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Pseudonym: Fradyer, Raymond

Unknown identity. A cable on October 31, 1963, from Desmond FitzGerald, stated that he had serious reservations over AMLASH-1's trip to Brussels, after discussions with Fradyer.
In addition, Fradyer was the source for a Information Intelligence Cable in June of 1967, and was described as a "competent American observer." Furthermore, a memo in November, 1967, mentioned that Fradyer had requested a SGSWIRL test for LIRING-3 (Carlos Jurado-Delmar). Moreover. Raymond A. Fradyer succeeded Lawrence Barker as the case officer for LITAMIL-9, and worked alongside Clyde K. Shryock (Thomas Hazlett), among others, in Mexico City. A memo from Charlotte Bustos-Videla in May, 1972, stated that Fradyer was Chief of the Cuban Section. Also, a report from Charlotte Bustos-Videla on Philip Agee, in July of 1972, indicated that Agee knew Fradyer. The latter was described as "C/Cuba" in this report.


10/31/63: Cable from Brussels to Director: Slugline KEYWAY PBRUMEN: FROM DAINOLD: "After discussion with Fradyer have serious reservations regarding proposed AMLASH trip to Brussels to work. On NIELOPE who since recent trip to CZECHC appears less recruitable. Feel that approach by AMLASH to NIELOPE at this time however guarded may pose serious threat AMLASH security upon his return. Suggest therefore STA attempt discourage this AMLASH venture."

104-10176-10073: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

11/03/66: Cable (Originating Officer: J. Stewart, Unit: WH/1): Slugline CABLE SECRETARIAT: "Please relay REDACTION (IN 31457) priority to JMWAVE for info Fradyer. WH/C/Comment (REDACTION) furnishes accommodation address for LITAMIL-17 in Honduras. Note...Coordinating Officer: REDACTION (Draft) WH/C/FI (REDACTION). (REDACTION) for WH/C/MO. Releasing Officer: (REDACTION) C/WHD." - - - Page 331: 11/03/66: Cable (Originating Officer: J. Stewart, Unit: WH/1 - For Fradyer): Slugline DYVOUR PBRUMEN LIRAVINE: "1. Per Fradyer conversations HQs and with concurrence Mexico City station, Clyde K. Shryock (P) plans arrive Mexico City 6 November 1966 by EAL Flight 905. No need meet but would appreciate reservations made in true name at Geneve or similar hotel. 2. Purpose trip review and implement efforts reestablish contact LITAMIL-9 with station and Fradyer (who holding reservations return Mexico City night 4 November from Miami)." - - - Another cable on 11/10/66, Easby acting (pseudonym for Alan White), mentioned "plan to introduce LITAMIL-9 to Fradyer morning 11 Nov." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=157087&search=#relPageId=62&tab=page


06/08/67: Cable: Slugline INTEL: "SUPDATA: Source Raymond A. Fradyer from subjects during consular officers meeting 7 June, no liaison. RI index. Ref DIRECTOR 07730..." - - - Page 307: Intelligence Information Cable: Country: USSR/Czechoslovakia/Egypt/Israel. DOI: 7 June 1967. Subject: Disbelief Evidenced by Soviet and Czech Officials of Egyptian Charges of United States Intervention in Near East Crisis. Acq: Mexico, Mexico City (7 June 67) Report No. HMM-11, 179. Source: Competent American observer who participated in the conversation with the Communist officials in question...

104-10176-10004: LIRING-3

11/14/67: SGSWIRL report by Paul I. Napolilli: Subject: LIRING-3 (IDEN A): "Subject was interviewed and tested with SGSWIRL on 29 September 1967 in a Mexico City safe site. The interview was requested by Raymond A. Fradyer..."

104-10176-10075: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

02/06/68: Memo from Withheld, Chief, WH/1 to CI/OA: Subject: LITAMIL-9, 201-329609: Page 22: PRQ Part II: ..."3. List other case officers who handled subject or whom he knows or has known. Give names by which they have been known: Subject knew Clyde K. Shryock by true name. The next Case Officer, Lawrence F. Barker, took over in June 1963. Subject was turned over to his present Case Officer, Raymond A. Fradyer, following his return from PBRUMEN (Cuba) in the fall of 1968."


07/22/69: Memorandum from Raymond A. Fradyer to Chief, SB (Via: COS): Subject: Celebration of Polish National Day, 22 July 1969:


05/31/72: Memorandum for the record from Elsie I. Scaletti: "1. Elsie L. Scaletti recalls that Raymond A. Fradyer, Chief of the Cuban Section, tried to get Agee to discuss the development of contacts with access to the Cuban target in the Olympics. In these discussions it may well be that Agee was told about LIARM-1, (REDACTION) who was a contact of the Station and we were trying to get invited to Cuba. (LIARM-1 is no longer a contact of the Station even though he is still with (REDACTION)..."


07/10/72: CIA report from Elsie I. Scaletti: Page 7: "Getting Phil to come to our end of the hall a couple of times. I was not in on the discussions between C/Cuba (Raymond F. Fradyer) and Phil, but I believe they were mainly held to see who Phil had met who might be useful against the Cuban target. I know we thought at the time Phil was spending almost full time on his overt activities and the SB target, and he gave the Cuban target little attention..."

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