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Pseudonym: Gabowski, Daniel

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Unknown identity. A dispatch in September of 1966 from the Chief of Station (COS), Guatemala City, was signed for Daniel N. Gabowski. Therefore, Gabowski was possibly COS at this time.
A cable on 7 May, 1954, mentioned that headquarters staff member, Daniel N. Gabowski (IDEN follows), was to be the cut-out and case officer for a withheld identity, during the latter's forthcoming attempt to defect Colonel Carlos Enrique Diaz (STANDEL-1) in Caracas, Venezuela.

A memo on 11 May, 1954, stated that SOCCER (probably Charles Siemon) had departed for Caracas, Venezuela, where he would attempt to obtain the defection of Colonel Diaz. The withheld cut-out and case officer for SOCCER mentioned in this memo was probably Gabowski.


05/07/54: Cable from Director to Sr. Rep.: Slugline RYBAT/PBSUCCESS: "1. HQs has approved plan attempt defect Col. Carlos Enrique Diaz, chief GUAT armed forces, presently in Rio, during stay in CARA 10 to 13 May. Initial approach to be made by (REDACTION) who was friendly with Diaz in GUAT. He in turn will introduce local PBPRIME (U.S.) agent your mission as friend who represents PBPRIME private interest willing to contribute funds against overthrow present GUAT Communist regime...3. HQs staff member, Daniel N. Gabowski, (IDEN follows) proceeding to act as cut-out and case officer. Will arrive PANAM FLT (REDACTION) your time (REDACTION). Open contact between you and Gabowski barred, but request you arrange hotel reservations thru mutual ODACID (U.S. State Department) friend..."


05/11/54: Memorandum from Withheld to Goodbourne: Subject: Progress Report - PBSUCCESS for the Period 4-10 May 1954: "I. Operational: The following events of operational significance occurred during the reporting period: A. (Handwritten: SOCCER) has departed for Caracas, Venezuela, where he will attempt to defect Col. Carlos Enrique Diaz (STANDEL-1), Chief of the Guatemalan Armed Forces. In connection with this operation, (REDACTION) departed for Caracas and will serve as case officer/cutout between SOCCER and (REDACTION)..."


05/14/54: Memorandum from Withheld, WH/FI/OPS to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: PBSUCCESS - Col. Carlos Enrique Diaz, Guatemalan Chief of Armed Forces: "1. Details of (REDACTION) work will be furnished by him; however, the following is a general picture of efforts at the attempted defection of subject in Caracas. 2. The writer arrived at Caracas as scheduled on Sunday morning, 9 May. (REDACTION) arrived the same day in the afternoon, although he said he had to change his arrangements in Panama. 3. (REDACTION) was in close contact with the local PAA manager and was advised when subject and his group reached Maiquetia on 10 May about 9:00 a.m. 4. Original contact between (REDACTION) and subject went off as scheduled. When the group arrived at the desk of the Hotel Tamanaco, subject was approached by (REDACTION) as planned. According to the (REDACTION) the subject appeared visibly embarrassed. 5. (REDACTION) again approached the subject on the afternoon of the same day in the barber shop. The subject agreed to a meeting with (REDACTION) the next day, but did not keep the appointment. It was obvious from there on that subject was determined to avoid (REDACTION) at all events. 6. The (REDACTION) made his last pitch on the morning of Wednesday, 12 May, when he encountered the subject's aide, Lt. Debroy, in the lobby of the hotel. Debroy said he would speak to the subject, but no results came from the request...8. The mechanics of the operations could not have worked out better. (REDACTION) while not briefed in detail, indicated his willingness to cooperate and (REDACTION) on his own initiative, lined up an alternate cut-out and was working to establish a safe-house. 9. The writer feels that, though the objective of the operation was not attained, everything possible within the limits of good security was done to achieve success."


09/22/66: Dispatch from COS, Guatemala City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: JMTIGER/Request for Photographs: "1. Transmitted under Reference were Xerox copies of photographs of several JMTIGER personalities. Station would appreciate photographs copies - four copies of each, front and back - of the original photograph. 2. The photographs are required of the following persons: a. Marco Antonio Leoni Aguilar aka: Guillermo Rodas Escalante (201-787859). b. Jose Aquiles Limares Morales aka: Marco Tulio Lopez Gonzalez (201-787219). c. Ricardo Arturo Guzman aka: Alberto Santos Melgar (201-787656). d. Angel Palencia Sanchez aka: Juan Perez Perez (201-787311). e. Manuel Josue Ortega Paz (201-755438). f. Rolando Herrera Hernandez aka: Guillermo Yero Rodriguez (201-787658). g. Bernardino Diaz Mendez (201-787387). h. Victor Manuel Cuellar Carranza aka: Julio Abreu Garcia (201-787388). i. Francisco Cruz Figueros (201-787389). j. Julio Carrera Sierra (201-787726). (for) Daniel N. Gabowski."

Gavin McDonald

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