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Pseudonym: Jadwin, Thomas K.

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Bronson Tweedy, he served in the Congo during the period the Agency was plotting the assassination of that country's Prime Minister.
A cable from Geneva for Thomas K. Jadwin, on March 3, 1964, mentioned INDEVOUT-3 and Raul Roa, and President Kennedy's contacts with the Castro regime before the assassination on November 22, 1963.

CIA documents in 1970 and 1971 indicated that Jadwin/Tweedy was in London.

157-10014-10089: TESTIMONY OF BRONSON TWEEDY, 9 OCT 1975

The Church Committee testimony of Agency officer Bronson Tweedy regarding CIA attempts to assassinate Congolese Prime Minster Patrice Lumumba states that his pseudonym used in cable traffic was Thomas K. Jadwin.

104-10308-10009: CABLE: ( ) 6317 ( ) 6318 COVER ( ) CONVERSATIONS

03/03/64: Cable from Geneva to Director: Info: BERN (Elmard Only): RYBAT INK: FOR THOMAS K. JADWIN: "1. GNVA 6317 and GNVA 6318 cover INDEVOUT-3 (probably Jose Enrique Camejo Argudin) conversations with Roa re Castro attitude toward ODYOKE (U.S. Government), and subject's own visual observation of Castro's reaction to 'fishing boat incident'. 2. Have not included in GNVA 6317, FOLL info relation to SUBJ by Raul Roa which explains para 11 of ref cited, and which Roa advanced as particular reason for Castro's frustration at U.S. handling. Offer HQs whether include GNVA 6317 or handle otherwise. 3. Roa informed SUBJ that prior to his assassination, President Kennedy 'established certain contacts' with Cuba. Roa said that Kennedy 'emissaries' had been sent to contact Cubans. Roa specifically cited contacts that had taken place in New York. SUBJ does not know whether Roa meant that New York was the only place of contact. Roa went on to explain that Castro felt that it was possible that President Kennedy would have gone on ultimately to negotiate with Cuba. He explained that this negotiation would not have been based on 'love for Cuba', but for practical reasons on a 'fait accompli basis.' This would have been to Cuba's advantage Roa said. Roa added that 'it is believed' that President Johnson is unaware of his predecessor's activities in this area, and thus is not continuing his predecessor's policies. 4. SUBJ himself witnessed fact that Castro, during sessions Roa office, referred to President Johnson in harsh terms. C/S Comment: *No record in C/S as of 1145 3 Mar 64. **Dissemination in accordance with verbal instructions from Miss Rippe, EE Div."

104-10074-10209: WITHHELD

07/01/70: Cable from Director to Saigon (Eyes Only Reuteman) Info: London (Eyes Only Jadwin): RYBAT MHCHAOS:

104-10217-10225: RICHARD GIBSON.

03/19/71: Dispatch from Chief, AF via Chief, EUR to COS, London (Info: C/LCPIPIT): Subject: JAGUAR Reporting on African Expatriates in London: Page 2: ..."5. As to QRPHONE/1 (Richard Gibson), SMOVID on 15 June 1970 followed up his March 1970 complaints to Jadwin about QRPHONE/1's contacts with expatriates in London...7. Were QRPHONE/1 permitted to resume his London contacts he could obtain some information of the type JKLANCE (CIA) would like to get from JAGUAR (MI-5). But, in view of the June 1970 SMUPSILON-approved SMOVID demarche to Jadwin, it might be unwise, for the moment at least, to sound out JAGUAR about reactivating QRPHONE/1..."

Carmine Savastano

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