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Pseudonym: Hindmarsh

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Unknown identity. First name unknown (fnu) Hindmarsh worked with Jacob R. Seekford in PBFORTUNE (the initial covert action program approved by Truman in 1952, designed to oust Jacob Arbenz and his government in Guatemala).
An undated memo from Seekford mentioned that Hindmarsh believed that President Galvez of Honduras should be consulted on the issue of landing and moving equipment through Honduras. Hindmarsh had been in contact with Galvez.

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 29. 10/28/52-Memorandum From Jacob R. Seekford to the Chief of the Western Hemisphere Division, Central Intelligence Agency (King)

10/28/52: Memo from Jacob R. Seekford to Chief. Western Hemisphere Division: "Report No. 10: SUBJECT: New Plans of Calligeris as Result of Loss of Arms Support by the Group: 1. On 27 October Seekford again outlined for Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) the reasons why the Group was forced to withdraw its arms support, namely, that the U.S. State Department had withdrawn the export permit as a result of the indiscrete approaches to the Department by Generals Somoza and Trujillo. 2. Calligeris replied to this essentially as follows: a. The actions of Generals Somoza and Trujillo were ill-considered. I can appreciate the reaction of the U.S. government on this matter in view of its commitments and agreements with other governments. The U.S. government could follow no other course of action. b. I cannot, at this time, visit Somoza or Trujillo because of security reasons, however I shall send a letter to each by one of my most trusted officers. In my letter I shall request an explanation of their action and ask each to indicate his degree of willingness to support me under these new circumstances. c. At this moment we are watching many months of hard work vanish. We shall be forced to rebuild almost from the beginning. As strongly as I feel about this I must say that I have suffered defeat before. We must continue fighting. d. Before embarking on a new course of action it will be necessary to review the entire problem. My most immediate concern is my existing organization and the means by which I can maintain it intact. It is going to be a serious problem and will require more than money. e. A series of conferences among the leaders in my organization will be necessary. I would appreciate it greatly if you (Seekford) and Hindmarsh could meet with (REDACTION) in Mexico City within the next week or so in order to begin the laying of new plans..."


10/30/52: Cable from Withheld to Director: PBFORTUNE FROM GALBOND (J. C. King): "On 27 October Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) told Seekford: 2. Trusted officers will be sent this week to Trujillo and Somoza asking each to indicate extent of support under these changed circumstances. 3. He requests Seekford meet (REDACTION) and Hindmarsh in Mexico City next week to discuss new plans..."


Undated: Memo from Jacob R. Seekford to ARAB (Info: BARBA ROJA): Subject: Conference Between Calligeris, Seekford and Hindmarsh: ..."COMMENT: Considering the general question of landing and moving equipment through Honduras Hindmarsh believes that President Galvez of Honduras can and should be approached on this matter. Galvez has some knowledge of Calligeris' (Carlos Castillo Armas) activities and is aware of Hindmarsh's desire to help him. Hindmarsh has offered to Galvez again to lay the matter before him and ask his help. He believes however that it would be better if a man from our Headquarters came down and spoke to Galvez. He believes that if a man of sufficient prestege would come down and speak frankly to Galvez he would be successful in securing the President's help. Hindmarsh is willing to pave the way for such a visit by calling on the President a day or two prior to our man's visit...COMMENT: Subsequent to the meeting I discussed with Hindmarsh the desirability of making an immediate advance to Calligeris. He believes it should be done. If Headquarters approves Hindmarsh said he will advance me $5000.00 (US) which I can pass on to Calligeris. Hindmarsh stated that whether or not he was re-imbursed by our Headquarters was unimportant. At the conclusion of my meeting with Calligeris Hindmarsh handed him some money which Calligeris said he needed to take care of two of his NCOs. Some weeks ago Hindmarsh handed Calligeris (REDACTION). Calligeris handed it back with the request that Hindmarsh give it to (REDACTION) as he needed it more. Hindmarsh also feels that funds should be advanced to (REDACTION) to keep him going. Hindmarsh reported to me that (REDACTION) recently told him that he has (REDACTION) in his control but which he cannot use until the invasion starts. (REDACTION) reports that the money continues to come in...I would appreciate a telegraphic reply to Hindmarsh's suggestion to advance Calligeris $5000.00. (REDACTION) Jacob R. Seekford."

Gavin McDonald

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