when he prepared his memorandum he was not able to contact Haltigan. *Lamprell had prepared the transmittal memorandum to which Casasin's recollection of SR interest in Oswald is attached. Lamprell memo and the attachment were directed to the CIA Chiefs of SR and WH divisions."

Gavin McDonald

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