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Pseudonym: Enrique

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Enrique was an alias used by Henry J. Sloman. Sloman was the pseudonym probably used by CIA officer Tony Sforza. Also, Henry D. Hecksher used Enrique as an alias in 1963 and 1964.

104-10185-10265: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

09/23/62 (possible 09/24/62), Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline RYBAT GYROSE AMSTRUT: "1. Sloman made telephone call to AMSTRUT-2 (Juanita Castro) at 1710 hours 23 Sept...After short introduction Sloman turned phone over to AMSTRUT-1 (Virginia Vasco Leitao da Cunha, wife of the Brazilian Ambassador to Cuba) suggested meet 24 Sept. AMSTRUT-2 said she alone at home except for maid and free then...AMSTRUT-1 told her proceed to previously selected meeting site in front of teahouse at corner Reforma and Calle Rio Else where 'Enrique' (Sloman) would be waiting. 2. Arrangements made have Andrew F. Merton (Jack Stewart) surveil AMSTRUT-2 residence beginning 1745 hours...3. AMSTRUT-2 arrived designated meeting point 1845. Renard surveillance established no one followed AMSTRUT-2 and Sloman as they walked to safe apartment along virtually deserted street. 4. AMSTRUT-2 slightly tense at onset, but after meeting AMSTRUT-1 and having drink became relaxed, affable and cooperative...6. Meeting lasted until 2300 hours...but emphasis rapport and creating atmosphere of trust on part AMSTRUT-2. Basis Sloman and AMSTRUT-1 account meet these efforts highly successful...7..Sloman explained to AMSTRUT-2 that travel Miami insecure...8. Renard telephoned apartment 2300 hours to see if AMSTRUT-2 had left and as result misunderstood telephone conversation with AMSTRUT-1 arrived at apartment while AMSTRUT-2 departing. AMSTRUT-1 introduced Renard as 'Fred' and pleasantries exchanged. Sloman escorted AMSTRUT-2 to area near residence...10. AMSTRUT-1 behaving well and anticipate no further handling problem. 11. Next meeting AMSTRUT-2 to take place afternoon 24 Sept. AMSTRUT-2 agreed our suggestion go on weekend trip with Sloman, Hibbert and AMSTRUT-1 beginning CA 27 Sept in order be available for full time debriefing and training...C/S Comment: *Requested Sloman and Hibbert proceed MEXI ASAP, take over AMSTRUT-1 from Renard and proceed with op."


07/25/63, Memorandum for the record from Raul J. Hernandez: Subject: Telephone Conversation between AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime as Mr. Ignacio) and Raul Hernandez (as Martin Ferrer), 18 July 1963: "1. Martin Ferrer telephoned AMBIDDY-1 at his home on the above mentioned date at 1030 and relayed the following:...A balance of $25,000 each would always remain in the accounts of 'El Protorriqueno' (Sixto Mesa) and AMBIDDY-1. b. He was requested to mention 'Padrino' (Luis Somoza) the possible use of Phillipino cadre and to obtain the latter's views on the use of such personnel...2. Martin conveyed 'Enrique's' (Henry Hecksher) message that he was pleased with the manner A-1 has handled the fourth estate. A-1 added that this was very gratifying news..."


10/08/63: Memorandum for the record from Raul J. Hernandez: "1. AMBIDDY-1 telephoned the sterile number to convey the following: a. Rolando Cabezas is inquiring concerning the import tax on the boats (Swifts) and A-1 expects to ascertain the information shortly. b. Iglesias is returning to Miami. He has been discharged from the Army. (A-1 commented that there was quite an uproar at Fort Benning trying to locate Iglesias's Army dossier). c. He spoke to Mestre in New York and a newspaper team is being organized to operate out of New York. d. The propaganda personnel of the MRR have left for Costa Rica. e. Navarette has left for Panama. f. Sixto Mesa has not yet received an invitation for the meeting in Baltimore. Mesa will call Panama to inquire if there is any correspondence for him there. g. A-1 has contracted radio station WRUL. First broadcast will be ready by 16 October. Tapes of the broadcast will be given to Mike in Miami. h. A-1 opines that Diaz Lanz is receiving funds from Goldwater elements. Diaz Lanz is displaying a Goldwater sticker on his car. The aforementioned was reported to A-1 by his chief of intelligence, Mole. i. A-1 expects to leave within the next few days for Central America. 2. Martin conveyed the following to A-1: a. 'Enrique' would like to speak with him at 1800 EDT tonight without fail. b. The reply to Quiros' letter has been mailed. c. Dick would like to know the name of English-speaking crew member of the Swift team. c. Dick would like to know the name of English-speaking crew member of the Swift team. d. The location where the Lucia team is to report will be given to Mike to pass to Baro. It was explained to A-1 that because of his imminent departure for Central America this may be the best solution. It is preferable not to deal directly with A-1's secretary, Nilo, if at all possible... 3. In reply to para 2.c., A-1 advised that Ricardo Chavez Suarez is the Swift crew member who speaks English..."

