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Pseudonym: Gold, Sam

Sam Giancana.

157-10011-10006: INDEX CARDS, JUNE & JULY 1975

9/25/61: "Occurrence: In discussing the possible methods of accomplishing the mission, Sam Gold suggested that they not resort to firearms, but that if he could be furnished with some kind of potent pill that could be placed in Castro's food or drink. Sam indicated that he had a prospective nominee in the person of Juan Orta/AMDOFF-1, a Cuban official, who had been receiving back payments from the gambling interests who still had access to Castro, and was in a financial bind. Cornelius Roosevelt, Chief/TSD, was consulted and assigned Raymond Treichler to develop a pill that had the elements of rapid solubility, high lethal content, and little or no traceability. Six of these items were produced and after being checked out for their effectiveness by Dr. Edward M. Gunn, three pills were ultimately turned over to Sam for the mission. Neither TSD nor Dr. Gunn were briefed on the ultimate use of the pills." (Source: CIA Justice File R-153 Memorandum by Howard J. Osborn to Deputy Director of Central Intelligence. Subj: Robert A. Maheu, dated July 24, 1966.) Card created by Rhea, dated July 1, 1975, stamped TOP SECRET.

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