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Pseudonym: Gervenot, Norris

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Norris G. Gervenot was possibly a pseudonym for Ramon Gonzalez. Shane O'Sullivan, in Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate, and the CIA, stated that "Ramon Gonzalez used the pseudonym 'Norris G. Gervenot."
O'Sullivan stated that Gonzalez was the first case officer of AMSNAP-3 (Eugenio Rolando Martinez Careaga, one of the Watergate burglars). Gervenot wrote a contact report in March of 1971 as the case officer of AMSNAP-3. They were working on the AMABDUCT project.

Norris Gervenot put his name to a telepouch from COS, WH/Miami, on January 20, 1971, which stated that "on 18 January 1971 Henry S. Pachankis (probably Jack Stewart) met with Nigel P. Yasuinas. Yasuinas informed Pachankis that he handles insurance business for AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa)." A cable on January 7, 1971, stated that the identity of Nigel P. Yasuinas, a former JMWAVE contract agent, was Ruben Martinez.

Gervenot put his name to a dispatch on WKSCARLET-3 (Luis Posada) from the Chief, Latin America Division, in January, 1975. The Releasing Officer was Richard Connelly, C/LA/NW.


01/07/71: Cable from Director to WH/Miami (Orig: John M. Burke, WH/COG/OPS): "1. Former JMWAVE contract agent Nigel P. Yasuinas (IDEN follows) contacted his JMWAVE case officer, now at HQs, by telephone on 5 Jan and requested that someone from WH/Miami contact him. Claimed to be in contact with AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa) who wanted to get message to JKLANCE (CIA) about some form of foreign harassment of AMBIDDY-1. Also claimed to have what appeared to him to be significant info on Cienfuegos from refugee source on sources who concealed it from JMOPAL screeners. 2. No file. GP-1." Releasing Officer: William V. Broe, C/WHD. Authenticating Officer: Wesley L. Laybourne, AC/WH/COG. - - - Page 5: Cable from Director to WH/Miami (Orig: John M. Burke, WH/COG): RE DIR 100371. 1. IDEN is Ruben Martinez, (REDACTION) (handwritten: C-76331?) Miami, Florida 33157. Telephone 305-233-7894. Employed by Provident Mutual Insurance Company, Miami. 2. No file. GP-1."


01/20/71: Telepouch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: Operational/Meeting with Yasuinas: "1. On 18 January 1971 Henry S. Pachankis (probably Jack Stewart) met with Nigel P. Yasuinas. Yasuinas informed Pachankis that he handles insurance business for AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime Buesa). AMBIDDY-1 recently told Yasuinas that he was visited by Arturo Mugarra (probably Arturo Rolando Mugarra y Pupo (201-301665) who claims to have just arrived in the US after escaping from a government of Cuba (GOC) jail. AMBIDDY-1 added that he knew Mugarra in Cuba and believes him to be Castro agent. However, he could offer no explanation why he believes this to be so. Yasuinas told Pachankis that there was no harassment of AMBIDDY-1 as stated in reference. 2. Mugarra said that he brought out a message from Nicolas Rios (probably Nicolas Rios Miepa) who plans to travel from Cuba to Chile via Spain. Rios wants to see AMBIDDY-1. In Spain. No reasons were given. AMBIDDY-1 did not make any commitment to Magarra about meeting with Rios. AMBIDDY-1 gave Yasuinas no further data on this case. 3. AMBIDDY-1 wishes to make contact again with JKLANCE (CIA) regarding meeting Rios. He told Yasuinas that he has not had contact with any JKLANCER since he was in Nicaragua. 4. The Cienfuegos matter referred to in reference pertained to a report received by Yasuinas 'sometime last year' from mother of one of his clients. She stated that GOC was 'building caves in the Cienfuegos area and camouflaging them well.' 5. At this juncture we do not believe that AMBIDDY-1/Rios meeting is enough justification for station contact with AMBIDDY-1. However, Yasuinas was given PO Box by Pachankis and told that we would be glad to meet with him whenever he had anything of importance. Norris E. Gervenot."

