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Pseudonym: Hamilton, Edward

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Edward J. (or V.) Hamilton was an alias used by CIA officer E. Howard Hunt. Edward Joseph Hamilton was claimed to be the true name of Angelo Frank Fiorini, but was apparently yet another alias.


11/22/60, Contact report from Wallace A. Parlett (Gerard Droller): "1. As prearranged, Orrison (Stanley Moos) came to Miami from Mexico on 14 November. Orrison is - under the supervision of the Mexico Station - the case officer for JMARC (overall Cuban operations, including the Bay of Pigs project) matters in Mexico and, in this connection, he handles the AMRASP (FRD - Democratic Revolutionary Front) branch office in our behalf. Orrison was introduced into this complex by Hamilton, but whether or not Orrison is known to a Bender (Gerard Droller) man or a Hamilton man, or whatever else, has been left unspoken. 2. The evening of 14 November was spent in the company of Orrison and Hamilton, the former briefing me on AMRASP Mexico activities, the administrative set-up of the AMRASP branch offices and certain Station/Orrison relationships and/or problems. Since it became clear that the AMRASP Mexico branch was primarily a propaganda instrumentality, Hamilton and the undersigned, after consultation with COS/JMASH, felt it advisable to bring Orrison together with the JMASH propaganda offices and subsequently with WH/4/PROP section in Washington. Hamilton undertook to arrange for the scheduling of these meetings."

104-10171-10363: CABLE: ETA GUEST 9 JAN AT 2210

01/05/61, Cable from WAVE to BELL: "1. Crabanac (Howard Hunt) ETA guest 9 Jan at 221C. Request Merton (probably Jack Stewart) meet and house in safe apartment to facilitate meetings with MEXI delegate. Traveling as Edward J. Hamilton. 2. Understand MEXI delegate needs funds urgently. Assume MEXI has funding authority enable Crabanac bring payments up to date. CS Comment: *Crabanac welcome. Suggest any time except weekend 13-16 Jan."


02/05/70, Memorandum from C/LEOB to C/SRS: Page 4: ..."'Our cover staff provided me with documentation that would support the operational alias I was to live with for the duration of the Project: Edward J. Hamilton. I drew a travel advance and flew to Tampa where I boarded a National Airlines flight to Havana.' Hunt's file - On 27 September 1960 action was taken to provide alias documentation to Howard Hunt in the name of Edward J. Hamilton. This documentation included a bonafide District of Columbia driver's permit in alias including backstopped residence address. Later, in June of 1963 a post office box in Washington, D.C. was established for Hunt under the name Edward J. Hamilton..."

104-10120-10353: LIST OF PSEUDONYMS

Undated CIA document: Page 3: ..."Aliases: Edward J. Hamilton. Date Assigned: 20 Sept. 1960. Not assigned to IP/CR-registered above date. WH/CR has the name listed also Eduardo J. Hamilton. Both of the above aliases cancelled-retired (individual 30 Apr. 1970)."


06/28/72, CIA report from Howard Osborn, Director of Security: ..."Everette Howard Hunt, Jr.: Much of the publicity on the case centered on Mr. Everette Howard Hunt, Jr., a White House Consultant who formerly served as a CIA Staff Employee from 1949 to 1970. Mr. Hunt was initially interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the evening of 17 June 1972, but he refused to discuss details of his involvement on Constitutional grounds. Information has now developed which indicates that in 1960 he had a documented alias in the name of Edward V. Hamilton; he used the name Edward J. Hamilton in 1963; and in 1968-70, he was seriously considering the publication of a book under the name of Edward J. Hamilton. Recent news articles indicate that Mr. Frank Anthony Sturgis had registered at the Watergate and gave the police the name of 'Edward Hamilton' at the time of his arrest. As of 27 June 1972, the Federal Bureau of Investigation gave indications that the whereabouts of Mr. Hunt is unknown. The Bureau is checking on Mr. Hunt's handwriting."

Peter Dale Scott, Paul Hoch, R. Stetler, The Assassinations: Dallas and Beyond, 1976

Page 397: ..."Edward Hamilton is an alias that was used by Frank Sturgis (as well as by Hunt)..." (Number 6: https://www.maryferrell.org/search.html?q=edward%20hamilton&types=B&from=1 )


During 1964 Thomas Schreyer signed Hunt's Fitness Report, indicating that he was his chief at Domestic Operations Division. See 104-10105-10191 - Schreyer was with DOD as late as 1967. See 104-10436-10014, p. 7: Schreyer was also monitoring George de Mohrenschildt as of 5/9/63. This memo was sent by the Domestic Operations Division, noting that a check should be made "with OO/C (the Domestic Contacts Division) through Mr. Schreyer's office." See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=217819#relPageId=94&search=schreyer - During July 1961, at the suggestion of one of the Joint Chiefs, CIA/OSS officer and journalist Wallace R. Deuel interviewed Grayston Lynch in an effort to aid the CIA version of the events at the Bay of Pigs. General Taylor forwarded Deuel's article to State and DOD for clearance. On 8/18/61, Thomas Schreyer, Deputy Chief, Covert Action, DDP, forwarded it to Lansdale suggesting it be run in "some American publication". "SY" State's Bureau of Intelligence and Research" denied approval, due to disapproval of the contents. See https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=55586#relPageId=90&search=schreyer - on 10/18/61 Scheyer, Taylor, Barnes and others were assessing whether certain sabotage was "minor" and need not be reported to the Special Group. Earlier, in 1956, Schreyer was "acting chief" of the International Organizations Division, reporting on the International Rescue Committee - see https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=61835#relPageId=2&search=SCHREYER Could "Thomas Schreyer" have been a pseudonym for Cord Meyer? Maybe not, if he is the same "Schreyer" involved in clearing Richard Snyder for overseas operations during 1949 - see 104-10181-10165.

Watergate FBI 139-4089 EBFs and Bulkies Volume 5

6/20/72 Memo by SAs Harvey W. James and John T. Gulley: States that the true name of Angelo Frank Fiorini is Edward Joseph Hamilton, who lived for 18 years in Havana, Cuba, where he was employed by the Hampton Roads Salvage Company, according to Fiorini's DC Bail Agency report after his Watergate arrest of 6/17/72.

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