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Pseudonym: Hegarty, Francis

Unknown identity. A dispatch in 1962 mentioned that Francis R. Hegarty was the regular case officer handling LINLUCK (Carlos Manuel Pellecer).
Hegarty worked with Lewis J. Shoquist (Charles Anderson III) on a suspected surveillance case against the latter in May, 1962. Francis R. Hegarty was also involved as a KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) officer in the PBSUCCESS Operation.

A cable in January of 1954 stated that Hegarty knew well Manuel Rugliancich, the Panamanian Consul General in El Salvador. The cable added that Hegarty believed he lived beyond his visible means, and, therefore, it was likely he was in the pay of Guatemala.

A cable on 17 February, 1954, mentioned that Hegarty had been instructed to call Notbohm (possibly Henry Hecksher) on that morning until contact was achieved.

A cable on 24 February, 1954, stated that due to security reasons, Hegarty had been assigned to Honduras ETA on that day.

A cable on 17 May, 1954, requested that "Ontrich (Nestor Sanchez), Lugton, Princep, and Hegarty prepare completely independent 1000 word report on Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) character, military and political ability."

A cable on 9 June, 1954, for Hegarty, requested that he was to send one of his three psywar teams each to Puerto Barrios, Jutiapa, Zacapa, and he was to coordinate with Nestor Sanchez.


01/27/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "1. Analysis ref messages supported by HGGA 563 and (REDACTION) 420 indicates sufficiently clear for PBSUCCESS purposes that: A. Major Ruilanchi (phonetic) and Manuel Rugliancich are identical. B. Rugliancich, Panamanian Consul General DTFROGS (El Salvador), is believed in pay WSBURNT (Guatemala) Govt and enjoys excellent connections DTFROGS intel service. C. Ref A para 2: This entirely smacks of Communist provocation which anti-Communist exiles were fed and in turn fed Rugliancich who passed to (REDACTION). 2. Therefore: A. For (REDACTION) consider Rugliancich as above and attempt discreetly discredit him to DTFROGS official sources. Inform Lugton earliest opportunity of foregoing, calling his attention exiles in question had been fed provocation by their sources and they in turn fed it to one in pay WSBURNT thus pointing out apparent danger in event Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) sources involved taking appropriate action. B. For (REDACTION) upon receipt confirmation of DIR suggest you consider plan to discredit Rugliancich effecting his recall. Hagarty knew him well and advises he lives beyond his visible means thus likely WSBURNT pay purely mercenary although still damaging to PBSUCCESS. C. For DIR: If concur with LINC re suggestion to (REDACTION) request you authorize latter proceed accordingly. D. LINC: Will inform Calligeris at meeting."


02/17/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "Hegarty ETA HQ 16 Feb 1948 hours, EAL 648 W. Instructed call Notbohm on 494 morning 17 Feb until contact effected."


02/24/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: RE: GUAT 119 (IN 21229) IMMEDIATE ACTION: "1. Having full knowledge situation described ref message and perceiving no disadvantage subsequent change, assuming GUAT would establish contact on this basis, LINC had presumed compliance with its request. Therefore 14-day delay is considered two weeks additional operational time lost. Avoid in future by querying more rapidly any doubts. 2. Razmara was being held WSBURNT (Guatemala) pending possibility Hegarty could replace him. Due security reasons, Hegarty has been assigned WSHOOFS (Honduras), ETA 24 Feb. 3. Necessity changing Hegarty as above creates serious replacement problem as no other KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) officer is available. Only immediate solution appears as follows: A) Examine possibility transferring all or some Vaivada (Ross Crozier) agents to other cutouts and assigning him to ESSENCE disregarding KUFIRE (Intelligence) status. B) Determine whether anything can be done to improve Razmara cover to minimize security hazard. C) Present an alternative to above. 4. Presume you fully cognizant vital importance ESSENCE to PBSUCCESS and will give matter urgent attention. 5. If Razmara must leave WSBURNT, LINC desires he assume duties KUGOWN C/O, DTFROGS (El Salvador) for Fage. Please advise if cover permits."


04/28/54: Dispatch from LINCOLN to COS, Withheld: Subject: General - KUGOWN: Specific - Material for Transmittal to Francis R. Hegarty: "1. Attached please find English language notes and Spanish language articles for transmittal to Francis R. Hegarty. 2. In order to clarify once and for all the long-standing misconceptions about the radio relay stations in (REDACTION) and about the stronger radio station in (REDACTION) please inform Hegarty that no radio equipment will be furnished to him or to Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) for use in (REDACTION) or in (REDACTION). As has been repeatedly stated by LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida), the time for procuring such equipment is long, special engineering contracts have to be let and the cost is prohibitive. In addition, as Princep and Hegarty will understand, SKIMMER (the 'Group,' CIA cover organization supporting Carlos Castillo Armas) would be releasing expensive and valuable facilities from its control if it put them in (REDACTION) or in (REDACTION)...3. SHERWOOD (CIA radio broadcasting program based in Nicaragua begun on May 1, 1954) will begin to broadcast approximately 30 April...Hegarty's publications must take care how they play the news of this station. They must in no case claim to have had foreknowledge of it, but they must show their pleasure at having the station (as it will) repeat and report the doings of some of the exile groups. Hegarty's publications must always take unobtrusive pains to point out that the station is inside Guatemala. Further instructions for the cooperation between Hegarty's publication and the station will be issued from time to time. 4. Please pass the substance of the foregoing paragraphs orally to Hegarty, so that he may be guided accordingly. Repeat to him the injunction against having any indigenous person know the location of SHERWOOD. Jerome C. Dunbar (Albert Haney)."


