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Pseudonym: Fedder, James

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James M. Fedder was an alias for Ross Crozier in 1963.
A memo on March 21, 1963, mentioned the alias of James M. Fedder, with a handwritten note stating that this was an alias used by Ross Crozier.

A memo on Ross Crozier in 1969 stated that he served CIA from 1954 to November of 1963. This included participation in PBSUCCESS in Guatemala and a number of assignments in Cuba.

Ross Crozier also used the pseudonyms Harold R. Noemayr and Arthur G. Vaivada, and the alias of Ron Cross for Crozier was created by HSCA staffer Gaeton Fonzi.

104-10112-10214: MEMO RE LETTER ADDRESS

03/21/63: Memo from Vincent J. Heyman, Chief, SAS/Support to Deputy Director of Security (Investigations & Operational Support): Attention: SD/3, Mr. Aukstikalnis: "1. It is requested that the name of James M. Fedder (A) (handwritten note: alias used by ROSS CROZIER # 112569) be added as a co-addressee to the Subject facility which is being utilized and serviced daily: P. O. Box 6192, Apex Station, Washington, D. C. 2. All incoming mail received at this facility for Fedder should be forwarded to SAS/Registry, attn: Mr. John Sherwood, SAS/EOB."

104-10112-10213: LETTER ADDRESS

03/26/63: Memo from Victor R. White, Deputy Director of Security (Investigations and Operational Support) to Chief, SAS: Attention: Vincent J. Heyman, C/SAS/Support: Subject: LETTER ADDRESS # 219 068: "1. Reference is made to your memorandum dated 21 March 1963 which requested that the name of James M. Fedder be added to the Subject letter address. 2. This is to advise that the name James M. Fedder has been added as a co-addressee to the following address: P. O. Box 6192, Apex Station, Washington, D.C. 3. You are requested to advise this Office when this address is no longer needed. Any inquiries concerning this facility should be directed to the SD/3 Desk of this Office, Room GE 73 Langley, extension 6851..."


03/26/63: CIA document: Form to Washington Field Office: Subject: RUMPEL, Paul: Case No.: 219 068: Co-addressee was James M. Fedder.

104-10112-10171: MEMO: CROZIER, ROSS L.

02/03/69: Memo for the record from Christos S. Gikas, Employee Activity Branch: "1. The captioned Subject is a former Career Agent of WH Division who served with the Agency from 1954 to November 1963. His affiliation with the Agency was completely covert. During the late 1950's. he developed personal relationship with Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and other Cuban revolutionaries. The Subject's knowledge of those Cuban leaders became a matter of public record in newspapers, periodicals and so forth at that time. As far as it is known, the Subject's Agency affiliation was never disclosed publicly. 2. Following his employment termination, the Subject obtained a job in the Office of the Postal Inspector, U. S. Post Office Department, Washington, D.C. That is his current employment..."

Gavin McDonald

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