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Pseudonym: Fels, Richard

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Unknown identity. Richard I. Fels was either Chief of Station (COS), London, from at least May, 1962 to May, 1964, or someone who worked under the COS.
Fels signed a dispatch in March of 1971 from Chief, AF via Chief, EUR, to COS, London.

A cable from Director (originated by Richard Helms) to London on May 1, 1964, requested that either an advanced or regular copy of Thomas Buchanan's book on the assassination of President Kennedy be sent promptly to Allen Dulles in Washington. Dulles was a former Director of CIA, and was then on the Warren Commission. This cable was for Fels. A cable from Fels from London on May 7, 1964, stated that the "advance copy of book airmailed 7 May per ref request."

Thomas Buchanan's book was also discussed in the Warren Commission Executive Session on April 30, 1964, and in other documents in 1964.


05/24/62: Dispatch from COS, London to Chief, WE: Page 2: ..."7. When Fels discussed the AELADLE (Anatoliy Golitsyn) case with him on 5 June, SMIMPEDE was still under the impression that AELADLE was refusing to talk. Having been so informed by Fernich that very day, Fels told SMIMPEDE that AELADLE was again cooperating. SMIMPEDE would like at some time to talk once more with AELADLE to review the information developed so far; in fact, let him in on the whole investigation in the hope that this will jog his memory and stimulate him to further revelations. Richard I. Fels." - - - Page 4: ATTACHMENT: AELADLE SECTION: "A. INVESTIGATIONS: Ronald Symonds, Ronnie Reed, William Colfer. B. RESEARCH: Patrick Stewart, Penelope Scrutton, Frieda Small, Miss fnu MacKenzie. One other woman from D-3 Section, unidentified, but possible Joan Russell-King."

Warren Commission Executive Session of 30 Apr 1964

..."The CHAIRMAN: Well, gentleman, I had one matter that I thought I would like to discuss with you - because of these rumors and articles, such as Buchanan and Lane and some more that have been written, that it might be a good thing if we were to ask to come down here the president of the Associated Press, and the president of United Press International, and tell them that we would like to have them examine their reports and files on the assassination, to confer with their people who are familiar with it, and then perhaps assign one of their top people who could come down here to see us and discuss on a confidential basis - not for publication - anything that may be in their minds as to what should be investigated. I think that by doing that we could establish to them that we had investigated everything that they might have in their minds. And if there are any areas that are unexplored, we could explore them, and then at the end, perhaps, we could take the testimony of these two gentlemen and ask them - 'Now, on the basis of all you have heard from your reporters and from your files and from everything that has been said and done, do you believe there is any area here that is unexplored, do you believe that there is any real conflict that should call for further investigation?' And so forth. And I am just of the opinion that we could get a statement from them that would be of a confirmatory nature so far as our report is concerned...Mr. DULLES: I think we may want to call a man like Buchanan. I suggest if you approve, Mr. Chief Justice, that I arrange to get as promptly as possible, his book. I think we ought to have this book - unless you have it already. Mr. RANKIN: No. MR. DULLES: I think I can get it through London - ask my former associates to arrange through the British services there to get us a copy of this book immediately. The CHAIRMAN: Yes..."


05/01/64: Cable from Director to London (Orig: Richard Helms, DDP): DIR 18225: FOR FELS: "Please air mail promptly to Mr. Allen Dulles, 2723 Q Street, Washington, advance copy or regular copy soon as available of book by Thomas Buchanan re who allegedly responsible for death President Kennedy. Understand book being published in London by Secker and Warburg. Station should absorb charges. CS Comment: Dissemination applicable to GPFLOOR (Lee Harvey Oswald - post-assassination designation) cables." Releasing Officer: Donald (Unintelligible) CSDO by direction of Richard Helms, DDP.


