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Pseudonym: Guthman, Robert

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Probably Lawrence Devlin, Chief of Station, Leopoldville, Congo, from mid-1960 until mid-1963.

157-10014-10089: TESTIMONY OF BRONSON TWEEDY, 9 OCT 1975

08/26/60: Cable from Director to Leopoldville (Orig: Allen W. Dulles, Unit: DC): FOR ROBERT GUTHMAN FROM ASCHAM: "1. In high quarters here it is the clear-cut conclusion that if Lumumba continues to hold high office, the inevitable result will at best be chaos and at worst pave the way to Communist takeover of the Congo with disastrous consequences for the prestige of the UN and for the interests of the free world generally. Consequently we conclude that his removal must be an urgent and prime objective and that under existing conditions this should be a high priority of our covert action..."


12/09/60: Cable from Director to Leopoldville (Orig: J. O'Donnell, Unit: FI/D/OPS): Slugline RYBAT LAURICLE ZRACORN: "1.QJWIN authorized return LUXE 21 Dec. Inform him to wait there for further instructions re his further use. 2. FOR LUXE: You authorized pay him 1000 dollars for December salary, which final payment his services this operation. Inform him his future use under assignment and salary will be subject separate contract. 3. For LEOP: Above represents interim statement to QJWIN but wish you understand we working out details for Congo assignment as discussed with Altman and Guthman. Will advise soonest."

104-10182-10052: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

05/14/61: Cable from Leopoldville to Director: Slugline RYBAT WIROGUE: REF LEOP 3462 (NOT SENT FRAN) (IN 47511)* "1. CNA adviser Louis Maliere informed Guthman he checking out WIROGUE (W). Does not trust him. Said W suspect as drives expensive car and lives in expensive house. Maliere also querying Stahl for W traces. 2. GOC (Government of Congo) has asked W for police clearance from country of origin. W told them would take time and spoke of forging own one. W has told GOC ministry defence he needs to go Europe for medical purposes and GOC is paying W round trip. WIROOT is asking W to check bank accounts in Belgium and Switzerland for GOC officials Bohulu and Bhunde who suspected of graft in recent GOC aircraft purchases. WIROOT is giving W mission order and W states he intends contact police in both countries for this purpose..."


08/27/65: Cable from Withheld to Director (Info: LEOP): Slugline SECAROB: REF DIR 38395: "1. Ref message passed to SECAROB-1 (S1) by Mazutis at 1100Z, 27 August. S1 agreeable wait and take no final action until Guthman returns. 2. Major Wicks due (REDACTION) 1400Z, 27 August with report his LEOP mission concerning pay QOSOLVE (as RCVD). S1 intends report this word to troops immediately thereafter. Will advise immediate S1 and troop reaction."


03/09/67: Cable to Director: Slugline SECAROB: "1. On 3 March 1967 SECAROB/1 had meeting with Haslanger and reported following about his meeting with WISTATIC/1. A. SECAROB/1 tried unsuccessfully to get WISTATIC/1 to focus on what GDRC was going to give him for phasing out the 5 Commando and for recruiting new men in England...C. SECAROB/1 advised WISTATIC/1 that Peters could be a difficult man to handle if disbandment of 5 Commando not properly handled...(SECAROB/1 later stated he did not fear Peters because the latter still had a sergeant's attitude towards his commanding officer, SECAROB/1...2. Concerning the OAU meeting in September, SECAROB/1 emphasized that Mobutu told him that it his intention to get permanent headquarters of OAU transferred to the Congo...3. While confirming his willingness to disband the 5 Commando if LNHARP (U.S. Government) wants him to do so, SECAROB/1 emotionally told Haslanger that he had great respect for LNHARP and WOTACT; he was our man and would be ever loyal to LNHARP which he believes must exercise more influence in Africa; LNHARP has always been fair to him; and that without WOTACT the 5 Commando could never have done its job...SECAROB/1 stated that if Guthman and Haslanger were to leave the Congo he would be reluctant to take on his new job since personal relationships mean a great deal to him and were important in implementing his new program. 4. Finally SECAROB/1 stated that he going London about 12 March to check on the Yemen deal...5. Instructed SECAROB/1 to check with Pretoria on his return South Africa 4 March."


08/21/75: SSCIA testimony of Victor S. Hedgman: Page 6: ..."Mr. Hedgman: Mid-1960, yes, I would correct that. From July 6 on until - I can't remember whether it was June or July of 1963 I served as Chief of Station in then Leopoldville, now Kiershasa, Zaire. I was Chief of Station. I then returned to Washington in the early fall, the exact dates I don't recall, of 1963, and I was what is known as a Branch Chief. I was responsible for the eastern half of Africa from 1963 to June of 1965. June of '65 till June of '67, I was again Chief of Station, Congo..."

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