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Pseudonym: Hendrique, Leslie

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Unknown identity. A dispatch from Chief of Station (COS), JMWAVE, on January 27, 1966, stated that two meetings between AMTRUNK-19 and his Madrid case officer, Leslie H. Hendrique, were held in Madrid during the period.
The dispatch added that AMTRUNK-19 (probably Jose Alberto Semidey Isalgue) appeared to have decided to cooperate fully with CIA, and the results of these two meetings seemed to have been fruitful.

Hendrique signed dispatches between 1965 and 1967 as either the COS, Madrid, or someone who worked under the COS.

A dispatch on January 15, 1969, from the COS, Mexico City, mentioned that Leslie I. Hendrique was at the Mexico City station on TDY (temporary duty assignment) from November 26-30, 1968, in connection with the LISAGA case.

104-10180-10160: CIA FILE ON RAY, MANUEL.

03/11/65: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to Chief, WE; Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Subject: KEYWAY/PBRUMEN/Subject of Reference: "Transmitted herewith is a report about Subject of reference. It was passed Madrid Station by QUOTA-71. (Signature) Leslie H. Hendrique."


06/09/65: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to COS, JMWAVE (Info: Chief, WE; Deputy Chief, WH/C): Subject: KEYWAY/PBRUMEN: "1. Attached herewith are self-explanatory letters made available by QUGROWL-2 from Orlando Bosch. The attached could possibly be of interest to JMWAVE and Headquarters. As addressees are aware, Cortina is no longer affiliated with the Centre de Refugiados Cubanos, Madrid. 2. Madrid Station does not plan to have anyone comply with the request contained in the letters. Leslie H. Hendrique."


01/27/66: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH: Page 2: ..."C. Two meetings between AMTRUNK-19 (probably Jose Alberto Semidey Isalgue) and his Madrid case officer, Leslie H. Hendrique, were held in Madrid during the period. AMTRUNK-19 appears to have decided to cooperate fully with KUBARK (CIA) and the results of these two meetings seem to have been fruitful. AMTRUNK-19 has used his S/W channel to JMWAVE and hopefully his OWVL link will soon be established..."


03/11/66: Cable MADR 7464 from Madrid to Director: Slugline KEYWAY PBRUMEN AMLASH QUSPORT QUOTA: REF MADR 7411 (IN 71389): "1. QUSPORT-1 (Bichi Bernal) reported QUOTA has invited him for 'informal chat' at local café evening 11 March to discuss extent involvement with AMLASH group and specifically whether he passed ops funds to AMLASH-1. Q-1 prepared say he made $200 personal loan to AMLASH-1 in Feb 65. Q-1 will further state his meets with AMLASH group members limited to social contact and normal curiosity re 'supposed plotting.' 2. Re charges of Q-1 being KUBARK (CIA) agent, Q-1 shall state he has met only Growery (probably Earl Williamson) and Fahlanger on infrequent informal basis and deny ever received any salary or payment. 3. CO advised Q-1 have his wife call Station officer in event QUOTA detains him. Q-1 said AMLASH-2 (Jorge Robreno) told him QUOTA attempting keep Q-1 involvement from further public notice in view Q-1 father in law's position in British diplomatic service and already strained relations between Spain/Britain. 4. Station plans cut contact with Q-1 temporarily. 5. Hendrique and Brixnor met QUOTAs-37 and 71 on 11 Mar at latter's request regarding HAVA communique on activities of AMLASH group in MADR. (REDACTION) Ministry Interior has asked QUOTA prepare report this matter. Believe QUOTAS will submit low key report which not intended criticize KUBARK, however, have requested Station assistance in determining details arrival Spain following which alleged carried by 'El Gallego' Sanz. A. Silencers. B. Telescopic sight. C. Berreta pistols. D. Explosive material. 6. FYI: In early 1965 Q-1 reported AMLASH-1 (Rolando Cubela) met with AMBANG-1 (Manuel Ray) who gave rifles and silencers to AMLASH-1. Q-1 said AMLASH-1 returned to Cuba with four FAL rifles and either three or six silencers and several Italian berretas. 7. Request advise what info if any Station should pass QUOTA by 14 Mar."

104-10072-10286: CONTACT IN MADRID.

07/29/66: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to Chief, EUR (Info: Deputy Chief, WH/C; COS, JMWAVE): Subject: KEYWAY/PBRUMEN/AMBANG-1 Contact with 201-772370 (note: handwritten name) in Madrid: Page 2: Leslie H. Hendrique. - - - This version of the same dispatch has a better print on page 2 in particular: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=157587#relPageId=80


08/10/66: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to COS, JMWAVE: Subject: KEYWAY/PBRUMEN/MHVIPER - AMSCROLL Articles for Republications: "1. Madrid Station appreciates the excellent support which JMWAVE Station has provided in referenced operation. It may be of interest that the publication of the articles cited in reference cost approximately $200.00. 2. Through QUSPOT-2 Madrid Station made contact with Identity in an effort to establish an outlet for the publication of economic reports concerning Spain and PBRUMEN (Cuba). It was agreed with the directors of Identity that the articles would be paid for at the same rate as paid advertisements; however they would appear as exclusive reports of Identity and bear no resemblance to a paid advertisement. Because of various legal ramifications, Identity agreed to publish only those articles which were signed. 3. QUSPOT-2's approach to Identity was made ostensibly under the auspices of a PBRUMEN exile group with whom he said he was affiliated, the headquarters of which are ostensibly in the JMWAVE area. It was agreed that the JMWAVE exile group would furnish the material directly to Identity, with a copy to QUSPOT-2, who, after receipt of the article, would then approach the directors of Identity to ascertain the price of the article and push for its publication. In this regard Madrid would appreciate continuing with this practice for the mailing of articles intended for publication (with a copy pouched to Madrid) as was established...5. In the last several issues Identity has published various articles of a favorable nature towards the PBRUMEN economy. Station has reason to believe the primary purpose of the favorable articles is that the director of Identity is attempting to ingratiate himself with the PBRUMEN Government so that he will be well received by PBRUMEN officials if the Spanish Government nominates him as the Spanish commercial representative to PBRUMEN. Leslie H. Hendrique."

104-10225-10009: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5.

07/10/67: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to Chief, WH Division (Info: COS, JMWAVE; C/EUR): Subject: TYPIC/MHGUILE/AMSTALK Taped Conversation: "Attached is transcription, in Spanish, of the conversation referred to in reference. Leslie H. Hendrique."

104-10176-10222: LIRING-3

01/15/69: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division (Info: Chief, WH/COG): Subject: Activities Against PBRUMEN Targets in October and November 1968: "1. Personnel: There were no changes in personnel in the PBRUMEN (Cuba) Section of the Station during October and November. Wallace B. Rowton (probably Ernest Tsikerdanos) returned from his TDY on 15 October. Leslie I. Hendrique was at the Station TDY 26 through 30 November in connection with the LISAGA case. Henry J. Sloman (probably Tony Sforza) was at the Station TDY on 8 November to to debrief AMSTRUT-16. Leonard S. Tormet visited the Station during the last week of November in connection with the LIRING-3 case..."

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