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Pseudonym: Gallego, El

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El Gallego (The Galician) was an alias for a number of individuals.
One of those persons who was probably called El Gallego was José Ramón Hernandez, who led Fidel’s army at the Bay of Pigs. An Information Report in August of 1964 mentioned Hernandez.

Those who were partially or fully identified as being known as El Gallego also included Norberto Martinez, mentioned in a dispatch from Mexico City in July, 1961; FNU Sanz, an alleged associate of Manuel Artime Buesa (AMBIDDY-1); Primitivo Ablanedo, a friend of Artime's; Justo Alfonso, whose name was given by Manuel de Armas, and Salvador Aldereguia, a Cuban exile who contacted Rolando Martinez in 1977 and asked the latter to meet with a Cuban Intelligence officer in Jamaica.

Some of those who were mentioned as being known as El Gallego were unidentified, such as in a FBI interview of Cesar Gonsmart in May, 1961; a CIA cable on November 28, 1963; a FBI report in October, 1966, on Comandos L; a FBI report in 1967 which cited an informant as saying that Rolando Masferrer Rojas reportedly had a quantity of arms hidden at a farm owned by a man known only as El Gallego, and a CIA memo in December, 1968, which mentioned an El Gallego allegedly being part of an assassination team directed against Julio Aton Constanzo.

A CIA report in 1964 from JMWAVE on information received by AMSPELL (DRE) on alleged visits made by Jack Ruby to Cuba also mentioned a el Gallego: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=39825&search=el_gallego#relPageId=5&tab=page

A CIA document in June, 1961, stated that Diego Ruiz was also known as "Gallego," which was similar to El Gallego.


05/18/61: FBI interview of Cesar Gonsmart by SA Thomas H. Errion on 05/17/61: Page 2: ..."Gonsmart said that the next and last time that he saw Borges was around August 15, 1960, when Gonsmart went to a restaurant called 'Mi Bohio', which is run by a man named 'El Gallego' and his wife, Joranda. Borges was at the restaurant and had a gun, as did 'El Gallego.' In the course of the discussion, both 'El Gallego' and Borges upheld and defended Castro and his government and a fight ensured in which Gonsmart took the gun away from 'El Gallego,' but Borges drew his gun and threatened to shoot anyone who said anything against Castro. Gonsmart repeated that he did not know anyone named Borja or Simon and that he had never furnished any information concerning them and the individual to whom he had referred when he talked to a friend of his, Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo, was Borges, not Borja, and the basis of his belief that Borges was a Cuban intelligence agent was the conversation Borges had with him while drunk at the Circulo Cubano. He stated that Borges has always defended Castro and that he, Gonsmart, has no reason to believe that Borges is other than a staunch supporter of Castro..."


06/14/61: CIA document: SUBJECT: Amplification of Naval Information: SOURCES: Our Collaborators in the Navy: "1. Today they are making an inventory in the Naval Intelligence Office because Diego Ruiz, AKA: Gallego, is turning over the command of Intelligence to Dr. Andres R. Triay Rodes. 2. Triay Rodes is the legal advisor of the Navy and is in the full confidence of Renato Diaz Blanco."


07/25/61: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division (Info: COS, San Jose): Dispatch from Willard C. Curtis (Winston Scott) included a letter from Dr. Denio Oduardo Fonseca, San Jose, to Dr. Amaro Esteban Alvarez Torno, AMIRON (The Frente Revolucionario Democratico - FRD) member in Mexico City. Letter in Spanish mentions ..."El gallego Norberto Martinez..."