05/07/64: Cable from London to Director: LOND 9240: FROM FELS: REF: DIR 18225: "Advance copy of book airmailed 7 May per ref request. C/S Comment: *Dissemination applicable to RYBAT (a high level of secrecy required to protect the message) DYVOUR (probably routing indicator for Mexico) GPFLOOR (Lee Harvey Oswald - post-assassination designation) cables. **Requested advance copy of regular copy soon as available of book by Thomas Buchanan re who allegedly responsible for death President Kennedy."

104-10306-10023: TRANSCRIPTS #134 TO 145 DCI MCCONE MTG. 7 MAY 64-24 JUNE 64.

05/19/64: CIA document: Meeting between DCI and Mr. Sam Papich of the FBI in DCI's office, 19 May 1964 - 1055-1125 hours: Pages 10-11: "DCI: Have you seen that? GUEST: I have not read the book myself but I've heard about Buchanan and his writings. I've talked to our people about it. I think you can punch holes in any part of his story, I understand. It's received considerable attention in Europe. DCI: Very much so. This is why I got it. I got six copies of this and sent it over to the Commission. The reason I got it is that a friend of mine was over here from London - a woman that used to be married to Gardner Cowles, who is the publisher of Look, and they separated and she married a man named (Montague Myers), who is a very important industrialist in London - and she's quite a person - in close contact with all the higher echelons. She brought - GUEST: This is Flora Cowles, isn't it? DCI: Flora Cowles, yes. So she brought this thing to my attention, because she said that Buchanan, in addition to having written a book - which isn't such an awful good book, I understand - I haven't read it - is a very good, persuasive radio and television personality, and he has been on radio and TV in Britain and in Europe with his story, and because he is a convincing fellow he has everybody convinced that he's got the real dope. So she said the Warren Commission disposes of his arguments, argument by argument, all Europe is going to look at the report as an absolute whitewash. I told this to the Chief Justice - the fact is I arranged for Flora Cowles to go up and talk to the Chief Justice, which wasn't difficult to do because they're old friends. But I'm very much concerned. Now they immediately thought - well, we'll have to get Buchanan over here - and Rankin called me up about that, and I said - oh you want to be awful careful that he just doesn't use the summons to come over here as a platform and he would sell about a million copies of that book..."


07/22/64: Memo for the Attorney General from McGeorge Bundy: SUBJECT: The Warren Commission Report: Pages 4-5: "The President has asked me to report to you on the planning which is now going forward for handling the report of the Warren Commission. He wants to be sure that this matter is handled in a way which makes sense to you. We had hoped that the report might be at hand and ready for publication well before the Democratic Convention, but it now looks as if a schedule so tight might lead to slipshod work either by Rankin’s draftsmen or by the Government’s Printing Office. So the Commission now plans to present the report to the President about August 31, and he expects then to order its prompt publication, with a release date of Monday, September 14. As you know, the principal conclusions of the reports will be that Oswald did it, that he did it alone, that Ruby was unconnected with Oswald, and that the theories which have been expressed by men like Lane and Buchanan are baseless. The report seems likely to contain some criticisms of those responsible for guarding the President and some suggestions for improvement, but I do not yet know in detail what these may be. The report will consist of a summary volume of some 650 pages, and 17 volumes of supporting evidence and records..."

104-10217-10225: RICHARD GIBSON.

03/19/71: Dispatch from Chief, AF via Chief, EUR to COS, London: Subject: JAGUAR Reporting on African Expatriates in London: "1. For over a year ZIBET personnel have sought to stimulate more SMORANGE reporting on the activities of certain high level African expatriates in London. Up to now the results have been meager and discouraging, and in addition JAGUAR (MI-5) gained JKLANCE's (CIA) agreement that QRPHONE/1 (Richard Gibson) should desist from pursuing these London targets...9. London Station's report on the outcome of its discussions with JAGUAR is awaited with considerable interest. Richard I. Fels." Originating Officer: Zimmerman, DDP/AF/OPS/FI. Releasing Officer: Unintelligible, C/AF, C/EUR.

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