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Pseudonym: Jose, Juan

Juan Jose was an alias used by Matthew H. Ontrich during Operation PBSUCCESS. Ontrich was a pseudonym for CIA officer Nestor Sanchez.
A cable on 3 June, 1954, mentioned the name Juan Jose with Ontrich in brackets after it.

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: Persons and Pseudonyms

Page xx: ..."Ontrich, Matthew H. (pseudonym, identity not released)..."


05/28/54: Dispatch from LINCOLN to PBSUCCESS, Headquarters: Subject: General - Operational: Specific - Briefing: "Attached herewith are two copies of a briefing. (REDACTION) William D. Playdon (Tracy Barnes)." - - - Pages 2-5: 05/25/54: Memorandum from Juan Jose to C/P and C/R/O Support: Subject: Briefing of (REDACTION) alias Victor Varela (31):


05/28/54: Dispatch from LINCOLN to ACOS, Withheld: Subject: General - Honduran Matters: Specific - (REDACTION) Reports: "There is attached a memorandum in connection with the subjects of the reference cables which should be passed to Ontrich (Nestor Sanchez). (REDACTION). Jerome C. Dunbar." - - - Page 2: "Dear Juan Jose, The two bits of information from (REDACTION) dated the 25th are of interest. In view of the fact that the big boy is ill and may be forced to leave the country, it is important that we have as much information as possible on the Number 3, who you say is a close friend of Carmen. It is requested that you forward as much data as you can obtain, including of course his identity and his leanings. Also, with respect to the Col. who works for Tia's Imprenta, the most important factor to bear in mind is what kind of a system he or his collaborators will set up to run things in Francisco once they are gone. It is requested that you follow up on this matter and send all pertinent data you are able to develop."


06/03/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: Page 3: "6. Re para 3, Ref A. Ontrich (Nestor Sanchez) had provided instructions to SEMANTIC on undeveloped roll film and fact he questioned use of quetzal bill countersign indicates either film bad or not received. Signal plan, crystals and pad not pouched GUAT until 1 June and radios not passed to ESCOBILLA indicates no compromise these items. Should Clower (Joseph G. Sancho) be able contact (REDACTION) would appreciate his checking whereabouts of sets using foregoing knowledge plus name of Juan Jose (Ontrich) to establish bona fides..."


06/07/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT/PBSUCCESS: REF: LINC 3536: "1. After thinking over Galbond/Playdon (J.C. King/Tracy Barnes) conversation on subject re MSG we believe para 2 should be within capability of (REDACTION) as spelled out within para one same MSG. 2. You will note unnecessary use station personnel but merely Spanish speaking cut out who acting on behalf Juan Jose/SYNCARP (Nestor Sanchez/The "Junta", Castillo Armas' political organization headed by Cordova Cerna). Cutout need have no personal knowledge PBSUCCESS and should make this clear to SEMANTIC. Should limit himself solely to info as to how soon SEMANTIC can get to TEGU. What, if any, obstacles stand in his way and who with him."


Undated: Memorandum: Subject: On Command Posts: "I. There will be two command posts in the field. A. The general CP, consisting of PANCHO (Carlos Castillo Armas); The Major; G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4; Don Ricardo, Juan Jose, Manuel..."

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