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Pseudonym: Haltigan, Walter P.

James M. Flint was the CIA Chief of Paris Station's Soviet Section during a period of the nineteen sixties.

104-10067-10212: MR. LEE HARVEY OSWALD

A later version of the "Casasin Memo" in which Agency Soviet Russian Division officer Jacques Richardson corresponded with James M. Flint using the related pseudonyms Thomas Casasin and Walter P. Haltigan. The memo contains handwritten notes from officials that identify these two related CIA officers.

180-10142-10391: SR PEOPLE

A House Select Committee on Assassinations staff report discusses the interview of Casasin (Richardson) and Halitgan (Flint) and confirms biographic information about each that includes Casasin in the Soviet Russia Division and that Flint was located at Paris Station.

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