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Pseudonym: Karably, Harold

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Harold V. Karably was a pseudonym for John V. Hannon.
A HSCA file on Bernard Barker in August of 1978 stated that John V. Hannon was the true name for Harold V. Karably, a pseudonym.

A dispatch in January of 1968 stated that Karably was exposed to AMHINT-56 (Juan Francisco Blanco Fernandez) as Jack. In addition, Hannon was the supervisor of Grayston Lynch in 1967-1968. In April, 1968, John Hannon was Chief, Special Operations Branch.


07/26/64: Havana Prensa Latina in Spanish: Headlined: "U.S. AGENTS IN CHILE, BRAZIL: Santiago de Chile - The newspaper Ultima Hora charges that 13 U.S. officials who serve as advisers in Chile are 'experts in coups d'état.' The paper charges furhter that the following persons are well-known FBI and CIA agents: John V. Hannon, Embassy Attaché who has been a member of the intelligence service since 1950; Albert McWade, Embassy Attaché; Frank M. Randall, Embassy secretary who has been a member of the intelligence service since 1954; Stephen G. Rozbichi, Embassy Attaché who has been a member of the intelligence service since 1950; and Nelson A. Sosmoskin, also a member of the intelligence service..."


08/04/64: Montevideo Correspondent's Dispatch in Spanish to Prensa Latina Havana: EL SIGLO DENOUNCES CIA ACTIVITIES: John V. Hannon mentioned again.

104-10224-10000: LYNCH, GRAYSON L., OP.

12/26/67: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD (Info: Chief, WH/COG - Chief, WOTACK - Chief, WOMOLD): Subject: RYBAT - AVAILABILITY CAREER AGENT/GS-14/OF IRVING C. DEVUONO FOR REASSIGNMENT: "Due to an extensive cutback in special operations at JMWAVE Station, dictated by reasons of economy as well as a change in operational policy, the services of Irving C. Devuono (Grayston Lynch) are no longer needed and he may be considered available for reassignment...2. Devuono's first assignment with WOFIRM (CIA) was as PM officer in the Bay of Pigs task force...Devuono was then assigned to the JMWAVE Station and has fulfilled the function of PM officer assigned as case officer for the AMLILAC commando group which has varied in strength over the years...4. Instructor: Supervisor's Comments: 1. Devuono's performance at JMWAVE leaves no doubt that he is extremely well qualified in all phases of special operations work...Harold V. Karably."

104-10224-10000: 104-10224-10000: LYNCH, GRAYSON L., OP

01/12/68: FIELD ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONNAIRE: "Name of Employee: Grayston L. Lynch. Name of Supervisor (True): John Hannon...Station or Base: JMWAVE. Crypt for Current Cover: JMOCEAN..."


01/26/68: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: Page 2 of AMHINT-56 Damage Report: "WOFIRM Personnel Exposed...Harold V. Karably/Jack..."

104-10224-10000: 104-10224-10000: LYNCH, GRAYSON L., OP.

04/24/68: Grayston Lynch Fitness Report from 11 July 1967 - 31 March 1968: Signed as Supervisor by John Hannon, Chief, Special Operations Branch.

104-10164-10000: BARKER, BERNARD.

Undated CIA file on Bernard Barker: "(REDACTION): Harold V. Karably (P): 1971 - Retired as Staff employee. 1971 - June - Picked up as contract employee by FR Division. 1972 - June 30 - that contract terminated. 1972 - June 30 - retired under CIARDS. 1972 - June - new contract with FR Division as a retired annuitant. Came aboard as independent contractor. 1973 - 30 June - that contract was terminated. FR Division has the following address for (REDACTION) but does not know the date of the info: (REDACTION)."


08/22/78: HSCA file: BERNARD BARKER: 201-251689: VOLUME III: Page 2: ..."Next doc - John V. Hannon (T) - Harold V. Karably (P) info."

Gavin McDonald

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