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Pseudonym: Heberden, Roger

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Roger Andrew Heberden was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for CIA counterintelligence (CI) officer, Rufus A. Horn.
A memo from Erich W. Isenstead on November 2, 1973, on Howard Hunt, contained a numbered list of true names, along with a corresponding TSD alias birth certificate list. Most of the alias birth certificates were issued in connection with the Bay of Pigs operation. Rufus A. Horn was number 66 and his alias of Roger Andrew Heberden was number 66.

Rufus A. Horn, TFW/CI, originated a cable in December of 1962 on an alleged plot to assassinate President Kennedy. Horn worked with William K. Harvey (TSD alias William Walker) and Jack Wallen (TSD alias Samuel Addison Staten).

Rufus Horn, as SAS/CI, worked in 1964 with Chief, SAS, Des FitzGerald, and the FBI's Sam Papich. In addition, Horn, as WH/C/RR/OS, wrote a memo in June of 1965 on Victor Espinosa Hernandez.

104-10215-10125: BLOCK, MORRIS.

02/11/58: Memo for the student file from Rufus A. Horn, Jr.: "This folder contains information on the 41 American students that went from the Moscow Youth Festival to China. The information was prepared for FE-2 CE working purposes. The material has not been carded, and the material is non-record, and should be destroyed sometime before 1 January 1959."

104-10176-10040: ODENVY PRESSING.

09/21/62: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: R. Horn, TFW/CI): GYROSE AMBLEAK: REF: DIR 32934 (OUT 71063): "ODENVY (FBI) pressing. PLS reply ref soonest. TFW Comment: ODENVY requests Nodarse be placed in contact their rep New York City. PLS cable contact instructions." Releasing Officer: William K. Harvey, C/TFW. Coordinating Officers: Evy, C/TFW/FI. (Signature), C/TFW/PA-PROP. Authenticating Officer: Paul Maggio for Victor Wallen, C/TFW/CI.


12/08/62: Cable from CIA to White House (Orig: R. Horn, TFW/CI): "1. On 7 December 1962 a letter was turned over to a representative of this Agency. It was postmarked Havana 29 November 1962, sender Jose Menendez, 5th Avenue 2611, Reparto Miramar, Marianao. It was addressed to Bernardo Morales, Apartado 1624, Miami 1. It was delivered on 4 December 1962 to post office box 1624, Miami, Florida. 2. Post office box 1624 belongs to the Radio Libertad la voz Anti-Comunista de America. Miami representatives of this organization are Olga Duque de Heredia and Aida Mayo Coetara. Since Morales was unknown to these women, they turned the letter over to a contact of this Agency..." Releasing Officer: Rufus A. Horn, Jr., CI/LIAISON (by direction of Victor Wallen, C/TFW/CI). Authenticating Officer: Rufus A. Horn, Jr., for William K. Harvey, C/TFW (by direction of Victor Wallen, C/TFW/CI).


02/06/64: Memo for the record from Rufus A. Horn, SAS/CI: "1. Messrs FitzGerald, Horn, and Papich met on the afternoon of 5 February 1964 to clarify a misunderstanding of SAS' position regarding the FBI investigation of JURE activities in Puerto Rico. The problem arose between the Office of General Counsel and the Department of Justice when it was erroneously stated that SAS would like to have the FBI discontinue their investigation. 2. Mr. FitzGerald informed Mr. Papich that 'SAS does not request discontinuance of the FBI investigation of the JURE. If you decide to discontinue it, it will be your decision and not for any reason of CIA's.'"


06/03/65: Memo for the record from Rufus A. Horn, WH/C/RR/OS: "1. Mr. Papich (of the FBI) telephoned to report that Victor Domindador Espinosa Hernandez, accompanied by an officer from I&NS, talked to the FBI in New York City on 2 June 1965. 2. Espinosa said he had just returned to New York on 29 May after having spent 26 days in Paris and a day in Spain. In Paris he had heard from Cuban exiles and Cuban citizens of a plot to assassinate Castr0, his brother (handwritten above: AMLOUT/1), and Che Guevara (handwritten above: AMQUACK/1). He said that the following Cuban citizens knew of the plot: Rolando Cubela, a next door neighbor of Castro (identical with Major Rolando L. Cubela y Secades); Alberto Blanco; and Major Almeida Bosque. 3. Espinosa said that in Spain he had heard from Cuban exiles that our Deputy Chief of Station, Earl Williamson, knew of this plot to some extent, but the anti-Castro Cubans do not trust him (handwritten: who) for he was compromised by a Cuban girl known as 'Tota.' 4. Espinosa said that he wanted to talk to someone from CIA and that he had tried to see us through I&NS in New York, but our people did not want to see him, consequently I&NS took him to see the FBI. 5. The FBI would like to know prior to noon today if we desire a contact with Espinosa. If we do desire to see Espinosa the FBI will arrange the meeting for us in New York City."


09/17/71: Memo from John M. Maury, Legislative Counsel: Page 6 (Page 8 of PDF): ..."Foreign Service Reserve officers to be consular officers and secretaries in the diplomatic service of the United States of America...Rufus A. Horn, Jr., of Florida..." (note: Thomas J. Keenan, of Virginia, is below Horn by around 4 lines).


11/02/73: Memo from Erich W. Isenstead, Chief, Cover & Commercial Staff to Acting General Counsel: Subject: Mr. E. Howard Hunt - Alias Birth Documentation: ..."3. Later in the afternoon of 30 October 1973 Mr. Franklin came to my office with a number of documents. They consisted of a form memorandum signed by me which was addressed to Mr. Hunt dated 29 June 1970 (Tab B), a list of names numbering from 1 through 154, representing true names (Tab C), and a second listing similarly numbered, representing aliases (Tab D). Number 63 on the true name list reads E. Howard Hunt and on the alias list, Edward Joseph Hamilton. Mr. Franklin explained - which I had forgotten - that we had obtained from TSD this list of outstanding alias birth certificates issued by TSD in an attempt to recall - if possible - as many of these documents, or to determine what had happened to them. (Most of these alias birth certificates were issued in connection with the Bay of Pigs operation)..."

Partial of 104-10105-10290:

"TRUE NAME...66. HORN, Rufus A. ..." - - - Page 3: "ALIAS...66. HEBERDEN, Roger Andrew..."

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