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Pseudonym: Kinslow, John

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John William Kinslow was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for John W. Kennedy.
A memo from Erich W. Isenstead on November 2, 1973, on Howard Hunt, contained a numbered list of true names, along with a corresponding TSD alias birth certificate list. Most of the alias birth certificates were issued in connection with the Bay of Pigs operation. John W. Kennedy was number 86 and his alias of John William Kinslow was number 86.

Jack Kennedy worked for CIA's WH/4/Security in 1961.


06/06/60: Memo for the record: "1. On 1 June 1960 Mr. John G. Heyn and Mr. John Kennedy of WHD, Mr. Robert Brown of CI/OPS, Mr. Robert Bryant of FI/OPS and Mr. Charles Bray of FI/D met with David M. Wilsted (ps)..."


03/08/61: Letter from Withheld, WH Reg., Ex. 2929 to Jack Kennedy, WH/4/Security: "Mr. Kennedy, Several months ago I wrote you a letter concerning the pro-Castro sentiments of Court Wood, son of Foster Wood, a local attorney. Since that time I have seen Court once more, on March 3, 1961, and he appears to be actively engaged in the organization of a local chapter of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Complete with beard, Court has been meeting with 'interested groups' and lecturing to students in several eastern cities. He specifically mentioned Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York. Apparently there are a number of students involved in this activity; I met David Lacterman from George Mason High School in Falls Church, Va. and Walt MacDonald, a fellow student of Court's, and both are obviously active. What action, if any, should I take in regard to my relationship with Court and his father? Please include this statement in my permanent record."


03/18/61: Memo from Withheld, WH/4/Security, Ex. 2929 to Jack Kennedy, WH/4/Security: "On March 18, 1961, I spent hours with Court Wood and we discussed at great length his plans for the future and his participation in the activities of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee. Court seems to be extremely naïve concerning my position with the Agency, and he is very open and frank with me in all areas. I am certain that if given enough time I can obtain a great deal of information on the backgrounds and activities of many of his associates. While visiting his apartment I observed that both Court and his father are interested in a large number of Communist publications. These included 'U.S.S.R.', 'The Worker', and many Prop. pamphlets that were obviously published in England. Court is an extreme leftist in his political views and he believes fanatically in Castro's Cuba. Mr. Wood mentioned to me that he and several of his friends are making plans to enter Cuba in June; illegally if necessary. He apparently wants to become a teacher for the Castro government and to make his permanent home there. Members of the '26th of July Movement' are in close contact with Court and they are involved in this proposed move to Cuba. Court does have some money and he seems to be very serious about this thing. Within the next few days I have to be able to get some names and specific facts concerning their plans. Please included this in my permanent record."


11/02/73: Memo from Erich W. Isenstead, Chief, Cover & Commercial Staff to Acting General Counsel: Subject: Mr. E. Howard Hunt - Alias Birth Documentation: ..."3. Later in the afternoon of 30 October 1973 Mr. Franklin came to my office with a number of documents. They consisted of a form memorandum signed by me which was addressed to Mr. Hunt dated 29 June 1970 (Tab B), a list of names numbering from 1 through 154, representing true names (Tab C), and a second listing similarly numbered, representing aliases (Tab D). Number 63 on the true name list reads E. Howard Hunt and on the alias list, Edward Joseph Hamilton. Mr. Franklin explained - which I had forgotten - that we had obtained from TSD this list of outstanding alias birth certificates issued by TSD in an attempt to recall - if possible - as many of these documents, or to determine what had happened to them. (Most of these alias birth certificates were issued in connection with the Bay of Pigs operation)..."

Partial of 104-10105-10290:

"TRUE NAME...86. KENNEDY, John W. ..." - - - Page 3: "ALIAS...28. KINSLOW, John William..."

Gavin McDonald

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