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Pseudonym: Kalbing, Oscar

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Unknown identity. A report on an interrogation of AMCLEVE-15 (Luis Posada Carriles) in June of 1968 stated that the interview was conducted in the home of Oscar C. Kalbing in both English and Spanish, and that Kalbing did the translating.
A memo for the record from Kalbing, on October 10, 1972, mentioned that he met AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) on October 3rd and 4th in Miami. Kalbing described Wibalda (probably Robert Wall) to A-5 and told him his name was "Roberto." AMCHALK-5 was to attempt to achieve the defection of AMWOLF-1. If contact was made the following week, AMCHALK-5 would be back before Henry Pachankis (probably Jack Stewart) was. Oscar C. Kalbing said the CIA would want to debrief AMCHALK-5 in Miami, and that either he would see A-5, or Pachankis would. Kalbing said that if Pachankis talked to AMCHALK-5, he could tell Pachankis the complete details of the operation, unless Kalbing phoned him otherwise.

104-10220-10128: LUIS CLEMENTE POSADA.

05/28/68: Dispatch from COS, Caracas to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: PRQ Part I on Luis Clemente Posada Carriles: "Forwarded herewith is an up-to-date PRQ Part I which was filled in by Subject on 23 May 1968. Oscar C. Kalbing."


06/07/68: Report from Interrogation Research Division to WH/COG: Subject: AMCLEVE-15 - IDEN A: 201-300985: ..."The interview was conducted in the home of Oscar C. Kalbing in both English and Spanish.(Subject's English is quite good, however, during actual testing Spanish was used to avoid ambiguity or misunderstanding of the question content). Kalbing did the translating...Are any of your relatives working for PBRUMEN (Cuba) Intelligence? His answer was that he felt that at least one of them was according to what Kalbing inferred during his discussion with Subject the day before the SGSWIRL test. This was his brother IDEN D, but he also wondered about his brother IDEN E who might also be with PBRUMEN intelligence because according to what his mother mentioned in a letter some time ago, IDEN E had been in the USSR receiving training of some sort. This training lasted for a full year and occurred in 1962 to the best of Subject's memory. Subject was reasonably sure of this date because of the 'Missile Crisis' and President Kennedy's death which occurred later..."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

10/05/72: Memo for the record from Oscar C. Kalbing. Subject: Meeting with AMCHALK-5. Time and Place: Miami, 3 and 4 October: "1. I met AMCHALK-5 (Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue) at 1430 hours at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant. I told him we would like to have him travel immediately in order to arrive in Madrid by 9 October. AMCHALK-5 said he could make it with no problem...I briefed him on the contact arrangements sent from Madrid and described Wibalda (probably Robert Wall) to him. I told him Wibalda's name is 'Roberto'...2. I told AMCHALK-5 that Wibalda would have the letter for AMGHOST-1 for him to take to the meeting, and I told him again not to use the letter unless his recruitment pitch had no results. If he does pass the letter, I suggested that he flex it to prove to AMWOLF-1 (Eduardo Araos Agero) that it does not contain a bomb. 3. I told AMCHALK-5 that it looked good for a surprise contact with AMWOLF-1 on 10 October because he would be going to a lunch with a woman not connected with his office...5. If the contact is made next week, AMCHALK-5 will be back before Pachankis (probably Jack Stewart) is. I said we would want to debrief him in Miami and that either I would see him or Pachankis would. I said that if Pachankis talks to him, he can tell Pachankis the complete details of the operation unless I phoned him otherwise...7. I wished AMCHALK-5 good luck. He is much more optimistic about his chances with AMWOLF-1 than I am...Just in case AMCHALK-5 should be successful, we should be prepared to support him. I suggest that we cable Madrid telling them what and how much we are willing to offer should AMWOLF-1 be interested in defecting. I told AMCHALK-5 that he could promise asylum, but I did not tell him how much money he could offer as an inducement for either recruitment in place or defection."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

01/20/75: Contact Report from Emory D. Premselar: Subject: Agent - Pachankis: D/P/T: 20 Jan 75/Fairfax Holiday Inn rm 363/0830-0930: "8. Miguel Angel Diaz Isalque: I showed P the letter from Diaz to the PO Box 982 Coral Gables box; P said he did not know that address and had no idea how Diaz might have got it. I told P it was a sensitive address which we did not want to have blown, asked him to contact Diaz, ostensibly because Kalbing (who long ago was having P prime Diaz for a trip to Madrid which never came off) had sent regards and an explanation of why the Madrid thing fell thru) P is to make no mention of the Coral Gables address or the letter, but assuming Diaz will bring it up, to try to discover how Diaz got that address, while also discovering what it is Diaz had in mind when he wrote the letter. P thinks he has Diaz' phone number, if necessary can use the ploy of having seen Diaz's TV ad for his furniture store."

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