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Pseudonym: Garcia, Marcelino

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Evelio Duque Miyar, a Cuban agent assessed by CIA as candidate for possible training as an eventual guerrilla leader. Head of the ECA - Anti-Communist Cuban army. Also active with the ELC. Often allied with Orlando Bosch/AMDITTO-23.
For key documents on the organization of the ELC: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=23864&search=iseruff_beruff#relPageId=4&tab=page


1959-1965: Duque was the ECA's military coordinator - he formed the group in June 1959, went to fight in the Escambray. (See 104-10169-10390, p. 3 - his PRQ file shows he was known as Comandante Luis while in the Escambray from 1959-1960). Came to US in June 1961, formed ECA in exile. The ECA merged with Orlando Bosch's MIRR in the fall of 1961. January 1963 led two leaflet drops over Cuba. US discouraged the ECA raids. ECA-MIRR pact was broken in June 1963. On 6/23/63, Duque received formal "notice of prevention of departure", warned not to leave US waters. Locked in INS detention cell in July 1963 for violating this notice. January 1965, the ECA united with the neo-fascist MNC.

104-10169-10190: DUQUE CHARACTER

6/15/61 memo on the "Duque character" from "Masengill and Gneiting", and signed by Thomas M. Hewitt (who used Charles Gneiting as one of his pseudonyms): His comments on Duque included: "Most reluctant to show his organization - only five. Says he isolated in Escambray fighting Castro and these staff members must get out to him. They can give us a complete picture of actual strength of LCAC...No formal military training. Knows little about modern weapons beyond M-1, M-3, 30 Cal LMG, nothing about explosives, artillery, or more complex military equipment..." Describes "Garcia is (Duque's) crutch - to express himself".


A 6/28/61 memo contains a handwritten note that describes both Evilio Duque and Marcelino Garcia as "a Cuban agent". The same note redacts the true identity of Otto/Charles Gneiting/Thomas Hewitt, but reveals Walter Koch's alias as 'Schmidt'."


07/15/61, Letter from Captain Edwin P. Lemay to Paul Bethel, USIA Office, Miami, Florida "Unfortunately, Marcelino Garcia Jiminez, one of the underground workers in Cuba, formerly connected to Batista...convinced Major Evilio Duque Miyar, chief of the guerrillas of the Escambray Hills here in exile, to come out of hiding and make statements to the press...my office will continue to carry on if Washington is still interested and desires to listen to what Major Duque has in mind regarding the liberation of Cuba...I am sure I could be of help to you and your agency, as well as to the many other United States Agencies and their representatives that I have assisted in the past." Page 5: "Arriving date to Miami: JUNE 27th, 1961. Major JOSE ANTONIO SIERRA DIAZ, Cuban citizen, Passport No. A 12 416 669. Birthdate: 12/28/35, Birthplace: Cuba, Address in Miami: 303 S.W. 31 Road, Miami, Florida. FRANCISCO DE LA CARIDAD ILLAS GONZALEZ, Member of the underground, Cuban citizen, Passport No. A 12 418 668, Birthdate: 9/3/26, Birthplace: Havana, Cuba. Address in Miami: 303 S.W. 31 Road, Miami, Florida. They together stole a boat a Veradero Beach, Matanzas Province, Cuba, on the 25th, of June 1961, and escaped from Cuba. They were rescued at sea by Captain of the S.S. 'DELAWARE SUN.' Removed at sea from 'DELAWARE SUN' to a Coast Guard Vessel. U.S. Coast Guard took them to Miami, Florida. They are now under Parole."


Re late July 1961: "Major Duque said that at the end of 1960 he had effective control of a large part of the Escambray...Dr. Bosch said he had tried in Miami to arrange for arms drops to Major Duque's men. He said he had been in touch with three individuals known as Roderick/Glen Farnsworth, Goudie/AMTIKI-1, and Smith/Fravel Brown; allegedly these people had told Bosch they had their own plans and made no commitments about drops...In July 1961, Duque was sent to the United States as the representative of all groups now in the mountains...On the 6th of July in Miami he met Mr. Otto/Thomas Hewitt and Mr. Carl/Carl Hicks...They offered assistance in the way of arms, but Major Duque did not think he could trust them, particularly in view of the events of April, and he stalled them off. Duque says he has some 400 men under five captains now in the Escambray...I told Major Duque and his friends that I could promise nothing." 9/18/61 memo by Thomas Parrott, assistant to General Maxwell Taylor.


7/29/61 cable from Stanley Zamka/David Morales to Director: "On 20 July WAVE in contact with Garcia....Garcia states that Evelio Duque's Anti Communist Liberation Army growing stronger each day and all Cuban exiles rallying Duque. In last few weeks Duque receiving increased press coverage which can be summed up 'we have enough fighting men to defeat Castro now all we lack in guns, bullets, and planes.' Garcia claims Duque has been approached by rep, no iden, of 'General Taylor' and Duque may visit Wash near future. He also received request for Senator Smathers to call on Smathers near future. Duque and company according to Garcia have no intention revealing (CIA) details their org and assets (Cuba) since they were no being supported by influential groups (in Latin America) and rich (Cubans) financing them...Garcia says his function in Duque group is limited to operations, security and propaganda. A letter to Mr. Paul Bethel, local USIA rep, from a Captain Edwin P. Le May, a local yacht broker, characterizes Garcia as an opportunist and a Batista man who is pushing Duque into the limelight for his personal ends. Le May letter states that Garcia organized the SIM for Batista in 1933. (NOTE: See that nowhere in the 7/15/61 letter preceding this post!)...LeMay also states that Garcia employed by (Navy) Intel Service at (Guantanamo) and a business partner of Batista. (NOTE: Letter doesn't state this either!) WAVE traces LeMay reveal he yacht broker in touch with AMTEE-1 and AMCASK-1. LOCAL (FBI) traces requested...Tone of leter suggests that LeMay is contact between Duque group and (US government) through Bethel."

