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Pseudonym: Jasutis, Peter

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Unknown identity. Peter S. Jasutis was the case officer of IUSTEER-1 in 1972.
Shane O'Sullivan mentioned Peter S. Jasutis on pages 409-410 of his 2018 book, Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate, and the CIA.


07/26/65: Transmittal Manifest from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH (Attn: WH/C; Peter S. Jasutis): No 275956: "DESCRIPTION: U.R. Memo #1096-Sov Fishing Base. USE: Ref: WAVE 4039. (Handwritten: Hold for Characters. SC)."


06/30/72: Memo for the record from Peter S. Jasutis (Jasutis handwritten at top): Subject: IUSTEER - Anthony Abraham Chevrolet, Miami: ..."IUSTEER-1 noted that the Chief of Latin American Sales (?) of this firm, Manuel Villamanan (AMFAUNA-13), is very much up-to-date on Cuban exile matters. IUSTEER-1 commented that he ran into Villamanan recently and they engaged in a conversation about the Washington Break-In Scandal. IUSTEER-1 found Villamanan very sympathetic to Barker (one of the individuals involved) and IUSTEER-1 felt he hurt Villamanan's feelings when he (IUSTEER-1) was critical of the affair). Also employed as a salesman at this firm is Alberto Beguiristain (AMANCHOR-1) who was at one time associated with Eugenio Martinez (of the Washington Break-in affair) in the capacity of a frogman for the Agency under the cover firm (REDACTION). Chief of Security for Anthony Abraham Chevrolet is Tony Iglesias (handwritten: AMCHALK-5's best friend), identified by IUSTEER-1 as the military chief for the Torriente Group." - - - AMCHALK-5 was Miguel Angel Diaz Isalgue: https://www.maryferrell.org/php/cryptdb.php?id=AMCHALK-5


06/30/72: Contact Report from Peter S. Jasutis. Agent: IUSTEER/1. Place: Westward Ho Restaurant, SW 8 St. and 49th Avenue: "1. Contact was initiated with IUSTEER/1 to discuss Roberto de Cardenas. Cardenas was previously described by IUSTEER/1 as an individual who worked for the Agency both in Miami and the Congo. He is a friend of Barker, of the Washington breakin scandal. Cardenas was unemployed until early 1972 but now, suddenly, he is traveling to South America and has become affluent. IUSTEER/1 speculated that Cardenas may be dealing in narcotics. 2. Also note a New York Times article of 28 June concerning the Washington breakin affair. This article states that an individual appeared on the Miami scene about two months ago and recruited the team for the breakin. The recruiter was described as a 'pipe smoker' who used a code name during the recruitments. Cardenas smokes a pipe all the time according to IUSTEER/1. 3. IUSTEER/1 is sceptical of the NYT article, as written, because in his opinion no Cuban could be recruited by an unknown individual using a code name...4. Information on Cardenas supplied by IUSTEER/1: a. Cardenas was born about 1919...b. From 1959 to 1960 he was in the Castro airforce. There he met Fiorini, also involved in the Washington breakin scandal. In 1960, in Miami, IUSTEER/1 was visiting in the Fiorini home when Cardenas dropped in. Also present was Diaz Lanz, former Chief of the Castro airforce. Cardenas was then working closely with Barker in Cuban exile (unity) activity on behalf of Artime. At the time Cardenas met IUSTEER/1 at the Fiorini home, he told IUSTEER/1 to go to a house on Brickell Ave. IUSTEER/1 did and there he met Artime for the first time." (CONTINUED BELOW)


"c. (At this time a Case Officer named 'Jimmy' was handling both Barker and Cardenas. 'Jimmy' spoke excellent Cuban Spanish). d. From 1962 to 1965 Cardenas worked with the Agency under the cover firm (REDACTION). (Cardenas' Case Officer during this period was (REDACTION). e. In 1965 the Agency sent Cardenas to IUSTEER/1 for duty in the Congo. In the Congo Cardenas claimed to have a heart attack and was hospitalized. He was later proven medically sound and released from his Congo assignment. f. During 1967-1968 Cardenas drove a truck in the Miami area. Between 1969 and 1970-71 Cardenas sold mutual funds in South America (GRAMCO and others). This ended when the funds went bankrupt..."

Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate, and the CIA (2018) by Shane O'Sullivan

Pages 409-410: ..."A series of declassified CIA memos from the week following the Watergate arrests also help illuminate Agency connections to the burglars. On Tuesday, June 20, Agency asset IUSTEER-1 met his case officer, 'Peter S. Jasutis,' and reported a recent conversation with Villamanan about the 'Watergate Break-In Scandal.' Villamanan was 'very sympathetic to Barker' and the asset felt 'he hurt Villamanan's feelings' when he was 'critical of the affair.' He called the dealership 'a nest of Cuban rumors and gossip' and noted salesman Alberto Beguiristain was a CIA asset (using the code name or cryptonym AMANCHOR-1) who had once worked as a frogman with Martinez through a CIA cover company. The dealership's chief of Security, Tony Iglesias, was the military chief of the Torriente Group and another former CIA asset, Dr. Luis Conte Aguero, was also on staff. (10)..."

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