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Pseudonym: Glavasco, Philip

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Unknown identity. Philip D. Glavasco may have been a pseudonym used by Rudy Enders, or it may have been a pseudo for another officer in the Maritime branch at JMWAVE, possibly the likes of Mickey Kappes or Bob Simon.
In a memo in September of 1962 Philip D. Glavasco was described as a contract employee.

Glavasco, of the Maritime Branch, was the Originating Officer for a dispatch in June of 1963 on Operation TILT. The Acting Chief of Maritime, Alvin D. Wyssling, was one of the Coordinating Officers, along with the likes of Stanley R. Zamka (David Morales), Chief, Paramilitaries (PM). The dispatch noted that CIA agents Irving Cadick (William Robertson) and Philip D. Glavasco were photographed by Life photographers at one point. Glavasco was later mentioned along with William Pawley, the multimillionaire backer of the anti-Castro Cuban cause. Pawley was one of the key individuals involved in Operation TILT.

A dispatch in January, 1968, on the termination of AMHINT-56 (Juan Francisco Blanco Fernandez), stated that Glavasco was exposed to the former as "Rudy."

104-10215-10099: ROSS L. CROZIER, 201-168881, VOL. V.

06/30/62: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: GYROSE Housing Allowance for Contract Renewal: ..."Based on JMWAVE initial survey of the status of contract personnel the station requests that Headquarters approve extension of the housing allowance to the following individuals: Harold R. Noemayr (Ross Crozier), Peter J. Digerveno (Emilio Americo Rodriguez), Henry J. Sloman (probably Tony Sforza), Irving G. Cadick (William Robertson), Philip D. Glavasco, Irving C. Devuono (probably Grayston Lynch), Alice P. Jenrette. 2. Upon approval JMWAVE will forward to Headquarters copies of the proposed amended contracts and will pay and administer the allowance in the same manner as is now applicable to staff agents."

104-10215-10099: ROSS L. CROZIER, 201-168881, VOL. V.

09/12/62: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: Withheld, Unit: TFW/Personnel): REF: WAVE 8436 (IN 19838): "1. Policy to apply staff housing allowance to certain contract personnel approved. Necessary contract amendments being prepared HQs for Noemayr (Ross Crozier), Cadick (William Robertson), Glavasco, Devuono (probably Grayston Lynch), and Heard. No retroactive provisions in approval. Will request 1 Sept effective dated. Policy does not apply to contract agents. Digerveno (Emilio Americo Rodriguez) and Sloman (probably Tony Sforza) in latter category. 2. HQs will proceed change Digerveno to contract employee. Career agent status for Sloman will be requested upon receipt WAVE recommendation. Both new contracts to include housing provision. TFW Comment: Pls advise."

104-10194-10009: CIA FILE ON CROZIER ROSS

09/25/62: Memorandum from Howard J. Preston, Chief, TFW/Support to Chief, Contact Personnel Division: Subject: Application of Housing Allowance for Certain Contract Personnel: It is requested that the contracts for the following named Contract Employees and Career Agents be amended to include, in the applicable paragraph, the provision: 'You are herein authorized housing allowance in conformance with and subject to the policies of this organization.' CADICK, Irving C. (Career Agent). DEVUONO, Irving C. (Career Agent). NOEMAYR, Harold R. (Career Agent). GLAVASCO, Philip D. (Contract Employee). HEARD, Bruce R. (Contract Employee)."

104-10194-10009: CIA FILE ON CROZIER ROSS.

11/13/62: Memo from William K. Harvey, Chief, Task Force W to Chief, Contract Personnel Division: Subject: Application of Premium Pay for Certain Contract Personnel: "It is requested that the contracts for the following named Contract Employees and Career Agents be amended to include, in the applicable paragraph, the following provision: 'You are herein authorized Premium Pay in lieu of overtime in conformance with and subject to the policies of this organization.' BLAINAUSE, Russell J.; DELLAROCCO, Peter V.; GLAVASCO, Philip D.; HEARD, Bruce R.; STUART, Jennifer A.; TARTARILLO, John K.; TARYDINA, Jacob C.; CADICK, Irving G.; NOEMAYR, Harold R.; DEVUONO, Irving G.; SLOMAN, Henry J.; LAURENKUS, Marvin A.; STARKROOD, Kenneth A."


06/29/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: Originating Officer: Philip D. Glavasco, Maritime. Coordinating Officers: Alvin D. Wyssling, AC/Maritime. Stanley R. Zamka (David Morales), C/PM. Lloyd W. Storbeck, C/IS. John E. Sunderland, C/RIMM. Dudley R. Willings (Sam Halpern), ESEC. Releasing Officer: Andrew K. Reuteman (Theodore Shackley): - - - Pages 2-3: ..."The V-20 immediately proceeded three miles to the Eastern sector of the reef to render assistance. Upon arrival, both yellow rafts were adrift loaded with approximately fifteen men including Mr. Pawley. Because of the amount of cargo in the V-20, only eight men were loaded aboard including both Life photographers, Mr. Pawley, Mr. Martino, and Cadick (William Robertson). During this period the Life photographers obtained numerous action photographs. KUBARK (CIA) agents Philip D. Glavasco and Irving Cadick could not avoid these cameras. Both rafts were taken in tow and the V-20 proceeded toward the sand island at Hogsty...15...At 131500 local, the Leda arrived Hogsty. No other boats were visible upon arrival, however a fishing boat was sighted upon the transfer of Mr. Pawley and Glavasco aboard the PBY. The PBY departed Hogsty picking up the remaining men at Mira Por Vos Cays, and the Leda returned to home base without incident..."


01/26/68: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: Page 5 (Page 2 of AMHINT-56 Damage Report): ..."Philip D. Glavasco/Rudy..."

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