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Pseudonym: Freitas, Danilo

Alias for CIA officer Daniel Flores, a Western Hemisphere stationed in Mexico City in the early 1960s. This alias was issued for use in "operational activities within the United States".
Flores' OS number was 195 221 - the 7/14/66 memo below is written documentation that Flores and Freitas are one and the same.

104-10117-10088: FREITAS, DANILO (A)

7/14/66 memo from Deputy Director of Security Victor H. White for Director of Personnel, attn: John C. Peldus, Room 5E-03, Subject: FREITAS, DANILO (A), 195 221: "This is to advise that a CIA identification card has been prepared in the Subject alias for an employee of the WH Division. The identification card will be used for operational activities within the United States...if any calls are received in the above name, please contact the Chief, Cover Branch, of this office, extension 6280 or 7380."

104-10225-10006: OP FILE ON DANIEL FLORES

Circa 1966-67 memo by C/WHD William Broe: "Mr. Flores has been working in WH/COG and its predecessor groups since 1963. His fitness reports have been consistently good and the comments of his supervisors laudatory...In WH/COG Mr. Flores has served as an Intelligence Assistant in support of CI operations. In addition he has assisted in the training of agents in REDACTED communications. Mr. Flores is bi-lingual - Spanish and English - and is adept as an operational Translator-Interpreter."

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