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Pseudonym: Extrano, El

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Jesus Gonzalez Cartas. A gangster and narcotics smuggler, one of Tony Varona's bodyguards. Also active in the AMAPOLA double agent/triple agent network in Miami during the 1963 period.
See 124-90130-10027, p. 5: Allies with Jose Ramon Fayat aka El Turquito, active with the OESA (Secret Army Organization). Also see 124-10206-10180, pp 36-37, aka Jose Ramon Fayat, aka Maceria. Also 124-90131-10013 - Humberto Rodriguez Diaz was a source on the Secret Army.

124-90102-10153: No Title

1948-1955: Max Lesnick said when he was a university student from 1948-1955 he came to know Gonzalez Cartas, describing him as also known as "El Extrano", due to widespread publicity in combating communism in labor unions and driving out labor leaders who were communists. Lesnick currently does a tape for a radio show "El Caribe' that broadcast every day at a 10 am slot from the Dominican Republic. (12/12/62 memo)

124-90131-10014: No Title

1940s-1950s: During the regimes of Grau Martin and Carlos Prio Socarras, the ARG (Guiteras Revolutionary Action Group) was active and led by Jesus Gonzalez Cartas. "This organization was ostensibly dedicated to ridding labor unions in Cuba of Communists." The ARG had a ruthless reputation, including assassinations.

124-90041-10096: No Title

September 1960: Both Jesus Gonzalez Cartas aka El Extrano ("The Strange One") and Humberto Rodriguez Diaz were leaders of the organization La Cruz (The Cross). Both men are capable of terrorist acts in the US or Cuba. Gonzalez has a reputation for having committed twenty murders and Rodriguez recently was the subject of an attempted extradition by the Cuban government for murder.


10/27/60: On this date, Bernie Reichhardt received from William Pawley/QDDALE a number of documents prior to Pawley's departure for Miami, one of them was a "clipping and comment on Jesus Rodriguez Cartas 'EL EXTRANO'. Passed to E. W. Londregan for recording and Ops Support for files."


3/23/61, from A. Amori, WH/4/OPS/SPT at BELL to JMWAVE: "Numerous (FBI) reports indicate Jesus Gonzalez Cartas alias El Extrano as gangster murderer smuggler and drug addict who identical with trainee 4882. Subject not repeat not to be used." Marginalia adds: "Reported he is one of Varona's two bodyguards. The other is equally bad." Releasing Officer: Reichhardt for E. A. Stanulis, AC/WH/4. Coordinating Officers: Handwritten - WH/4/PA - We told Ops Support the above!). WH/4/PM: Ingler by phone. WH/4/CI: In draft. Authenticating Officer: J. S. Douglas, WH/4/EXEC.

HSCA Report, Volume III Current Section: Testimony of James J. Rowley, p. 429

Late 1962: The bomb that was found on Miro Cardona's fender went off one hour after he left his car - neither this nor the NY bombs of the November 1962 would-be saboteurs were of common manufacture. The Secret Service informant 1-15-49 - involved in the investigation of Antonio Jones and Quintin Pino Machado - was tilted toward the "pro-Castro" forces as being the culprits in the Cardona bombing and said he would look for more background evidence.


11/15/62, Memorandum from Henry P. Rebholtz to Chief, PW: Subject: Suggested Indirect Action Against Denuncia: "1. The attached reports from AMCLATTER/1 indicate that Pedro Leyva, allegedly a paid employee of AMBUD, is the brains behind an anti-Batista publication named Denuncia, and that AMBUD/1 took the trouble to state to AMCLATTER/1 that he, AMBUD/1, had nothing to do with the paper. 2. AMBUD/1's concern on the matter may have stemmed from the fact that on page 8 of the 17 October issue of Denuncia there was an article which exposed Macho Barquer/Bernard Barker/AMCLATTER-1 and Joaquin Sanjenis/AMOT-2 as agents of the CIA. 3. Concerned case officers in PW and FI Sections, as well as Chief PM, who is perturbed about the mention in the same paragraph of Manuel Villafana, feel that if it can be ascertained that an employee of AMBUD is connected with Denuncia, his pay should be terminated summarily as an example to anyone else who might decide that such activity will be countenanced by ODYOKE (U.S. Government). 4. It is suggested, therefore, that the matter be taken up with AMBUD/1 soonest, and that a thorough examination be made by AMBUD of the alleged extra-circular activities of Leyva, and if results confirm suspicions, his services be terminated." (Handwritten note underneath last sentence: "being done 19 Nov 62"). - - - Page 6: Handwritten note at bottom of the page: "1) Trouchard (Note: William M. Kent). 2) Caponong (Note: Probably Evalena S. Vidal). 2. Retain or destroy; I have copy. HR." - - - 01/15/63, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Henry P. Rebholtz PW. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=47627&search=#relPageId=10&tab=page


