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Pseudonym: Elfmont, Rudolf

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Rudolf Albert Elfmont was the Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for Rudolf (Rudy) A. Enders.
A memo from Erich W. Isenstead on November 2, 1973, on Howard Hunt, contained a numbered list of true names, along with a corresponding TSD alias birth certificate list. Most of the alias birth certificates were issued in connection with the Bay of Pigs operation. Rudolf A. Enders was number 46 and his alias of Rudolf Albert Elfmont was number 46.

John Prados, Safe for Democracy (Ivan R. Dee: Chicago, 2006) pp. 305-307

1962: "Theodore Shackley's JM/WAVE had 112 exiles on board from the beginning, plus 40 CIA officers at Zenith and 39 more at Opa-Locka. At any given time there were a dozen or more Special Forces with the exile commandos. Bob Moore, later Gordon Campbell, were his deputies. David Morales led the paramilitary staff, Jack Corris took charge of support. Seymour Bolten headed the political action staff. The station eventually grew larger than the one that supported the Bay of Pigs invasion...The Miami operating base, set up under the station's aegis, lagged on maritime capability throughout MONGOOSE, in spite of the efforts of Gordon Campbell and Rudy Enders. Training the commandos proved easier than finding boats to move them. Motorboats sailing from Miami and throughout the Florida Keys made up the core. The station's maritime branch has been described as 'huge', but the Special Operations Division remained the largest element."

Bradley A. Ayers, The Zenith Secret (Vox Pop, 2006), p. 105

1964: "...the Elliott Key operation, for which I had been responsible, was placed under the control of the training branch. Cal had departed for a new assignment in Washington at the CIA 'farm' in Virginia. Rudy (Enders) temporarily assumed duties as chief of training. I had always gotten along well with him, and he gave me all the freedom I needed to carry out my tasks. Eventually, an old training officer, Ernie Sparks, arrived and took over as chief of the branch...Ernie was well known in CIA circles for his gruff, flamboyant character. Ernie dressed in Western style, with cowboy boots, jeans, and an open collared riding shirt. Often he would have a big revolver holstered at his side. He was about 50, with grey hair, a droopy moustache, ruddy complexion, and piercing blue eyes. He had been nicknamed 'Sitting Bull' while serving as a training officer in Guatemala, preparing Cuban exile Brigade 2506 for the Bay of Pigs invasion. As time went by, I learned he had a penchant for booze, women, and sports cars. Ernie and I got along pretty well, but I often had the feeling he was having a hard time taking care of business and that compounded my concerns about maintaining the training structure we had worked so hard to create."


11/02/73: Memo from Erich W. Isenstead, Chief, Cover & Commercial Staff to Acting General Counsel: Subject: Mr. E. Howard Hunt - Alias Birth Documentation: ..."3. Later in the afternoon of 30 October 1973 Mr. Franklin came to my office with a number of documents. They consisted of a form memorandum signed by me which was addressed to Mr. Hunt dated 29 June 1970 (Tab B), a list of names numbering from 1 through 154, representing true names (Tab C), and a second listing similarly numbered, representing aliases (Tab D). Number 63 on the true name list reads E. Howard Hunt and on the alias list, Edward Joseph Hamilton. Mr. Franklin explained - which I had forgotten - that we had obtained from TSD this list of outstanding alias birth certificates issued by TSD in an attempt to recall - if possible - as many of these documents, or to determine what had happened to them. (Most of these alias birth certificates were issued in connection with the Bay of Pigs operation)..."

Partial of 104-10105-10290:

"TRUE NAME...46. ENDERS, Rudolf A. ..." - - - Page 3: "ALIAS...46. ELFMONT, Rudolf Albert..." - - - June 27, 2023 release, pages 1, 3: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2023/104-10105-10290%5Bc00551619%5D.pdf


08/25/2010: Article by Rudy Enders: Titled: With the CIA in Vietnam: Page 2: ..."We were handed tickets in Miami. Our group included me, Mike Nolan, Bill Watkins, and Bob Simon. Mike was an old Southeast Asia hand. He had been recruited during the Korean War when the Agency hired all the paramilitary officers they could find. Being a former professional football player with the Los Angeles Rams, Mike met the recruiting criteria; strong, aggressive and brave. However, like all quick-start programs, most of these contract officers were axed when the Korean War ended. Mike, however, survived and was sent to Laos. Afterwards, he spent many years in hardship posts usually reserved for what insiders call 'knuckle draggers.' A term Agency Foreign Intelligence (FI) officers coined to advertise their intellectual superiority compared to rough and tumble paramilitary types like Mike Nolan. Bill Watkins came to CIA from the Marine Corps... He had been pilot and was selected for the elite spy career trainee (CT) program. Miami was his first assignment where he served as a paramilitary operations officer. Bob Simon was a former Navy underwater demolitions team (UDT) officer and a product of Massachusetts Maritime Academy. He was the one who convinced me earlier to stay aboard during the Cuban show. Although the four of us came from different backgrounds, we were now heading in the same direction." https://www.air-america.org/files/documents/reviernam_1.pdf

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