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Pseudonym: Kloock, Eustace

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Unknown identity. Eustace D. Kloock was the case officer for AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) in the early 1970's.

104-10176-10222: LIRING-3

02/23/69: Dispatch from Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to COS, Mexico City: Subject: LIRING/JMTEAK/Humberto Gonzalez Vega: Eustace D. Kloock signed this dispatch. Originating Officer: J. C. (Unintelligible), WH/2/CI. Coordinating Officers: (Signature), WH/C/G (?). (Signature), AC/WH/C. Releasing Officer: Walter J. Kaufman, C/WH/1.

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

02/26/71: Dispatch from Acting COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: TYPIC/Cuban Mugbook: "1. Request permission to show AMCARD-1 and AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) Cuban Mugbooks, Volume I and II. 2. We have noted that on a number of occasions in the past, photographs of Cuban officials which have been obtained by our various Stations abroad, are generally sent only to Headquarters. We request that when Headquarters does receive such photographs that WH/Miami be provided with a copy. It should be borne in mind that barring over-riding security considerations, it is our intention to show such photographs to AMCARD-1 and AMMUG-1 for possible identification. (Signed) Eustace D. Kloock." Cross reference to 201-831373.


04/13/71: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: "Forwarded herewith is a contact report prepared by Eustace D. Kloock on his most recent meeting with AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez). During this meeting, Volume I of the Cuban Mugbook was reviewed with AMMUG-1. The individuals AMMUG-1 was able to identify are listed in paragraph 2 of the attached contact report. It is requested that all the names be indexed. Eustace D. Kloock."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

06/21/71: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: TYPIC/Future Use of AMMUG-1: "1. During JKLANCE's (CIA's) most recent attempt to contact AMETROPIA-1 (Roberto Rodriguez Llompart) via AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez), it became readily apparent that the cover story AMMUG-1 utilized with his immediate superior was unsatisfactory from two points: First, it did not permit us the operational flexibility so necessary in an approach of this sort and secondly, if AMMUG-1 had not returned when he did, his job security would have been jeopardized. 2. To correct the above deficiency, WH/Miami has arranged the following with the Miami Field Office (MFO): In the future, if we again utilize AMMUG-1 to approach a PBRUMEN (Cuban) official, we will ask that the MFO arrange to have one of their representatives from their Headquarters component contact the appropriate senior official of AMMUG-1's company. This senior official will in turn notify AMMUG-1's immediate superior that AMMUG-1 is to be permitted to travel on matters of importance to the Department of Defense. 3. Transmitted under separate cover is a copy of a memorandum we received from the MFO concerning the above arrangements. Eustace D. Kloock."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

07/21/71: Cable from WH/Miami to Director, Mexico City (Sadelly Acting): Slugline TYPIC AMROSE AMSLOUCH: REF WH/Miami 11983 (IN 380663): "1. For Director: Request permission for Eustace D. Kloock to travel in his registered alias to Mexico City on AMMUG-1/AMSLOUCH-6 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez/Rafael Mirabal Fernandez) ops. Travel info as follows: Depart Miami at 1730 hours 25 July via PAA Flight 552 which scheduled to arrive Mexico City at 2105 hours. 2. AMMUG-1 will utilize same PAA flight on 26 July which scheduled to arrive at 1935 hours. 3. For Mexico City: Request that if possible, you make reservations per above schedule for Kloock in his registered alias at either Hotel Bristol or Montejo and reservations for AMMUG-1 in his true name at the Hotel Majestic. Kloock will contact Station Monday morning. Appreciate your support. 4. File: 201-749651: 201-812117 and 201-872345."

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1

01/07/72: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to COS, Mexico City (Info: Chief, Western Hemisphere Division): Subject: PBRUMEN/Nelson Quesada Rivero (201-836379): ..."2. Immediately upon the receipt of the Reference B photographs, the undersigned reviewed with AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) the one of Nelson Quesada Rivero with negative results. AMGAME-1, however, did recognize the name of Quesada and identified him as being AMSTAFF (probably DGI). Needless to say, we will show AMGAME-1 the photograph of Subject at the earliest opportunity to determine how well he knows him and if warranted, will debrief him in detail on Subject. 3. The Reference B photograph of Subject will be reviewed with the other AMSTAFF/AMQUAKE assets residing in the JMCOBRA (also known as Station WH/Miami) area and we will promptly inform you of the results. Eustace D. Kloock." 201-749651, 201-816552, 201-836379.

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1

04/07/72: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to COS, Ottawa (Info: Chief, Western Hemisphere Division; Chief, EUR): Subject: PBRUMEN/SMABOVE - Felix M. Milian Pantoja (201-883219): "1. The photographs of Felix M. Milian Pantoja (Subject) and his wife, Luisa M. Gonzalez Sabio, were reviewed with AMMUG-1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) on 6 April 1972. While Gonzalez was familiar to AMMUG-1 he could not provide any information on her. He did not, however, recognize Subject. 2. He will review the photographs of Subject and his wife with the other defectors who are the responsibility of WH/Miami and advise you of any positive results. 3. Station is most appreciative of the high quality photographs that we have recently been receiving from SMACT via SMABOVE (Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Security and Intelligence). Eustace D. Kloock."


08/11/78: HSCA Letter from Gary Cornwell for G. Robert Blakey to Scott Breckinridge, Principal Coordinator/HSCA: "Dear Mr. Breckinridge. In connection with this Committee's investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of President John F. Kennedy, we respectfully request access to Volume One of the Cuban Mugbooks reviewed by AMMUG/1 (Vladimir Lahera Rodriguez) at his home on 9 April 1971. AMMUG/1's case officer, Eustace D. Kloock, COS/WH/Miami was present when AMMUG/1 reviewed this mugbook. This review is reported in a CIA dispatch dated 13 April 1971. The dispatch is numbered UFAA-2925..."

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