12/4/62 questioning by FBI of Rolando Masferrer Rojas for the 11/20/62 bombing of the vehicle of Miro Cardona. Masferrer stated that the most likely suspects were Jesus Gonzalez Cartas and Humberto Rodriguez Diaz. The two men were publishing a Miami newspaper called 'Denuncia'. It was well-known that they were funded by Tony Varona/AMHAWK. Masferrer stated it was reported that Gonzalez had gone to Cardona's office and asked for a donation. When he was refused, Gonzalez Cartas and Rodriguez became angry and planted the bomb. At p. 10: Cardona's allies believed the bombing was done to scare him - if there was an intent to kill, the bomb would have been planted in the car before Cardona went to the airport. See 1994.06.24.14:27:01:220005 - page 77 - this 10/22/62 memo says Gonzalez Cartas was greeted by Cardona with "abrazos" (embraces) when Denuncia was published.  Gonzalez and Humberto Rodriguez Diaz are described as notorious gangsters and in the narcotics trade. See 104-10236-10243: 10/31/62 memo describes Gonzalez Cartas as "a notorious gangster" in Cuba, going back to the Prio era, and director of Denuncia. Pedro Leyva, an editor, was mentioned as probable source of outing of Macho Becquer/Bernard Barker/AMCLATTER-1 and Sanjenis/AMOT-2 as "CIA agents". Memo went to C/PW and Campanong/Evvy Vidal. See 124-90102-10153, p. 28: By 1/63, neither Gonzalez or Rodriguez could get work in Miami due to their notorious reputations.


Memo from Juan Amestoy/AMCANOE-9 folder states: "8 April 1963 - Juan Armestoy (sic) told me: He works with Ricardo Cabrera chief of infiltration from CIA...an internal uprising is being prepared and six men, four Cubans and two foreigners, have already arrived in Cuba to assassinate Fidel. Ricardo told Rin last night that from now until December many things are expected in Cuba and that the American government will take advantage of the opportunity of the attack on the Russian boat (note: Probably Baku attack of 3/63) to control the gusanos (worms) who work on their own and then in the work of CIA in its job of infiltration." The next page states, "On 21 July 1963 AMAPOLA received a radio message which said that Juan AMESTOY, Ricardo CABRERA and Jesus GONZALEZ are members of a network of agents; that it is necessary to have data on these men and the names of each one of the remaining members of the network; the group with whom it has contacts; and the degree of friendship AMAPOLA has with AMESTOY and the others. On 5 August 1963 WAVE reported that AMESTOY and AMAPOLA had been in Sam Severino (prison) at the same time, and WAVE believes that AMESTOY may have been allowed by the Cuban IS to come to the US to provide counter-revolutionary contacts for AMAPOLA."

124-90090-10024: RESTRICTED

9/11/63 memo from CAS, Joseph Vidal to SAC, FBI re Jose Carbonell Marrero: CIA was interested in several of his contacts and his information sources "such as Antonio Rojas". Those of most immediate interest included Luis Aguiar Perez, the alleged second-in-command to the guerrilla leader Thorndyke (aka Magarito Lanza Flores, see 104-10227-10232, page 8) - no interest in Aguiar but interest in his former colleague Nilo Fernandez; Juan Amestoy Dominguez/AMCANOE-9 - this office would like to know how closely Amestoy is associated with Subject; seeking the full name of Jesus Gonzalez associated with Amestoy/AMCANOE-9 and Ricardo Cabrera in the letter intercepted April 8, 1963; Ernesto Santana Carrereas - how, when and where did Subject gain information from Santana..." See chrono with an April 1963 memo - 104-10506-10028 - p. 143 - for more on Rojas, Aguiar, and Santana. A 9/3/63 memo describes Carbonell as possibly the principal agent for AMAPOLA (crypt - Cuban Intelligence Service), and that its main objective is penetration of CIA and exile organizations directed against Cuba.

124-10210-10276: No Title

11/18/64 FBI memo re an attempt to extort money from Julio Cesar Iglesias for anti-Castro revolutionary purposes: Jesus Gonzalez Cartas as well as FNU Fayat, aka El Turquito, are involved in extortion rackets in the Miami area. Others include Herminio Diaz, Humberto Nunez Webster, Hector Duarte, Angel Esteves, Raul Esteves, Eduardo Silva.

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