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Pseudonym: Jack

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Earl Voss, reporter for the Washington Evening Star, was part of a Yugoslavian intelligence network.

124-90120-10068: No Title

3/20/63: Earl Voss, staff writer for the Washington Evening Star, wrote that "more than 150 Americans, some of them suspected Communist agents, have visited Cuba illegally in the last two years. Most of them have slipped into Havana on the weekly flights of Cubana airlines from Mexico City."

104-10219-10001: MEYER, KARL (LOOSE DOCUMENTS)

5/11/63 note "concerning the conversation with Cvijete Job about the Washington Operative Center (referred to on p. 192 as "DMTHOR") - Translation from the Serbo-Croatian: The Well Developed Contacts: The following contacts are assigned to Job: - State Department - White House - press - diplomatic body. Job contacts only one member of the intelligence organization and namely: The selected contact "Jack". (Handwritten marginalia - "Earl Voss".) On the occasion of his transfer, comrade Drndic left a note indicating that 'Jack' is a kind of collaborator. Drndic put this indication in parentheses...Information has to be squeezed out of 'Jack'...The operator aided him in writing comments for his newspaper. (Translator's note: It appears that Jack is a newspaperman.) In these comments 'Jack' inserted many of our suggestions...Lately, he began speaking more openly with the operator. He openly speaks about himself. Good personal relations have been established with 'Jack'. The earlier problem of relations has been overcome. "Jack' does not any longer furnish exclulsively editiorial information. He can be used for writing about Yugoslavia. 'Jack' has a very weak character. He likes to eat and drink. He is vain; he likes to be considered as an important man who has affirmed himself and who is well-known. He likes that people listen to him when he speaks. His stay in Yugoslavia has left a good impression on him. He has acquired a feeling of friendship toward our people and toward our country."

Commission Document 1462 - State Frank Memorandum of 03 Apr 1964 re: Additional Rusk Documents Needed

1/21/64: The State Department announced that Earl Voss was leaving the press corps to join the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research.

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