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Pseudonym: Ekrlson, Frank

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Frank Joseph Ekrlson was a Technical Services Division (TSD) alias birth certificate for Frank J. Egan.
A memo from Erich W. Isenstead on November 2, 1973, on Howard Hunt, contained a numbered list of true names, along with a corresponding TSD alias birth certificate list. Most of the alias birth certificates were issued in connection with the Bay of Pigs operation. Frank J. Egan was number 45 and his alias of Frank Joseph Ekrlson was number 45.


..."In that same period (note: late August/September 1960) Lt. Col. Frank Egan and Commander Norman Imler of the WH/4 staff reported they asked the Maritime Branch to draft a memo to the DDP giving information on the foreign cargo vessels that would be required for troop transport, including their ownership, their costs, and on the methods of their acquisition..."

John Prados, Safe for Democracy, pp. 219ss-223 (Ivan R. Dee, Chicago, 2006)

10/60:...As Guatemala chief years before, (Jake) Esterline knew the prominent Alejos family...the Helvetia (mountain) plantation became known as Camp Trax...In October there were exactly four CIA trainers at Camp Trax. Its total agency staff numbered nine. Trax lacked any counterintelligence officer for a long time while Radio Swan spent months looking for an announcer...Jake Esterline led a task force many of whose ley slots were filled by people renowned in their specialties, either in Project Success or elsewhere. Take the political action staff: Howard Hunt and Dave Phillips were known political operators, and Jerry Droller was well esteemed...the task force also included Jim Noel, former Havana station chief; his deputy; the Cuba desk officer from WH division...The air boss was Col. Stanley Beerli, CIA's top airman and the mastermind behind U-2 opertions, his field assistant Gar Thorstud...Esterline's deputy, Ed Stanulis, had been top planner for the Western Hemisphere Division. Dick Drain, chief of operations, fresh from service in Greece, had held the same job at the station, and had psychological operations experience in the Eisenhower White House (with Nelson Rockefeller)...The top trainer at Camp Trax was an army Special Forces lieutenant colonel, Frank Egan; and the field commander, Hawkins, had participated in World War II amphibious landings and had been guerrilla commander against the Japanese in the Philippines...Esterline thought highly of (Rip) Robertson and didn't mind bringing him back...(Robertson) became an amphibious warfare trainer, case officer aboard the landing ship Barbara J. Another fresh face was Grayston L. Lynch...Hawkins employed Lynch to train Cuban frogmen and later as case officer aboard the landing ship Blagar."

Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation, Volume V: CIA'S Internal Investigation of the Bay of Pigs Current Section: 2. Findings

Page 44: ..."The infantry training program was directed by Lt. Col Frank Egan, USA, and the air training program was run by Major Frank Campbell, USAF. Both of these officers also were responsible to Col. Jack Hawkins, Chief, Paramilitary Staff, WH/4.*...*This was a technical responsibility in the case of Campbell who reported directly to Colonels Gaines or Beerli of DPD."


Events of January 30-31, 1961: Based on an interview with former BoP prisoner Edgardo Antonio Buttari, dated 12/23/62: "Colonel (FNU) Vallejo (note: probably Napoleon Valeriano), an American officer of Philippine extraction, was the head of the American personnel assigned to (JMTRAX, the Trax base in Guatelmala)...Late in November, 1960, Col. Vallejo left and was replaced by an American known to me as "Frank"...Frank arrived with a group of others among whom I recall "Burnie"/Carl Jenkins, "Gordon", Pat, and one known as "C. B."..."Frank" reorganized the whole setup. He dissolved the teams and organized the Brigade 2506. On 30 January 1961, Manuel Villafana/LITAINT-1, head of the Cuban Air Force in exile attached to the Brigade 2506, visited Trax Base. Villafana (circulated a letter to the FRD) demanding, in the name of the members of Brigade 2506, to remove the general staff of the Directorate, FRD, and reinstate Jaime Vanosa Carela as Navy chief...Villafana had the approval of the Brigade headquarters, but the opposition of the majority of the Brigade members. We considered this an act of insubordination to the Chief of the Joint Staff and to the civil authorities of the FRD. This incident caused a mass disturbance within Trax Base...the 2nd and 3rd infantry battalions refused to continue training until FRD representatives arrived at Trax Base...the principal American instruction, "Burnie"...on 31 January 1961...told us that Jose Perez San Roman was to be reinstated as supreme head of the Brigade...all Brigade members left the platform area and returned to their barracks. Villafana and San Roman remained alone...Some men refused to continue training until an acceptable solution was reached. About 14 of these men were sent under arrest to Peten plains where they were fed by airdrops...the 2nd and 3rd infantry battalions were combined and reorganized..."

104-10163-10041: ARTIME BUESA, MANUAL (VOL XII).

05/07/64: Cable from Director to JMWAVE (Orig: H.D. Hecksher, WH/SA/SO/HH): Slugline RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMWORLD: "Please arrange for meeting between 'Mr. Rodemeyer' (probably Earl Williamson) and AMBIDDY-1 (Manuel Artime) during latter's forthcoming Miami stay, preferably in WAVE safehouse used for two sessions. It most important meeting take place at this time. (FYI: Propose debrief AMBIDDY-1 on controversial events SUBJ/funding Col. Frank Egan as surfaced in recent book on Bay of Pigs). Advise time of meeting."


11/02/73: Memo from Erich W. Isenstead, Chief, Cover & Commercial Staff to Acting General Counsel: Subject: Mr. E. Howard Hunt - Alias Birth Documentation: ..."3. Later in the afternoon of 30 October 1973 Mr. Franklin came to my office with a number of documents. They consisted of a form memorandum signed by me which was addressed to Mr. Hunt dated 29 June 1970 (Tab B), a list of names numbering from 1 through 154, representing true names (Tab C), and a second listing similarly numbered, representing aliases (Tab D). Number 63 on the true name list reads E. Howard Hunt and on the alias list, Edward Joseph Hamilton. Mr. Franklin explained - which I had forgotten - that we had obtained from TSD this list of outstanding alias birth certificates issued by TSD in an attempt to recall - if possible - as many of these documents, or to determine what had happened to them. (Most of these alias birth certificates were issued in connection with the Bay of Pigs operation)..."

Partial of 104-10105-10290:

"TRUE NAME...45. EGAN, Frank J. ..." - - - Page 3: "ALIAS...45. EKRLSON, Frank Joseph" - - - June 27, 2023 release, pages 1, 3: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2023/104-10105-10290%5Bc00551619%5D.pdf

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