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Pseudonym: Havedon, Wallace.

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Unknown identity. Wallace N. Havedon was either the Chief of Paris (C0S), in 1960 and 1961, or someone who worked under the COS. Havedon was involved in the AEDOGMA project.
On page 4 of this document: "AEDOGMA/AEBATH (1947-61), which supported the activities of the Principal Agent (PA), Michael Korzhan, was designed to produce CI/CE information on two Ukrainian nationalist groups in Germany; positive intelligence on other Ukrainian groups in Germany and Western Europe; information on Soviet penetration of Orthodox churches; and miscellaneous CE and other support activities beginning in 1947. In 1959, the PA was transferred to Paris to report on the efforts of the Soviet Services in émigré circles; and to act as a spotter in Soviet émigré circles for REDSKIN opportunities. The PA was not very productive in Paris and the project was terminated in 1961." https://www.archives.gov/files/iwg/declassified-records/rg-263-cia-records/second-release-lexicon.pdf


06/19/59: Cable from Director to Munich, Frankfurt, Withheld, Vienna (Orig: Withheld, SR/2/CE): "1. In view KUBARK (CIA) saturation coverage (REDACTION) and HQs views sent in OFPW 24445 (NOT TO MUNI) do not feel AEDOGMA (Michael Korzhan) presence needed or desirable. In event discussions Havedon propose use AEDOGMA in capacity not already covered by other KUBARK assets, advise. 2. What is status French visa? C/S Comment: *Queried if (REDACTION) still wish to send AEDOGMA (REDACTION) as spotter and interrogator emergency cases."

104-10209-10019: FOLDER CREATED ON POHORDILYS, SEMEN, 201-289249

11/16/60: Dispatch from COS, Paris to COS, Germany, MKTOPAZ: Subject: AQUATIC REDWOOD Operational: "Forwarded herewith are reference B letters for development as per reference A. It is requested that every effort be made to expedite this matter and to have letters back to Paris by return pouch if possible. Please cable progress. Wallace N. Havedon."

104-10209-10019: FOLDER CREATED ON POHORDILYS, SEMEN, 201-289249

12/07/60: Dispatch from COS, Paris to Chief, WE: Subject: REDWOOD LCIMPROVE AEDOGMA Josef (aka Osyp) Kozak: "1. Kozak, a friend of Antin Nyczyporuk...is a east Ukrainian of about 50 years of age. He arrived in Paris just after World War II and was engaged (?) as the AECAVATINA/3 operative in France, since he had been involved in this activity in Munich until 1946. As an intelligent man, (unintelligible) graduate, and student of political economy at the University of Nancy, Kozak was able to learn all AECAVATINA (either Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists - OUN - or Foreign Section of Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists -Zch/OUN) secrets. 2. Kozak came into contact with Antin Nyczyporuk in 1949 and they became fast friends...3. Kozak is now living at 26 rue Gaston Jaillon, Vesines Chalette, Loiret, where there is a rather large Ukrainian colony. Wallace N. Havedon."

104-10209-10019: FOLDER CREATED ON POHORDILYS, SEMEN, 201-289249

06/02/61: Dispatch from COS, Paris to Chief, WE (Attention: Chief, SR): Subject: REDWOOD/LCIMPROVE/AEDOGMA: "1. AEDOGMA was shown the photograph attached to Reference and said he did not recognize the face. 2. AEDOGMA stated that he knew no one other than Nyczporuk in contact with Pohoriliw, when the subject was raised later, in another context. Wallace N. Havedon."

Gavin McDonald

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