104-10163-10041: ARTIME BUESA, MANUAL (VOL XII).

06/02/64, Memorandum for the record from Raul J. Hernandez, WH/SA/SO/HH): Subject: Telephone Conversation between AMBIDDY-1 and Martin Ferrer: Date: 28 May 1964 at 1830 hours: "1...He stated he wanted to discuss some matters with 'Enrique' in Panama within the coming week. I advised him to let us know exactly when and where and we would be there..." Page 2: ..."6. A-1 asked Enrique to convey to Mr. Archer his gratitude for the letter Mr. Archer had sent him..."

104-10163-10041: ARTIME BUESA, MANUAL (VOL XII).

06/23/64, Memorandum for the record from Raul J. Hernandez WH/SA/SO/HH: Subject: Telephone Conversation Between AMBIDDY-1 and Martin Ferrer: Date: 22 June 1964 at 1130 hours: "1...A-1 advised there are some administrative matters which have to be resolved in Managua and other problems in Miami that he would like to discuss with 'Enrique.' A-1 then intends to return to Miami. 2. In that case A-1 was notified that we (Henry and Martin) would hold the meeting with him on 23 June 1964 and that Carl could talk with him and AMJAVA-4 (Rafael Quintero) on the morning of 24 June..."

104-10163-10041: ARTIME BUESA, MANUAL (VOL XII).

06/30/64, Memorandum for the record from Raul J. Hernandez, WH/SA/SO/HH): Subject: Telephone Conversation between AMBIDDY-1 and Martin Ferrer: Date: 30 June at 1100 hours: ..."2. A-1 expects to leave on 1 July for Costa Rica tomorrow. He again mentioned that Adelaida will soon be leaving the United States. A-1 commented he does not expect to visit the United States as often as he has done in the past. A-1 asked that Enrique and Mr. Archer clearly understand that he does intend to keep his word concerning the changes he has mentioned to us at the last two meetings. 3. A-1 expressed a desire to meet with Mr. Archer sometime after the August operations."


12/9/68: Memo from I-1 to Arco Iris: ..."2. On 28 and 29 November 1968, Francisco Varona Alonso (AMCONCERT-1) visited Julio Aton Constanzo Palau in Room #1309 of the Jackson Memorial Hospital. Constanzo is hospitalized there as a result of the assassination attempt of which he was the object on 22 November 1968. 3. Varona and Constanzo talked about the possible authors of this assassination attempt, and Varona assured Constanzo that the persons who had masterminded the assassination attempt were Joaquin Sanjenis (AMOT-2), Vicente Zorrilla (AMOT-3), and Manuel Villafana (LITAINT-1). Varona also told Constanzo that the persons who had actually executed the assassination attempt were Ricardo Morales Navarrete (AMDESK-1), Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo, aka 'El Mejicano, (El Mexicano) and a man known as 'EL Gallego' who lives on SW 4th St. between 11th and 12th Ave., Miami. According to Varona, Sanjenis, Zorrilla, and Villafana planned the assassination attempt following instructions from 'the American named Enrique, the Argentine'...8. Varona has also been visiting Mrs. Constanzo and Constanzo's brother, named Avelino, and also a series of individuals belonging to Constanzo's group, telling them more or less the same story. Varona has insisted with Mrs. Constanzo that 'the American named Enrique, the Argentine' and Joaquin Sanjenis should be accused publicly...10. I-34 learned through Avelino, Aton Constanzo's brother, that this radio announcement was false because neither he nor his brother knew anything about this alleged press conference. Avelino said...he would go to the hospital to prevent newsmen from bothering his brother. Avelino also said that all this was a scheme of 'Pancho' Varona, who wanted to force his brother to accuse, principally, Sanjenis and the 'American named Enrique, the Argentine'.... Avelino said he was going to the hospital, and that if 'Pancho' Varona showed up with the newsmen, he was going to 'throw Varona out the window...'"