05/17/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "1. Request Ontrich (Nestor Sanchez), Lugton, Princep, Hegarty prepare soonest completely independent 1000 word report on Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) character, military and political ability. 2. FYI: Above in no way another 'review', but an assessment of P/A before crucial phase of ops."


06/09/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: FOR HEGARTY, RE YOUR REPORT 43: "1. We want one of your three psywar teams each to go to (A) Puerto Barrios, (B) Jutiapa, (C) Zacapa. 2. Determine which team best suited for each location, that is, familiar with region, but not well known as anti-commies. 3. Appoint leader each team, coordinate with Ontrich (Nestor Sanchez) that leader be given same contact address one above cities as organizer who went same city. Also coordinate departure time with Ontrich. 4. Equipment primarily needed: Mimeograph machine, typewriter, paint, brushes. Not practicable have such equipment carried by teams. Must be acquired with help of local leader at destination. 5. Understood that teams available psywar purposes only, but strongly recommend they be issued at least pistols for self defense. Present conditions enemy may not make difference between propagandists, saboteurs, other opposition forces. 6. Your training ideas sound. If time permits, add practice in mimeographing, cutting stencils, operating mimeographing machine. Brief teams our policy objectives as applicable, nerve war techniques per our pouched instructions."


06/16/54: Air dispatch from LINCOLN to PBSUCCESS, Headquarters: Subject: General - KUGOWN: Specific - Pt-19 (CEGAM: PRONTO): "1. In reference dispatch, we requested a comprehensive status report on subject (both the group and the publication) from Francis R. Hegarty since LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) files do not contain adequate information. At the same time, we debriefed (REDACTION) - who had been originally sent by Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) to Mexico to establish both subjects but who had in the meantime joined the SHERWOOD (CIA radio broadcasting program based in Nicaragua begun on May 1, 1954) editorial team at LINCOLN - on the basis of a detailed questionnaire. 2...(a) CEGAM apparently represents most of the Guatemalan exiles in Mexico, (b) no copies of PRONTO reach Guatemala...3. (REDACTION) We still want to receive the report from Hegarty, requested in the attachment to reference, (a) because we asked him several questions which we could not ask (REDACTION) - especially about Hegarty's mechanism of control over subject, (b) because we consider it sound practice to check, especially in the case of information on exile groups, information from two different sources against each other...(REDACTION) William D. Playdon (Tracy Barnes). - - - The referenced dispatch at the top is here: https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000922871.pdf


06/23/54: Cable from Withheld to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: FROM HEGARTY: "1. In daily contact with (REDACTION) more often when necessary. Daily bulletin, more when exigencies demand, being issued to local and foreign press, with good reception. Have direct line to Diario Latino in New York City. 2. All info for press releases obtained from Cadick (William Robertson) and Ontrich (Nestor Sanchez), then transmitted by Hegarty to (REDACTION) policy guidance provided after consultation with Ontrich. 3. Will issue proclamation establishing provisional govt after capture of Chiquimula confirmed and secure (REDACTION) has proclamation ready. 4. NUSUB: All psywar teams departed TEGU 19 June. Now at work. Radio America and Suyapa following SHERWOOD (CIA radio broadcasting program based in Nicaragua begun on May 1, 1954) line plus additional material provided thru (REDACTION)."

104-10187-10030: (ASSET) OPERATIONS (VOL. VI).

07/13/62: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division (Info: Chief, KUDESK): Subject: Mexico City Station Security: ..."2. The five cases of possible or confirmed surveillance, related in the first person, are as follows: A. Lewis J. Shoquist (Charles Anderson III): 15 May 1962: 'Following a meeting with Francis R. Hegarty at the Hotel Alameda this date I noticed a Mexican standing close to us as we were discussing innocuous subjects just before parting. This fellow moved over and joined another Mexican who was standing of the Juarez Avenue entrance to the Alameda Hotel. I called Hegarty's attention to these two and suggested that he leave, being very careful (unintelligible) himself, while I checked these fellows to be absolutely certain they were interested in us. Hegarty crossed Juarez and took a cab...Regardless of who is controlling these fellows, I have cancelled all operational contacts for today and will contact Hegarty, Oliver Q. Wimphen and Simon D. Clackett tonight or early tomorrow morning to set up entirely new contact arrangements with each...I called Hegarty from a pay phone last night and set up an early morning contact with him to check on whether or not he was followed when he left the Hotel Alameda yesterday. Hegarty said that he checked carefully but that there was no indication of interest in him. This is quite a relief since it now appears that I must have been picked up at the embassy and that I, not Hegarty, was the target. I cautioned Hegarty to be even more careful than ever in his approaches to the LINLUCK (Carlos Manuel Pellecer) safehouse and told him that, in our contacts, I was setting up entirely new contact arrangements immediately and that we would not use previous points uptown again...I suggested that he also inform LINLUCK that I had been under surveillance of some persistence and that he (LINLUCK) should be even more careful than ever in his contacts with Hegarty, and in his approaches to the safehouse..."

104-10187-10030: (ASSET) OPERATIONS (VOL. VI).

07/13/62: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division (Info: Chief, KUDESK): Subject: Mexico City Station Security: Page 116: Francis R. Hegarty described as the regular case officer handling LINLUCK (Carlos Manuel Pellecer).

104-10175-10352: CABLE: LICOOKY 9 OCT REPORTED

10/11/62 cable from Mexico City to Director: "LICOOKY (Viola June Cobb) 9 Oct reported LINLUCK again living with her...(Pellecer) wrote note to Juan Jose Arevalo in which he advised Arevalo of his return and stated that he was at Arevalo's service. (In view of above) Station instructed Hegarty 18 Oct sound out LINLUCK discreetly in attempt (GARBLED) Cuba...Hegarty reminded him that in event of unlikely effort by Capuano or party get him sent anywhere but Cuba we probably could prevent it through our contacts."

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