11/28/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMSHATTER: "1. In S/W message written 4 Nov postmarked 22 Nov Mexico and received JMWAVE 27 Nov, AMSTASH-1/Manuel Viera Rodriguez said he waiting our exfiltration instructions which he can receive by at-3 on cypher pad FPSAM. A-1 recommended (REDACTION) aka El Gallego long time member A-1 net to receive instructions and money. A-1 asked that portion salary being held ESCROW account be converted 11,400 pesos and sent Cuba cover cost father eye operation and family needs by 15 Dec. A-1 concluded message stating previous intelligence reports sent (unintelligible) instructions through embassy during his absence on trip Caibarien on October exfiltration attempt. 2. (REDACTION) not same Juan Bautista who implicated AMADDER Team. 3. Note this SW letter mailed in Mexico. Also received at WAVE (unintelligible) three plain text info reports from AMSTASH-1 apparently sent through same embassy channel. Although details this channel not revealed by A-1 prior his arrest, Ricardo and Angel believed cutouts to (unintelligible) in French Embassy. Vincente sends materials to Mexico where mailed. 4. Station does not intend send A-1's personal funds to him."


08/21/64: Information Report: COUNTRY: Cuba. PLACE & DATE ACQ.: "SOURCE: A former Cuban IS officer who served with the Cuban Intelligence Service until April 1964...Source identified a photograph of Comandante Jose Fernandez and said that his nickname is 'El Gallego.' Fernandez is the chief of all army training schools from cadets up. He is not connected with Cuban Intelligence...2. In June 1962 a Cuban national, untested, whose father was an old army friend of Jose Fernandez, aka 'El Gallego', reported the following information...He is often referred to as 'El Gallego Fernandez.' Fernandez allegedly was chief of the operations against the invaders of Playa Giron in April 1961. He was described as having been born about 1921, being six feet one inch tall, 185 pounds, having light grayish eyes, light brown hair, a fair complexion, white even teeth, and an oval face. He speaks with a Castillian accent. 3. A fairly reliable source, in a report dated 17 July 1962, stated that Major Jose Ramon Fernandez was the Chief of the Seccion Preparacion y Organizacion Combativa (Section for the Preparation and Organization of Warfare - SPOC), the Cuban Army's key man for defense against invasion, and the military brains of the country. He had access to all secret information. Fernandez received his instructions exclusively from Fidel and Raul Castro with whom he is in personal contact. He received his military education in the United States. He is intelligent and reportedly not a Communist...6...In a report dated 18 May 1963, stated that an unidentified 'usually reliable source' said that Major Jose Ramon Fernandez, known as 'El Gallego,' is the one who made the preparation for Castro's trip to the Soviet Union in February 1963. Fernandez arrived in Habana from Moscow two says before Castro's surprise departure..."


03/07/66: Cable from Director to Madrid (Orig: L. Raty, WE/5): REF MADR 7382 (IN 69459): Page 5: ..."While he was in Europe, Cubela made three trips to Spain, in 26 Dec 64, on 6 Feb 65, and on 20 Feb 65. At the beginning of Feb, Manuel Artime went to Madrid with the aim of meeting with Rolando Cubela. Carlos (Tepedino) and 'Wizard' Robreno telephoned Rolando Cubela in Paris from Madrid to inform him of Artime's arrival. In order to assure a safe and discreet place for the meeting, Cuco Leon, one of Artime's helpers, rented an apartment in the Torre building of Madrid for a week and gave the apartment keys to Alberto 'El Loco.' Rolando Cubela was to lodge in the Plaza Hotel, located across the street from the apartment building. Manuel Artime, helped by Cuco Leon and one Sanz, known as 'El Gallego', was lodged in the Emperador Hotel of Madrid... " Sanz was also referred to as "The Spaniard." - - - A CIA report from Nestor Sanchez in January, 1965, on a second meeting between AMBIDDY-1 and AMLASH-1, in Madrid, in December, 1964, mentioned an "El Gallego' Fernandez" (See 08/21/64: Information Report above): https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=16105&search=el_gallego#relPageId=3&tab=page


