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Pseudonym: Kramer, Joseph

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Richard Case Nagell


1957: Doug Horne of the ARRB summarizes contentions about Nagell in Dick Russell's book The Man Who Knew Too Much: "Nagell (claimed)...the Japanese National Police identified Lee Harvey Oswald entering the Soviet Embassy in Tokyo...and photographed him doing so...Nagell determined that Oswald met with a Colonel Nikolai G. Eroshkin, who was officially listed as a military attache, but was suspected of being the legal GRU resident in Japan. Oswald and Eroshkin had more than one meeting...the CIA was attempting to get Eroshkin to defect during this period (1957-58)...Oswald had 'CIA connections' in Japan, and both Nagell and Oswald had girlfriends at the Queen Bee (Tokyo's third most expensive nightclub), which normally catered to an elite clientele: field-grade officers, pilots (some of whom were U-2 pilots) and junior officers with private incomes; Oswald's girlfriend was older than he, and named Midorii."

1994.04.12.12:21:07:160005: Reel 24, Folder L - GARRISON INVESTIGATION.

1962: "In August 1962 he went to Mexico City. In September and again in October 1962 he appeared at the American Embassy in Mexico City. He asked for help in collecting money from the state of California. He claimed that he had been approached for espionage recruitment while in Mexico City but refused to provide any particulars. He said that he wanted to renounce his American citizenship. He left Mexico City on 28 October 1962."

1994.04.12.12:21:07:160005: Reel 24, Folder L - GARRISON INVESTIGATION.

9/20/63: CIA memo states that Nagell was arrested in El Paso for shooting a bullet into the roof of a bank: "At the time of his arrest Subject had in his possession a notebook which made reference to 'Medical Aid for Cuba', the 'Fair Play for Cuba Committee', the names of six persons alleged to be CIA agents, and other information...the names were F. Parker, Mrs. Guthries, C. Churchill, J. Sloss, E. Leibacher, and J. Davanon...It was later determined that Richard Fecteau also appeared on this list, where he was marked as 'Lynn, Mass.' and 'DAC/CIA'. Our records show that Richard Fecteau was aboard an American plane shot down over Manchuria in November 1952 and that he is serving in Peiping a twenty year sentence for spy charges. Fecteau, an OPC employee, was quoted in the press as saying he worked for CIA. (Parker, Guthries and Churchill were not identified, with redactions. Sloss may be REDACTED.)...E. Leibacher could be identical with Ernst Leibacher who in 1964 was in the Los Angeles field office of the DCS (Domestic Contact Service). J. Davanon may refer to Joseph Frances Davanon, also in the Los Angeles field office at the time...On April 1964 Nagell sent the FBI a letter claiming that in September 1963 he had sent the Bureau a registered letter signed 'Jack Kramer.' (Note: His claim was actually 'Joseph Kramer'.) The 1964 letter implied that the 1963 letter had warned the FBI about the impending assassination. The FBI, of course, did not receive such a letter."

FBI 105-82555 Oswald HQ File, Section 46

12/19/63: "Richard Case Nagell, presently incaracerated (EP) El Paso County Jail, today advised that quote for the record, I think I better say I met Oswald in Mexico City and Texas and my association with him was purely social unquote. Attempts were made to have Nagell elaborate, however he refused to do so. Nagell is subject of case entitled Richard Case Nagell aka State National Bank of El Paso...Texas, nine twenty sixty three. BUFILE 91-18339. Nagell has history past mental disturbances and (United States District Court, El Paso) has made repeated efforts to have Nagell submit to psychiatric examination, however, Nagell refuses to do so."

Bill Simpich

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