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Pseudonym: Hurschwood, Jacob

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Unknown identity. A dispatch in July of 1953 stated that Jacob B. Hurschwood (or Hirschwood) and Richard F. Arville represented DTROBALO (Fort Clayton, Panama) in a conference with officers representing HQs.
Hurschwood appeared in other PBFORTUNE (the initial covert action program approved by Truman in 1952, designed to oust Jacob Arbenz and his government in Guatemala) documents in 1953. In January, 1953, a cable mentioned that Hurschwood was acting chief of (REDACTION), which was possibly DTROBALO.

A dispatch in September of 1953 from Zachary T. Cady stated that Richard F. Arville and Jacob B. Hirschwood could examine a file if wanted to.

A memo in January, 1966, from Desmond FitzGerald, on the covert training of the CIWOOD (probably SIFA Armed Forces Intelligence Service) organization, mentioned that "Jacob B. Hurschwood, a Staff Agent under non-official cover in (REDACTION) was providing advice and guidance (REDACTION) and was obtaining intelligence information in return." The memo added that the desk operations officer for this course would be known to the trainees as "Bill Cabal." A Mr. Wall of the Ground Branch of SOD may have been Robert/Bob Wall. In addition, the memo stated that it was assumed that the trainees would be aware of the CIA affiliation of Hurschwood.


01/08/53: Cable from SR REP, Withheld to Director: Slugline PBFORTUNE: IMMEDIATE ACTION: "1. Cady contacted Jacob B. Hurschwood, acting chief (REDACTION) 1645 hours 7 Jan asking if any further information received this subject. Hurschwood stated he had received communication today, but would not disclose source or channel, directing him not to discuss subject with Cady or anyone except Richard F. Arville or Seekford. He said he was further instructed to suggest Cady telephone Washington if he had any questions. 2. Please furnish instructions."


07/29/53: Air dispatch from Chief, DTROBALO to Chief, WH: Subject: General - Operational. Specific - PBFORTUNE: "Transmitted herewith in triplicate is a memorandum of understanding, made as a result of our discussions with Lawrence F. Sillence. Richard F. Arville." - - - Pages 2-3: "Conference in Richard F. Arville's office on 24 July 1953, at which time the following were present: For Headquarters, Lawrence F. Sillence, Stephen O. Brigford, Peter C. Knittel and Kenneth T. Offen; for DTROBALO, Richard F. Arville and Jacob B. Hirschwood. Discussions Resulting in the Following Understandings were Reached: 1. Arville stated that nothing stated by him, or his deputy, or anyone representing DTROBALO, would be intended to alter, change or deviate any Headquarters' instructions in any degree. 2. Each of the gentlemen from Headquarters stated he had received certain instructions, and understood his assigned duties and instructions. 3. The date and hour of the departure of the (REDACTION) was agreed upon as 0600 hours 25 July 1953, depending upon any difficulty encountered. 4. The condition of the engines was brought up and Offen stated the ship would be ready to depart in so far as he is able to determine at this time...6. The total complement, officers and men, was discussed and the total placed at 16. The list of officers and men was read and approved. 7. Communications: It was understood that the same Chief Communicator would be used on the present trip as we used on the last trip, and that Louis B. Solliday would not be needed as Assistant Communicator..." Oliver G. Galbond (J.C. King) and Seekford were mentioned in point 13. (Reconnoiter).


09/16/53: Air dispatch from Withheld to Chief, WHD: Subject: General - Operational: Specific: - PBFORTUNE: "1. Attached hereto is a self-explanatory memorandum addressed to me by the ACofS, J-2, relating to this subject. 2. This memorandum arrived at my desk marked EYES ONLY in a sealed envelope on 8 September 1953. On 9 September I personally reviewed the entire file in the office of the ACofS, J-2, and concluded that the attached memorandum is an accurate summary of the contents thereof. I cautioned the J-2 again regarding the sensitivity of this subject and thanked him for having pulled the file together under his custody. 3. On 9 September I personnaly took a copy of the attached memorandum to Richard F. Arville, informed him of the above, and stated this letter would be forwarded to Washington. I have also informed Arville and Jacob B. Hirschwood that they may examine the file in the J-2's office if they so desire. (REDACTION) Zachary T. Cady."


01/01/66: Memorandum from Desmond FitzGerald, Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to Director of Training (Attention: Chief, Covert Training/OS/TR): Subject: Covert Training for member of CIWOOD organization: Reference: Proposed Training Curriculum for CIWOOD Trainees From CC/OS/TW: "1. It is requested that covert training be given to the CIWOOD trainees listed below for the period of 8 March - 30 April 1965. This will be the second group of CIWOOD trainees under this program which was initiated by the (REDACTION) Desk of Branch Three of WH Division through Mr. (REDACTION) Chief, Covert Training, in September 1964. The first group was given an 8 weeks covert course ending on 26 February 1965. The trainees will be in Washington under the notional cover of 'participating in military training courses' or possibly a 'purchasing mission' for their Government. As such, they will not be formal (REDACTION) visitors and will not be expected to enter Headquarters Buildings, except for one day training in the R & S Building, or to meet Agency officials. 2. Project CIWOOD is a (REDACTION) activity which has as the objective the establishment of a (REDACTION) with the (REDACTION) to permit CIA improve the efficiency and capabilities of (REDACTION). Jacob B. Hurschwood, a Staff Agent under non-official cover in (REDACTION) is providing advice and guidance (REDACTION) and is obtaining intelligence information in return. It is believed that covert training can help improve the efficiency and internal security (REDACTION) which will enable this organization to more effectively counter/contain the extremist guerrilla band terrorist activity fomented by the Communist Party of (REDACTION) with aid and encouragement from Cuba..."


01/01/66: Memorandum from Desmond FitzGerald, Chief, Western Hemisphere Division to Director of Training (Attention: Chief, Covert Training/OS/TR): Subject: Covert Training for member of CIWOOD organization: Page 2: ..."3. The responsible desk operations officer for this course will be Mr. (REDACTION) who will be known to the trainees as 'Bill Cabal', the same identity he used with the first group..." - - - Page 3: ..."Other: Hurschwood considers (REDACTION) a potential recruit on return to (REDACTION) and suggests he be given special attention..."- - - Page 5: ..."It is assumed that the trainees are aware of the Agency affiliation of Hurschwood and that the training will be conducted by CIA. The Director of (REDACTION) is aware of Hurschwood's CIA association and was also received by the DCI on 21 July 1964 during a visit to the U.S." Paragraph 6 discusses training requirements: Training to be held in a safehouse, conducted in Spanish, one-day indoctrination in Seals and Flaps and Audio Surveillance. One-day orientation course in Counter Insurgency, and an extensive two-week course in Flaps and Seals for Mayor (REDACTION) at a TSD safehouse. - - - Page 7: ..."Through Mr. (REDACTION) Chief of the Ground Branch of SOD, and Mr. Wall (note: possibly Robert Wall), of the same branch...9...It is believed the Flaps and Seals course will benefit CIA because it will offer Hurschwood the opportunity to maintain closer contact with (REDACTION), who will be responsible for this type activity in (REDACTION) proposes to make a concerted effort in the letter intercept field to keep better informed of the extreme leftist efforts to overthrow the (REDACTION) government, and it is felt that Hurschwood can keep abreast of the operation..."

Gavin McDonald

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