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Pseudonym: Fruzyna, Rex

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David Ronis, SAS/EOB. Two cables on October 8, 1963, stated that Rex G. Fruzyna, HQs case officer, was David Ronis.
Ronis was the acting case officer of AMLONG-1, who was a former Santiago de Cuba asset. AMLONG-1's identity was redacted. AMLONG-1 was an employee of JUCEPLAN and allegedly was one of Ernesto "Che" Guevara's advisors. A-1 was "expected come MEXI periodically for debriefing as well as send S/W to MEXI address (see MEXI 4905)."

FBI Cuba 109-12-210 - Volume 33 - Serials 1378-1415

3/28/60 FBI letterhead memo: "REDACTED also advised that Dr. Regino Boti Leon, Cuban Minister of Economy, is the son of Regino Boti and Caridad Leon Blanco. He said that he is well acquainted with Boti Leon since REDACTED is a sister of Caridad Leon Blanco and he knows Boti Leon to be a communist."

104-10073-10382: REASSIGNMENTS.

01/26/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Ousler Acting): ACTION: Mr. Ronis, SAS, issued copy at 1500, 26 Jan 63: De Santi, Prew, Anita, (somebody else) copied in: Slugline RYBAT GYROSE LITAMIL-9:


08/16/63: Routing and Record Sheet: "FROM: RID. TO: 1. SAS/ESC. 3. SAS/EOB. 5. SAS/CI. 7. SAS/MOB/FI. 9. EOB/Ronis. 11. SAS/CI/Tansing, Al King (?)."

104-10100-10157: IDEN CABLE FOR DIRECTOR 74185

10/08/63: Cable from Director to Mexico City (Orig: D. Ronis, SAS/EOB): CITE DIR 74184: Slugline TYPIC AMLONG: "IDENTITY A: (REDACTION). IDENTITY B: David Ronis."


10/08/63: Cable from Director to Mexico City (Orig: D. Ronis, SAS/EOB): CITE DIR 74185: Slugline TYPIC AMLONG: REF DIR 74184: "1. Please watch travel lists for arrival from HAVA of AMLONG-1 (IDEN A) during MEXI next several days. Advise HQS priority when SUBJ arrival noted. SUBJ will take room at Reforma Hotel and await arrival of HQs case officer Rex G. Fruzyna (IDEN B). Also please call SUBJ at hotel and advise him 'senor Risely' will arrive within twenty four hours. 2. FYI, Fruzyna acting as interim case officer of SUBJ/AMLONG-1 who former SAGO asset pending resolution of case. Will need assistance of MEXI officer because of language problem. SUBJ/AMLONG-1 is employee of JUCEPLAN and allegedly one of Guevara's advisors. Claims have good rapport with Guevara and Boti (note: Minister of Economy, Regino Boti Leon). If results debriefing warrant continuation of op, will request MEXI assume handling because SUBJ expected come MEXI periodically for debriefing as well as send S/W to MEXI address (see MEXI 4905). 3. Fruzyna will brief station fully of case."


10/09/63: Cable from Director to Mexico City (Info: JMWAVE): Orig: D. Ronis, SAS/EOB: Slugline TYPIC DEGRIP: "1. Subject is Dr. Rene Vallejo Ortiz, personal physician of Fidel Castro...One of Castro's closest companions in work, sports and play..." Reported elsewhere as Fidel's confidant in the ongoing negotiations between the USA and Cuba towards rapprochement. "Suggest station...determine if DEGRIP can reasibly (sic) cultivate subj...WAVE: HQS file indicates (Vallejo) contact with AMOT asset AMCRAG-1..." Query AMCRAG-1/(Francisco Bilbao Alvarez, chief of MRR, Oriente province) about any current correspondence with Vallejo and any additional information.


01/28/66: Dispatch from Acting Chief, WH Division to COS, JMWAVE: Subject: TYPIC/AMBUD/OPERATIONAL Request for Address of Brigade 2506 Office in JMWAVE Area: Signed by Alice B. Caponong (probably Evalena S. Vidal). Originating Officer: Evalena Vidal, WH/C/CA. Coordinating Officers: David Ronis in draft, C/WH/C/CA. (Signature), C/WH/C/MO. Releasing Officer: John L. Hart, DCWHD/C.


"The committee has queried David Ronis, the author of the above cited dispatch requesting that Calderon's sister be contacted by the CIA's 'domestic exploitation section.' (HSCA Class. Staff interview of David Ronis, 8/31/78). Ronis was a member of the CIA's Special Affairs Staff at the time he wrote the dispatch. He worked principally at CIA headquarters and was responsible for recruitment and handling of agents for collection of intelligence data. Mr. Ronis, when interviewed by this Committee, stated that part of his responsibility was to scour the Western Hemisphere Division for operational leads related to the work of the Special Affairs Staff. Ronis recalled that he normally would send requests to CIA field stations for information or leads on various persons. Often he would receive no response to these requests, which normally indicated that no follow-up had either been attempted or successfully conducted. It was Ronis' recollection that the above-cited domestic exploitation section was a task force within the Special Affairs Staff. He also stated that in 1963 the CIA's Domestic Contacts Division might have been requested to locate Luisa Calderon's sister. Ronis told the Committee that he had no recollection of recruiting any person associated with the Cuban Intelligence Service. He did recall that he had recruited women to perform tasks for the Agency. However, he did not recall ever recruiting any employees of the Cuban Embassy/Consulate in Mexico City. Finally, Mr. Ronis stated that he had no recollection that Luisa Calderon was associated with the CIA..."


State Secret Wiretapping in Mexico City, Double Agents, and the Framing of Lee Oswald by Bill Simpich: ..."81 On August 16, Win Scott decided to try to recruit Azcue despite his reputation as virtually unrecruitable…: Memo from Win Scott to Fitzgerald, 8/16/63, HSCA Segregated CIA Collection (microfilm - reel 2: Artime - Barker)/NARA Record Number: 104-10163-10014. This memo was reviewed by a number of officers, with the last four examining this memo in the week before Oswald’s arrival to Mexico: SAS/ESC, SAS/EOB, SAS/CI, SAS/MOB/FI, Dave Ronis of SAS/EOB, and SAS/CI/REDACTED. Routing slip for HMMA-21978, 8/16/63, NARA Record Number: 124-10369-10063..."

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