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Pseudonym: Eagle

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Earl J. Williamson. Williamson was known as both the "Eagle" or "The Eagle" to AMBADGER-1 (Dr. Julian Gallo) and his CIA colleague, Harry T. Mahoney.

104-10180-10060: CIA FILE ON RAY, MANUEL.

07/08/66: Memorandum for the record from Harry Mahoney: Subject: Manolo: "I talked to AMBADGER-1 at 0800 (Home 766-3337) and told him that both 'The Eagle' (Williamson) and I agreed that our position was firm. We would not give Manolo Rey any support or assistance until he cooperated with us fully by giving us the names of his sources. I told AMBADGER that he should be firm with Rey and likened it to a blind date, i.e., it could be a beautiful romance if both sides cooperated but it would be a very bad date if he wanted it to be a one sided affair. AMBADGER is having lunch with Rey this afternoon and will write me the results by airmail."


07/13/66: Memorandum for the record from Matthew S. Dingley: Subject: AMBADGER-1: "1. On this date, Subject called me from San Juan, Puerto Rico to report on his meeting with AMBANG-1 on 12 July. AMBANG-1 remained adamant concerning his refusal to reveal the names of his sources inside Cuba. However, AMBADGER-1 believes that AMBANG-1 is in a better frame of mind than previously and he needs some added push to reveal the names. 2. AMBADGER suggested that Growery come to Puerto Rico to give AMBANG-1 that added push. AMBADGER-1 said that AMBANG-1 speaks fondly of Growery and he believes that Growery might convince AMBANG-1 to reveal the names. Alternatively, AMBANG-1 and AMBADGER-1 could come to Washington, D.C. for discussions with Growery. 3. I agreed to write AMBADGER-1 the details of processing his wife's citizenship. AMBADGER-1 wants to process his wife's citizenship in Montreal. I also agreed to look into the matter of transmitting money to his mother in Cuba at a rate of exchange more favorable than one to one."

104-10180-10060: CIA FILE ON RAY, MANUEL.

07/22/66: Letter from Julian H. Gallo (AMBADGER-1) to Harry (Note: Probably Harry T. Mahoney): Page 2: ..."Give my regards to the 'Eagle.'

104-10180-10060: CIA FILE ON RAY, MANUEL

08/24/66: Memorandum for the record from Harry Mahoney: Subject: MIG 21: "1. Approximately 2030 hours on 23 August 1966 DC/WH/C Williamson called me to report that he had just received a call from AMBADGER had a report from AMBANG that agents of his inside Cuba were prepared to fly a MIG 21 to the United States. Williamson asked AMBADGER for more information but AMBANG claimed that he did not have any additional details. (In view of AMBANG's previous reluctance to source his information there is always a certain skepticism about AMBANG's claims of accomplishments). Williamson told AMBADGER to find out from AMBANG the who, where, why, what, when, and how and to report back. AMBANG stated that he did not have this information but they planned to go ahead with the operation. Williamson told him that if a Cuban pilot wanted to fly a MIG 21 to the U.S. we could do nothing to stop him. 2. At 1400 hours on this date AMBADGER called me to report that he had discussed Williamson suggestions with AMBANG who had replied that he honestly didn't know the name of the pilot or the details of the operation..." - - - For a much clearer print but with redaction's (Williamson was redacted) see page 76 of the same file: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=157587&search=#relPageId=76&tab=page

104-10180-10060: CIA FILE ON RAY, MANUEL.

10/19/67: Memorandum for the record from Harry T. Mahoney: Subject: AMBADGER/1: "1. The Subject called me on the sterile phone at approximately 1500 hours this date to report that he had just received word that his mother in Cuba was dying of glaucoma. He had to cancel his trip to Europe...2. He will be arriving at Dallas International Airport at 1210 hours on PAA 280..I told him that I would meet him and that we could have lunch together with Earl Williamson. (Subsequent check with Williamson approved this appointment). 3. The Subject will leave right after lunch for Petersburg by rented car or by bus. When he returns to Washington (sometime around 24 or 25 October 1967) he will stay overnight with Williamson. Noted indraft: Earl Williamson."

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