104-10163-10360: CONTACT REPORT: AMSNAP-3

03/11/71: Contact Report on AMSNAP-3 (Eugenio Rolando Martinez Careaga) by Norris Z. Gervenot. PROJECT: AMABDUCT: "1. AMSNAP-3 reported on 11 March 1971 that the charges of sale of narcotics levied on Jorge Alonso, the son of Guillermo Alonso Pujol (AMECRU-1), were dropped (no exact date given). Jorge was arrested 21 June, along with forty others and charged with being a top figure in the heroin and cocaine distribution racket. 2. AMSNAP-3 stated that he had talked with a friend of his, Ray Barker, on the morning of 11 March. Barker told him that he had spoken to Attorney Miguel Suarez. Suarez is a law partner of Fernando Freire. Freire told Suarez that Jorge Alonso had been released because all charges stemming from the 21 June arrest were dropped by the authorities. Therefore, there will be no trial. 3. CO Comment: It is a sad day when justice can be bought by the likes of Alonso. The little man loses again because if he were charged with an offense 1/10th the magnitude of Jorge Alonso's, he would be behind bars for a long time, and to make it worse, Jorge Alonso can now go back ruining lives."


04/28/71: Dispatch from COS, WH/Miami to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division (Info: COS, Ottawa): Subject: TYPIC/AMECRU/AMSIGH/AMCALL Transmittal of Report: "Forwarded herewith is a sterilized copy of a report written by AMSIGH-2 covering his 26 April 1971 meeting with AMECRU-1. This report was the subject of Reference B. Reference A provides the Identities to the crypts found in this report. Norris Z. Gervenot."


06/07/73: Names on left hand side: "AMCLATTER-1; Hamilton, Edward J.; AMSNAP-3 (car); BKHERALD; Alpha-6; Gervenot, Norris G.; Lettsome, Conrad P.; Ponchay, Anthony R.; Hunt, Howard E.; Cuba; Watergate." - - - Names on the right: Artime, Manuel; Nebecker, Joel N.; Nurnad, Clayton P.; Mastrovito, Michael; Sturges, Frank; Gonzalez, Virgilio; McCord, James; Farrell, Frank; Villamanan, Manolo; LNERGO; AMANCHOR-1..."

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

01/31/75: Dispatch from Chief, Latin America Division to COS, Caracas: Subject: WKSCARLET-3: "Our records show that WKSCARLET-3 (Luis Posada) was terminated 30 June 1974. We realize that at this time there is a pending tax problem with WKSCARLET-3 but would appreciate at your earliest convenience a termination record i.e., ASR, Secrecy Agreement. Norris Z. Gervenot." Originating Officer: (REDACTION), LA/NW/Venezuela. Coordinating Officer: (REDACTION), AC/LA/NW/Y. Releasing Officer: Richard Connelly, C/LA/NW.


06/00/75: Rockefeller Commission document: "INDEX: A. Memo for Record - Gervenot. Project AMABDUCT. 19 Nov 71 SECRET. B. Memo for Chief, TYPIC, signed by A. R. Ponchay (Jake Esterline) - 17 Mar 72 SECRET. C. Ltr from Ponchay to 'Joel' - 17 Mar 72. D. Ltr from Nebecker to 'Anthony' - 27 Mar 72. E. Activities of Howard Hunt and Dr. Artime in Miami and Nicaragua 5 Apr 72. F. Memo for COS, Subj: References to Howard Hunt - 19 June 72 SECRET. G. Ltr addressed 'Dear Friend' - 20 June 72, unsigned SECRET. H. Cable from Nebecker 21 June 72 SECRET. I. Memorandum re Mr. Eugenio R. Martinez - 11 July 73 SECRET."

Dirty Tricks: Nixon, Watergate, and the CIA by Shane O'Sullivan (2018)

Pages 121-122: ..."After his conversion from contract to retainer status, Martinez became a naturalized citizen in July 1970 and was assigned a new case officer, who handled him until April 1972. Rolando was approaching fifty but his new CO was a young man in his early thirties. Martinez only knew him by a pseudonym but they became very close. The case officer's name has never been disclosed publicly until now. Ramon Esteban Gonzalez III graduated from the University of Toledo in 1961. His father was a general sales manager for the Owens Illinois Glass Company, covering Latin America, and according to Martinez, Gonzalez' father also worked for the Agency, so Owens Illinois may have provided cover to CIA agents in Latin America during this period..." - - - Page 411: ..."A CIA index card indicates Martinez' Agency cryptonym was AMSNAP-3, his first case officer Ramon Gonzalez used the pseudonym 'Norris G. Gervenot'; his second case officer Robert Ritchie used the name 'Conrad P. Lettsome'; and the Esterline/Sternfield correspondence was between 'Anthony R. Ponchay' and 'Joel N. Nebecker'..." - - - Page 520: ..."(Note: APPENDIX 1) 14. Index card dated 7 June 1973, found in 'Card Lists re Frank Sturgis, E. Howard Hunt, et al.,' 104-10096-10131; 'Inventory of Rockefeller Commission Files.' 178-10004-10420, 108; 'Handwritten Bernard Barker chronology,' 104-10164-10015..."

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