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Pseudonym: Gupton, Douglas

William Kent. Philip Toomey is also alleged to have used the pseudonym Douglas Gupton. According to an Inspector General's report, "Philip Toomey" is another name used by Kent.

180-10110-10016: [No Title]

1978: At his deposition, David Phillips identifies Douglas Gupton's true name as William Kent.

Howard Hunt, Give Us This Day, excerpted in:http://www.latinamericanstudies.org/belligerence/veciana-oswald.htm

In (his book) "Give Us This Day" HUNT wrote: ""I met Douglas Gupton, an aggressive bilingual young officer who handled field propaganda operations for KNIGHT. Gupton was already organizing, guiding and subsidizing the same exile groups that (Tony) Varona (AMDIP-1) had wanted to bring under FRD direction and control. He also subsidized a number of former Havana newspapers that now had "In Exile" added to their names. (Though not, or course, Diario de la Marina). Subscriptions to Latin Americans were sold at nominal cost to spread the anti-Castro word in countries where Fidel was regarded sympathetically...Unlike the political freeze, Gupton's psychological warfare activities were going full blast. Under such dedicated young student activists as Luis Fernandez Rocha (AMHINT-53), Ernesto Fernandez Travieso, the exile DRE had achieved sufficient cohesion to permit its operating as an independent infiltration unit. The members were scoring sabotage successes in Havana, and the resultant publicity provoked resentment in Tony Varona, who felt he should have charge of the DRE as well. Organizationally this made sense, but Varona's personality was so corrosive, that both Gupton and I realized we would have to spend so much effort policing the merger as to make it impractical." [Day, pages 46,85]

Jon Elliston, Psywar on Cuba (Ocean Press, 1999), p. 20

"Joining in the (Bay of Pigs) efort was an assistant to Phillips who generated anti-Castro propaganda from the fertile ground of the Miami exile community. The CIA officer, who went by the cover name of 'Douglas Gupton', was in charge of dispensing subsidies to several exiled editions of Cuban news publications, including Avance, El Mundo, Diario de la Marina, and Bohemia. 'Subscriptions to Latin Americans were sold at nominal cost to spread the anti-Castro word in countries where Fidel was regarded sympathetically,' according to (Howard) Hunt. 'Gupton's ' real name was Philip Toomey, according to a CIA inspector general's report written after the Bay of Pigs invasion. Bissell profiled his propaganda men in his 1962 response to the report." Also see:https://books.google.com/books?id=Lxs7w9U2-lcC&pg=PA20&lpg=PA20&dq=%22philip+toomey%22+cia&source=bl&ots=0RGxvliEU4&sig=RnTmSVQeVV0dw-L6adUePDMsAHw&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjage6J7sraAhUHwlQKHTFSBZMQ6AEIMzAC#v=onepage&q=%22philip%20toomey%22%20cia&f=false


"Mr. William M. Kent joined the Agency in December 1951...After a successful stint in the Cuba section he was assigned as an operations officer to (REDACTION). After an excellently productive tour in (REDACTION) Mr. Kent was selected to join JMWAVE in Miami. There he really shone as attested to in the following quote from his fitness report: 'He has been placed in most difficult positions, particularly in the handling of incompatible people and groups which he has managed without alienating either side and on various occasions accomplishing the impossible by satisfying everyone concerned.' After his tour in Miami, he headed several sections in Headquarters in the Western Hemisphere Division. In 1967 he was transferred to New Orleans and then to the Washington Base. In both places he worked under (REDACTION)." Page 2: ..."Mr. Kent has now left the Agency after 26 years of distinguished service as an operations officer and as a manager both in the field and at Headquarters. On the occasion of his retirement, it is appropriate that Mr. Kent's career achievements be suitably recognized. It is recommended that he be awarded the Career Intelligence Medal in recognition of his long and distinguished service."


August 1960: Manuel Salvat's PRQ, identifying his initial CIA officer at this time as Oliver Corbuston using the name "Douglas Gupton".

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