124-10286-10024: No Title

6/18/62: Elvin Rivero appeared at the Miami FBI office and stated that Marcelino Garcia Beltran, 501 Bay Lane, Key Biscayne, a Cuban national (and formerly a wealthy sugar grower in Cuba) had been in contact with an American attorney concerning the use of an island in the Florida keys for military training...Stewart D. Allen...was representing (E.C. Lunsford, DDS) who is the owner of Lignumvitae Key in the Florida Keys. Allen had offered this key to the ELC and Garcia Beltran for the ELC's use in training men for guerrilla warfare or for whatever other purpose...before the ELC accepted this key for training purposes they wanted to notify the United States government and seek the Government's advice...(INS records) reflected that Marcelino Garcia Beltran, Alien Registration A12 416 234, was born April 4, 1929, at Las Villas, Cuba, and was a sugar plantation owner. He arrived in the United States on June 5, 1961. Garcia is married to Mercedes Podroso...and resides at 501 Bay Lane, Key Biscayne, Florida. Garcia's parents are listed as Marcelino Garcia Beltran, father, and Maria I. Alfonso, mother." 124-10286-10261, p. 2 6/20/62: covert CIA representative in Miami stated that he did not think that CIA had an operational interest in the island; p. 4: ELC had system to get messages to their jailed leader Hubert Matos/AMLIGHT-1 104-10171-10404: TFW/SA G.J. Zogby said Marcelino Garcia Beltran sympathetic to ELC but not a member - the plan was to use key as infiltration point into Cuba.


08/15/62, Memorandum from Chief, PM (signed by PM case officer Charles Gneiting/Thomas Hewitt) to Chief, PW, attn Alice B. Caponong: ..."Duque went to Washington recently and spoke with General Taylor. Marginalia states "this (the above statement) is a lie. Nobody saw him or wanted to talk to him." "2. Evelio came to U.S. in June 1961. At this time he was met and interviewed by Charles V. Gneiting and Charles F. Masengill..." Note that the PM chief Thomas Hewitt didn't trust the PW staff enough to let them know that Marcelino Garcia was Evilio Duque - instead, he told them that the two men were close and that Duque would do nothing without discussing it with Garcia. Gneiting/Hewitt then said that Duque had been tested and had an extremely low intellect and had very little administrative ability. Also, "he is an opportunist, and anyone who enters any sort of agreement with him will only entangle himself in a complicated administrative problem from which no concrete operational results will be forthcoming." The memo describes "Evelio Duque (of the Escambray) and Marcelino Garcia (a short professor)..."


9/19/62 dispatch from Chief, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "(Dr. Orlando Bosch) began his activities in Santa Clara, the capital of Las Villas province, where he was born. He is an M.D. He was a friend of Plinio Prieto, the Autentico Party leader who was shot in Las Campanas for opposition to Castro. Subject organized an anti-Castro organization called Movimiento Insurreccional Revolucionario who later became Ejercito Cubano Anticomunista Frente Escambray. Subject was the secretary general of the latter organization, other top posts being held by Dr. Gonzalo Lage and Evelio Duque, 'the fighting Comandante' who lived in Spain for many years under the name Marcelino Garcia. Lage recently became disgusted with (Bosch) and left the group..." See 124-10279-10032, p. 164: "ECA: Ejercito Cubano Anticomunista (Anti-Communist Cuban Army) (Also known by full title, "Anti-Communist Cuban Army - Escambray Front) "Exile militant organization desiring to propagandize itself and organize clandestine operations. Has middle-of-the-road platform, but speaks much of "social progress of Cuba". Led by Evilio DUQUE Miyar and Orlando BUSCH Avila (author of violently anti-US, anti-CIA, anti-MIRO pamphlet distributed in Miami August 1962). Found completely undependable by US contacts. Have small delegations in Miami, New Jersey, and Chicago, but never had anything in Cuba." Also see 1994.06.24.14:33:30:910005, p. 357, 11/12/62: Marcelino Garcia, 501 Bay Lane obtains $1500 from Cesar Baro/AMYUM-19 of the MRR. See 124-10277-10346, 12/3/63 report from Orlando Bosch describing Marcelino Garcia as "Chief of Direction".

124-10217-10000: No Title

11/19/64: SA Edwin Sweet of the Miami FBI said he interviewed Marcelino Garcia Jiminez on this date. Garcia said on this date Orlando Bosch came by his home and took him near the home of Yolanda Perez at 1764 SW 10th Street. Still active with the MIRR. p. 91: Bosch and Garcia were engaged in extortion and blackmail on behalf of the MIRR, which included planting bombs in various peoples' homes. Pages 10-12: Both men were named as defendants in the prosecutive summary, Bosch as the MIRR coordinator and Garcia as the MIRR chief of direction.

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