06/18/69: Memo from Anthony R. Ponchay, COS, WH/Miami to Special Agent in Charge: "1. I have now read with care the referenced memorandum which deals specifically with charges by a former agent Wilfredo 'Pancho' Varona (AMCONCERT-1) against his handler known as 'Frank' or Enrique...we also recognize the implications for 'Frank' in Mr. Govea’s knowledge of our affairs given his possible Castro intelligence connection. Axiomatically, we will be interested in knowing, at some point in the future, whether 'Frank’s' true identity is known by either Varona or Govea. 2. I have discussed this memorandum in detail with 'Frank.' Our view on Varona’s allegations are presented below, keyed to your basic memorandum...Later, still in Cuba, he was handled by Mr. Frank Belsito... and Emilio Rodriguez (AMIRE-1)(deceased)...Rodriguez turned Mr. Varona over to 'Frank' in November 1960. In August 1961, Mr. Varona took asylum in the Brazilian Embassy in Havana. He was later granted 'salvo conducto' to Rio de Janeiro. In the interim 'Frank' was exfiltrated from Cuba to the U. S. When Mr. Varona arrived in the Florida area during March 1962, he was met by his Havana Case Officer 'Frank' who continued to handle him until August 1962, at which time he was turned over to the Greek Case Officer he refers to...Along about 1965, the Greek Case Officer turned Mr. Varona over to Mr. Al McQuade aka Fred who handled Mr. Varona until May 1968, at which time he was turned over to 'Pepe' introduced by 'Frank' who served as an intermediary because of his previous connection with Mr. Varona...In the light of the foregoing, it is worrisome to find out that Mr. Varona is aware that 'Frank' recently received transfer orders from the Organization. We need more information on this. We suspect that the origin of this statement is the fact that Mr. Varona recently met 'Frank' on the street in Mexico City by complete happenstance." (CONTINUED BELOW)


06/18/69: Memo from Anthony R. Ponchay, COS, WH/Miami to Special Agent in Charge: "During that meeting 'Frank' alluded to the fact that he was no longer working in Miami (although in fact he was) to confuse Mr. Varona as to his true whereabouts...Varona refers to 'Frank' as 'Frank' because at one point during the time that he was being handled by 'Frank', otherwise known as Enrique, he instructed Mr. Varona to introduce him to the Vasco de Cunha family as 'Frank' Stevens, otherwise he had known 'Frank' under the name, Enrique. The basis for Mr. Varona saying that he believed 'Frank' mishandled the WOFIRM program in many ways appears to be vituperation plus frustration...That 'Frank' had certain responsibilities re Juanita Castro is very true. 'Frank' was fundamentally responsible for the defection of Juanita Castro although Mr. Varona furnished the lead. The 'Frank'/Juanita Castro relationship is now quasi-legendary. He did not fumble the very difficult handling of this controversial person...Re the information that 'Frank' was in possession of information which could have resulted in the assassination of Fidel Castro, the following comment must be made: This refers to the Plan RAPHAEL which involved Mr. Varona’s brother. 'Frank' was not the Case Officer on this operation, although he had originally recruited Mr. Varona’s brother in Cuba prior to his exfiltration...Varona was in fact the messenger sent by 'Frank' to the person who was going to conduct the exfiltration of 'Frank' and several co-workers in June 1961...night of the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban Internal Service sent agents to the Aspru home to pick up 'Frank.' One colored and one white servant were at home at that time and they told the DSE agents that 'Frank'...would not be home until early the next morning. The DSE left the residence leaving behind a note for 'Frank' to report to their headquarters the following morning...'Frank's' cover in Cuba...was that of a professional gambler..."

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