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Pseudonym: Durvard, David

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David Durvard was an alias for David Tzitzichvili.

104-10182-10004: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE

01/14/60: Memo from Michael Rae, Chief, SR/DOB to Alien Affairs Staff (Attention: Mr. Pennington): Subject: Personal Status of SR/DOB Agent, AEASPIC (David Durvard): "1. Please be advised that SR/DOB Agent, AEASPIC (David Tzitzichvili), is being closely supervised by SR/DOB as regards his personal and social contacts. 2. He is at present residing in a Washington, D.C. apartment under the name David Durvard. This apartment was obtained by Safehouse Branch and fully approved and checked by the Office of Security. 3. Safehouse Branch has also obtained an office some five blocks from his living quarters. This office site has also been approved and checked by the Office of Security. AEASPIC is at present engaged in his office, doing unclassified work to keep him occupied. He is being visited, by an SR/DOB Case Officer, on a regular weekly basis (and/or as the necessity arises)."

104-10182-10004: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE

03/09/60: Memo for the record: Titled: Status Report: "In November 1959 Cover Branch assisted SR/DOB Case Officer Fred Kirkpatrick in formulating cover under which AESENTINEL agent AEASPIC (David Tzitzichvili) could live and thus be released from 24-hour custody. AEASPIC was documented under the name David Durvard and was so registered by Alien Affairs Staff. AEASPIC carries a cover letter issued by Alien Affairs to this effect. SR/DOB Case Officer Fred Kirkpatrick was documented (see below) under the name Fred K. Komer, a self-employed manufacturer's representative, presently engaged with David Durvard, in adapting certain American automatic coin-operated vending machines to the French market, in particular in the Paris area. Mr. Durvard is serving as Mr. Komer's engineer/technical advisor. This arrangement has to date worked entirely satisfactorily, and it is hoped will continue to function until about mid-June, when aforementioned cover arrangement should be discontinued owing to resumption of operational training. For further information, please contact Fred Kirkpatrick on Ext. 8331."

104-10182-10057: WIROGUE, (VOL III).

09/29/60: Memo from Michael Rae, Chief, SR/DOB to Chief, Alien Affairs Staff, OS (Attention: Mr. Pennington): Subject: Transfer and Quartering arrangements for AEASPIC: "1. This is to confirm a discussion between Mr. Fred Kirkpatrick, SR/DOB and your office regarding transfer and quartering arrangements for AEASPIC (David Tzitzichvili), David Durvard (a), and the interest expressed by Dr. Lester Houck of Africa DivisiĆ³n re acquiring AEASPIC as a long term asset for that division. 2. In compliance with a request made of this office by Africa Division, it is understood your office has agreed to the temporary quartering of AEASPIC in a furnished safe apartment located at apartment 307, 5741 Colorado Avenue, N.W., Washington D.C...The cover arrangement is that David Durvard (a) is a technical associate of Fred K. Komer (a) (i.e. an SR/DOB case officer) self-employed, manufacturers commissioned representative."


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