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Pseudonym: Eberwein, Humphrey

Unknown identity. A dispatch in April of 1958 stated that Humphrey I. Eberwein was among the CIA operatives who rescued Arthur G. Vaivada (Ross Crozier) from the Sierra Maestra, along with Nelson L. Raynock (Henry D. Hecksher) and James R. Palinger.
A Report Cover Sheet from Managua, Nicaragua, in March, 1963, cited Humphrey I. Eberwein as the Reporting Officer. The source was ERYTHROID-3 (probably Captain Franklin Anthony Wheelock Garcia). In addition, a dispatch in March of 1964 from COS, Managua, Peter R. Nalesnik, mentioned that the identities of ERYTHROID-3's agents and informants had been obtained by Humphrey I. Eberwein.

104-10215-10214: COLLECTED DOCUMENTS:CROZIER, ROSS, 201-168881

04/10/58: Dispatch via Air Pouch from Withheld, COS, Habana to Chief, WHD: Subject: General - Operational/Arthur G. Vaivada. Specific - Commendation for Successful Completion of Mission to Sierra Maestra: "1. The writer wishes to commend Station and Base personnel whose work contributed to the successful preparation, mounting, and execution of the clandestine operation that recently placed a KUBARK (CIA) Career Agent, Arthur G. Vaivada (Ross Crozier), in the Sierra Maestra headquarters of Dr. Fidel Castro Ruz for sixteen days in March 1958. This mission resulted in acquisition by KUBARK of considerable important and timely information regarding the Castro revolutionary movement that was being urgently requested by customer agencies. In the writer's opinion the operation was a team effort. Giving credit to the staff personnel will in no way detract from the praiseworthy performance of Vaivada himself. 2. With regard to Vaivada the personal courage and professional ability as an intelligence officer demonstrated on this mission were of the highest order and should be highly commended. Headquarters is aware, as is the Station, that Vaivada is desirous of acquiring staff agent status with KUBARK. The writer believes that his desires in this respect should be given consideration as part of any action taken in recognition of Vaivada's services in the subject operation. 3. Station and Base personnel directly concerned with laying on this operation, arranging for proper briefing and support of Vaivada, and recovering him securely when he left the Sierra Maestras, were Humphrey I. Eberwein, James R. Palinger, and Nelson L. Raynock (Henry Hecksher)."


03/18/63: Report Cover Sheet from Nicaragua: Reporting Officer: Humphrey I. Eberwein. Reports Officer: Peter R. Nalesnik. Approving Officer: Douglas F. Tassell. Project: ERYTHROID. Crypt: ERYTHROID/3: "BACKGROUND DATA AND COMMENTS: Slugline PBRUMEN: "ERYTHROID/3 obtained the information included in this report from an ERYTHROID activity officer who was sent to Honduras on 7 March to debrief the ultimate source - Gilberto Alvarado Ugarte. Chief ODACID (U.S. State Department) Managua commented recently that the chief ODACID Tegucigalpa had expressed strong doubts as to the reliability of the information reports regarding the FLN which had been disseminated from Managua. Several of these reports have come from Alvarado. ERYTHROID/3 thinks highly of this source and the Station has limited access to information which can be used to confirm his reports regarding FLN activities in Honduras. For this reason, the Station has included details in the attached report which would normally be left out, but which may be useful to check his accounts of FLN activity. Comments from Station Tegucigalpa regarding the veracity of Alvarado's reports would be appreciated..."


03/31/64: Dispatch from COS, Managua to Chief, WH Division: Subject: Project ERYTHROID/Identification of ERYTHROID-3 Informants and Agents: "Attached is a list in pseudonyms or assigned code (assigned by ERYTHROID-3) of active and inactive agents and informants used or formerly used by E-3's office. The true names of these agents and informants will be sent under separate cover and will be numerically keyed to the attached list. The identities of these informants were obtained by Humphrey I. Eberwein, Staff Agent, and other Station officers from E-3 and other officers assigned to his activity. Peter R. Nalesnik."

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