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Pseudonym: Hennessey, Paul

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Paul Hennessey was possibly an alias for Paul L. Loeb.
A dispatch in 1966 stated that "IDENTITY, a KUBARK (CIA) employee who is retiring soon but is now engaged in writing historical studies, can visit the (note: Miami) Station to survey these files with others...IDENTITY plans to to visit JMWAVE for several days about the end of July to size up and review certain records for writing a history of the Station. Therefore, we would like the 80 background files to be left intact for his visit."

The attachment stated the identity was Paul Loob.

A FBI memo in May of 1961 stated that Paul Loeb was CIA Chief of Guatemala station when Louisiana godfather, Carlos Marcello, was deported there. Furthermore, a document in September of 1998 stated that Paul L. Loeb wrote the History of Guatemala Station, December 1960 - March 1965, in March, 1965.

Bill Sturbitts, in testimony to the Rockefeller Commission in April of 1975 stated that Paul Hennessey did the historical series of the Miami station when he was down there. A part of this series was a report titled "The AMOT Organization". It was probably written by Joaquin Sanjenis (AMOT-2).

Alfred J. Sarno (probably Tony Sforza) testified to the Church Commission in June, 1975, that he had never seen the report on the AMOTs.


05/24/61: FBI memo from R. O. L'Allier to Belmont: Subject: CARLOS MARCELLO ANTI-RACKETEERING: ..."Paul Loeb, Chief of Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) station in Guatemala, confided to the Bureau agent that he had been very much involved in working out arrangements whereby Marcello was accepted by the Guatemalan Government. It was Loeb's understanding that Attorney General Kennedy had conferred with Allen Dulles and had asked for the CIA Director's assistance in making certain that Guatemala accept Marcello as a citizen of that country. Loeb received instructions from his Headquarters to give the matter special handling. Loeb then went to President Miguel Ydigoras of Guatemala and explained to him that Marcello allegedly was a Guatemalan citizen; that the U.S. Government planned to deport him to Guatemala and that in order to effect this deportation it would be necessary for the Guatemalan Government to accept the subject. Loeb appealed to Ydigoras for full cooperation which was granted. At the time this took place the Guatemalan President insisted that the matter be handled quietly and that there be no publicity. Loeb informed Ydigoras that as far as he knew there would not be any publicity..."

104-10192-10110: CIA FILE ON MDC FEB 66-MAR 67.

Circa mid-1966: Dispatch from Chief, WHD to COS, JMWAVE: Subject: ADMIN/TYPIC Station Files on Cuban Counterrevolutionary and Exile Organizations: REFERENCE: UFGT-16343, 31 May 1966: "1. We are returning Volume III of the MDC file which you sent with the reference for Headquarters to review as a sample of a group of 80 files which are no longer useful to the Station. Headquarters appreciates your interest in this aspect of records improvement, considering the need of retrieval, but would like to defer a decision until IDENTITY, a KUBARK (CIA) employee who is retiring soon but is now engaged in writing historical studies, can visit the Station to survey these files with others. 2. IDENTITY plans to to visit JMWAVE for several days about the end of July to size up and review certain records for writing a history of the Station. Therefore, we would like the 80 background files to be left intact for his visit. Afterwards a decision will be made on their retirement or other disposition. 3. If space for storing the files is crticial we will authorize forwarding them to Headquarters, but will prefer your holding them temporarily to assist with the historical research cited above. Claude F. Gottfried." WH/RMO: Noel C. Wilson. C/WH/C/CA/PP: Stephen G. Chaconas. C/WH/CA/CA. C/WH/C/MO. - - - Page 36: SEPARATE COVER ATTACHMENT TO UFGS-8398: "IDENTITY - Paul Loeb."


04/16/75: Rockefeller Commission document: Pages 77-78: "Q: I understand that a study of the history of the AMOTS has been prepared by one of your members? A: That is right. Q: What is his name? A: I think it is Joaquin - I can't remember the last name. The poor guy is dead now anyway. Well, I will just have to get that for you. Q: What is the title of the study? A: The title of the study - it is part of the historical series of the Miami Station and I think it is just entitled 'The AMOT Organization.' Q: What is the historical series of the Miami Station? A: It was done when Paul Hennessey was down there. What we try to do as we go along, from year to year, is set aside what is considered to be some of the more significant things the station might do or that might occur in the station personnel-wise, this type of thing, and then these things are written. Q: I see. A: At intervening periods of time. Q: When was this particular report prepared, the AMOTS? A: I think it was prepared in 1967 or '68. Q: It is a fairly lengthy document, isn't it? A: Yes. Q: And purports to be a fairly complete history of the activities of the AMOTS? A: It starts back in 1959 when we first started using this gent. Q: First started using what? A: First started using, I forget what his name was. Q: I see. Is it a chronological study of their activities? A: Yes. Q: And you have a copy of that in your custody? A: Yes. Q: I would like to see that document. And we will try and obtain it through Hank Knoche's office. A: Okay..."


06/25/75: SSCIA document: Testimony of Alfred J. Sarno (probably Tony Sforza): Pages 35-36: ..."Mr. WIDES: What contact did you have with a man who called himself (REDACTION)? Mr. SARNO: He was the Chief of the MI Group, the Cuban Chief. Mr. WIDES: (REDACTION). Mr. SARNO: (REDACTION). Mr. WIDES: And he was your principal contact? Mr. SARNO: He was my principal - he was the head, the Cuban head of it. Mr. WIDES: Are you familiar with the history of the AMOTS group that he prepared in the late '60's, or worked on? Mr. SARNO: In the late '60s? Mr. WIDES: I thought so. I thought in '66 or '67, that is what I meant, that he had worked on the history of the AMOTS group. Mr. SARNO: Well, no. Mr. WIDES: Are you familiar with the written history of the AMOTS program? Mr. SARNO: I have never seen it. I had established the policy that every three months he had to write up about the group, so all of that, I understand, was all compiled into the history, so I don't know. Mr. WIDES: As part of the Miami Station? Mr. SARNO: As part of the Miami Station, so I don't think he was told in '66 or '67, start all over and prepare it. Mr. WIDES: You think it was a consolidation? Mr. SARNO: I think it was consolidated over the years. Mr. WIDES: And this is entitled what, do you know? Mr. SARNO: I supposed it would be The History of the AMOTS. Mr. WIDES: And you have never seen it? Mr. SARNO: I've never seen it. Mr. WIDES: Do you know if it's at Headquarters in the Latin American Division? Mr. SARNO: I do not know..."


09/16/98: CIA document: JFK Declaration of FREDERICK C. WICKHAM, JR.: Page 10: ..."History of Guatemala Station, December 1960 - March 1965, written in March 1965 by Paul L. Loeb and controlled by WH..."

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