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Pseudonym: Engler, Jake

Jacob Esterline, Bay of Pigs project director and chief of WH/4 (Cuba) during the early 1960s. Used the pseudonym Anthony Ponchay.


"C. Osmunt Moody, partner M&M Dredging & Construction Corp., phoned KUJUMP/Domestic Contacts Division 19 Oct. Said QDDALE/William Pawley had called him and instructed as follows: Get Radio Cuba Independiente in line or it will be shut down; contact AMHAWK/CRC leader Tony Varona and tell him get in touch with his local (CIA) contact; also said 'they' did not like attitude AMHAWK taking. Radio Cuba Independiente broadcasts from boat owned by Moody and operates...(from) British West Indies...QDDALE said his instructions came from 'Jake' (probably Jake Engler/Jacob Esterline, C/WH/4)." Also see 104-10167-10322, 10/18/60 routing slip involving material forwarded by QDDALE to C/WH/4, with a reference to Mariano Faget, MM-CS-492-S, and former chief of Batista's Bureau for the Repression of Communist Activities aka BRAC. For more on Osmunt Moody, see 180-10108-10086, p. 13: "(Moody was a) representative of Howard Hughes and conduit for Hughes support of anti-Castro groups in Miami..." Also see Hemming memo below about how Aureliano Sanchez/AMEER-1 worked with Moody.


Sources: Inside the Company, Agee, pp. 459, 497; The Fish is Red, Hinckle & Turner, p. 99; Give Us This Day, Hunt, pp. 23-24, 75-77; Man Who Kept the Secrets, Powers 133, 328; Robert Kennedy & His Times, Schlesinger, p. 454; Bay of Pigs, Wyden, pp. 13, 19-22, 30, 34, 160, 205, 300; Inspector General's Report of 1967, pp. 9, 11-12, 32-34, 77a; MMF 2289; CU-8; Miami Herald, Monday, October 18, 1999 Mary's Comments: DOB: April 26, 1920; POB: Lewistown, PA; DOD: Saturday, October 16, 1999; POD: Hendersonville, NC. OSS and CIA. Supervisor of Planning for Bay of Pigs. Recalled from Venezuela in early 1960 to undertake Bay of Pigs project. Survived by wife of 53 years, Mildred; daughter, Ann Henderson, Flat Rock, NC; two sons: Jacob Alan Esterline, 3200 S 1st St., Austin, TX 78704-6387 (512) 445-7161; John Esterline, Peachtree City, CA.

Peter Kornbluh, ed., Bay of Pigs Declassified Current Section: Part IV. The Bay of Pigs Revisited: An Interview with Jacob Esterline and Col. Jack Hawkins, p. 258 (New Press, 1998)

About JACOB ESTERLINE: Jacob D. Esterline, aka Jake Engler, served as chief of the special Cuba Task Force established to run the Bay of Pigs op- eration (C/WH/4). Esterline: I was finishing a tour in Venezuela.

1993.07.27.09:30:32:310600 HSCA REVIEW FILE FOR GERALD P. HEMMING, JR

Re 1961-1962: 8/24/75 FOIA request by Gerald Hemming, requesting documents regarding "operations with Cuban exile (anti-Castro group) headed by Aureliano Sanchez Arango that included employees of Howard R. Hughes (Hughes tool company), including C. Osment Moody et al., organized crime figures, and CIA operatives, from 1961 to 1962."

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