10/21/66: FBI report from Hato Rey Station, Puerto Rico: Titled: Comandos L, Internal Security - Cuba: Page 2: "On October 18, 1966, SJ T-2, who has provided reliable information in the past, furnished the following information: Comandos L, with headquarters in Miami, Florida, presently has three sailing vessels in Fajardo, Puerto Rico. One of these vessels is the 'Angelina', the second is a speedboat named the 'Pitirre', and a small catamaran with an auxiliary motor. The 'Angelina' is docked near the Isleta marina and still needs many repairs. It has been in dry dock in Fajardo on a number of occasions and it will again return to dry dock in the near future. At the present time, a man named Roberto Macia, age 27, and believed to be from Matanzas, Cuba, is in charge of these vessels for Comandos L. Other members of Comandos L who have been seen in the vicinity of these vessels are a man known solely as 'El Gallego', and a man known as 'William.' One of the bags containing the sails for the 'Angelina' has on it the name Jose M. Alonso..."


10/12/67: FBI report from Miami, Florida: Titled: Rolando Arcadio Masferrer Rojas, Internal Security - Haiti - Cuba..."MM T-2 said that Masferrer reportedly has a quantity of arms hidden at a farm owned by a man known only as 'El Gallego'..."


12/09/68: Memorandum from I-1 to Arco Iris: "Francisco Varona (AMCONCERT-1)...visited Julio Aton Constanzo in the hospital. Varona told Constanzo that the masterminds that tried to kill him were Joaquin Sanjenis (AMOT-2), Vicente Zorrilla and Manuel Villafana. The ones who actually tried to kill him were Ricardo Morales Navarrete (AMDESK-1), Francisco Tamayo aka El Mejicano, and El Gallego. The planners were advised by 'Enrique from Argentina'". "Enrique from Argentina" is a common pseudonym for CIA officer Tony Sforza.


04/17/69: Memorandum for the record: Subject: Manuel Artime Buesa: Page 2: ..."On a couple of occasions Artime has been by to see me with another mutual Cuban friend, Primitivo Ablanedo, who used to live at El Bluff on the East Coast. 'El Gallego' Ablanedo now lives in Managua and makes his living renting out dump trucks and construction and hauling equipment..."


06/23/76: Memorandum from Michael E. Schneeberger, Security Analysis Group to Chief, Security Analysis Group: Subject: Manuel L. de Armas, SF #591 865: Page 3: "NAME GIVEN BY DE ARMAS...Justo Alfonso (aka: 'El Gallego'). OS FILE, IF ANY, AND COMMENTS...No Office of Security traces..." - - - Justo Alfonso was mentioned in this FBI report in 1968: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=114372&relPageId=16&search=el_gallego


05/25/77: Cable to FBI: "1. A former source of this agency advised this agency on 23 May 1977 that he had been contacted by Rolando Martinez, another former source and convicted Watergate burglar, who passed the following information: (Martinez asked our source to relay the information to this agency). A. Martinez was contacted in Miami, Florida by Salvador Aldereguia, AKA 'El Gallego' and asked to meet with a Cuban Intelligence officer in Montego Bay, Jamaica on 24 May. Aldereguia told Martinez that in view of Martinez' imprisonment and mistreatment by the U.S. Government (USG) following the Watergate affair, that Martinez might be interested in meeting with the Cuban IS officer. B. Martinez, accompanied by Aldereguia, plans to fly to Montego Bay at 1100 hours, 24 May. The Cuban IS officer who is to meet with them is supposedly flying from Cuba and not stationed in Jamaica. C. Martinez is prepared to be debriefed after his return to Miami. According to Martinez, the FBI is aware that he has been approached previously in Miami. D. Martinez said that Aldereguia is a Cuban exile who works for World Finance Company in Miami, Florida. 2. The above is for your information and whatever action you deem necessary..." - - - Aldereguia was also mentioned in this FBI document in 1976: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=69029&search=el_gallego#relPageId=16&tab=page In addition, this FBI document in 1974: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=85356&relPageId=8&search=el_gallego

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