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Pseudonym: Doscher, Andrew.

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Michael J. Farmer. A handwritten note, possibly written in June, 1970, appeared to state that Andrew R. (or F.) Doscher was Mike (Michael) Farmer. However, the note is not clear and it may be that Farmer's pseudo was another CIA officer mentioned in the list.
Doscher either was Chief of Station (COS), Guatemala, in January of 1964 or signed a dispatch in the COS' name.

Andrew Doscher was a Mexico City Reporting Officer in August of 1966, with Olivia Ragnity and Winston M. Scott, COS, being the other officers.

In June, 1967, Doscher travelled to Tampico, Mexico, to interview Oscar Contreras over his alleged encounters with Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico City prior to the assassination of President Kennedy. Doscher indicated that he had doubts about Contreras, and thought he may have fabricated his meetings with Oswald.

A dispatch in July of 1968 mentioned that Andrew Doscher was introduced to Gerende (Ramon Joseph Alvarez Durant) in February, 1968, with the aim being for the latter to assist the former in some of his operations against Central American targets.

In terms of Michael J. Farmer, according to Anne Goopasture's history of the Mexico City Station, Farmer worked on the LIFEAT project as the inside case officer. Farmer was replaced by James E. Anderson in the fall of 1966.


01/09/64: Dispatch from COS, Guatemala City to Chief, WH Division: "1. On 30 December 1963 Andrew R. Doscher received from (REDACTION)WEAPON-1 a duplicate copy of a report written and turned in by (REDACTION)WEAPON-2 (terminated on 9 September 1963 for insufficient production) on 5 January 1962. The report covers a year-end Communist cell-level meeting at which the cell leader, Moises Benitez Zabala, made a statement concerning the death of President Kennedy within the year 1962. 2. According to (REDACTION)WEAPON-2, Benitez mentioned to the cell members that the leadership of the Communist Party of Guatemala felt that the party should form a single revolutionary party within Guatemala to include the campesinos, workers, intellectuals, students and all those interested in the progress of Guatemala, and that this single revolutionary party should work toward getting out from under the oppressive actions of the capitalistic North Americans. Benitez added: 'We need not preoccupy ourselves over the politics of President Kennedy because we know, according to prognostications, that he will die within the present year, 1962.' 3. This information is passed to Headquarters for any action Headquarters feels is indicated. Andrew R. Doscher. (Handwritten note at bottom of page: NOTE: per C/LA/CAM/C, 14 Nov 75, (REDACTION)WEAPON-1 was proven to be a fabricator in 1964."

104-10221-10003: GALAN, VICTOR RICO, 201-336474

12/22/64: Dispatch from COS, Guatemala to Chief, WH Division: Subject: Tapes Confiscated by the (REDACTION) Military: Page 3: ..."The Station has not based these conclusions solely on the three tapes transmitted with this report. Two days ago, ESDEW-1 informed Doscher that the police recently confiscated 24 tapes from the guerrillas (raids on 8 and 9 December, HGGA-7612) and that these tapes consist of operational problems faced by the guerrilla leadership and propaganda. The Station will attempt to make copies of the tapes mentioned by ESDEW-1 if they can be obtained. If the tapes cannot be acquired the Station will receive copies of the scripts taken from the tapes (police are doing this now)..."

104-10221-10004: GALAN, VICTOR RICO, 201-336474

08/25/66: Report Cover Sheet from Mexico City: Reporting Officer: Andrew R. Doscher. Reports Officer: Olivia C. Ragnity. Approving Officer: Willard C. Curtis (Winston Scott). Project: LIREBEL. Source Crypt: LIREBEL/1. "Supplemental Data: LIREBEL/1 obtained the reported information both from Rolando Collado Ardon and from his professional contacts."

104-10175-10025: LIRING-3

01/01/67: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: Report of Station OOA and DATO Expenditures as of 1 January 1967: Page 2: "LIRANCH Expenditures as of 1 January 1967: ..."5. Other Miscellaneous: DATE: 5 Dec 66. US $...24.00. NATURE OF EXPENSE: Doscher TDY Ops EXPS. PURPOSE: Develop contact..."

104-10221-10002: GALAN RICO, VICTOR, 201-336474, VOL. III

01/30/67: Cable from Director to Mexico City (Orig: L. A. Desanti, Unit: WH/SAO): Slugline KAPOK JMROD PBRUMEN: REF: MEXICO CITY 0113 (IN 87331)* "1. Ref letter pouched with HMMW-15207 30 January. Copy included for Station and translation for LITEMPO/8 (Luis Echeverria Alvarez) if Station desires pass it. 2. Letter is dated 31 January on Hotel El Continental, Panama paper. Please arrange for delivery to Rico any day after 1 February. Request Andrew F. Doscher sign letter imitating signature in 13 January letter to Rico available at Station. 3. Please advise date letter delivered. WH/SAO Comment: *Station concurred with proposed follow-up letter to Rico Galan." - - - 2022 release, page 90: https://documents2.theblackvault.com/documents/jfkfiles/jfk2022/104-10221-10002.pdf


06/30/67: Cable from Mexico City to Director (handwritten note at top: Mentioned UNAM): "1. Andrew R. Doscher travelled Tampico, Mexico, on 25 June 1967 in attempt identify source of American consul's letter per ref and make contact with him in order obtain details on visit of Oswald in Mexico sometime prior to assassination President Kennedy. 2. American consul outwardly very helpful and placed Doscher in contact with subject, Oscar Contreras, on 26 June 67. Contreras is reporter for daily newspaper 'El Sol de Tampico'; is about 30 years old...studied law at UNAM for three years...belonged clandestine pro-Castro revolutionary group at UNAM; visited Cuba where met Castro and Raul Roa...Contreras claims he no longer member of any organization, but is visited often by old friends who still active. 3. Regarding Oswald case, Contreras extremely cautious and refused to give Doscher details on contact with Oswald. Contreras said reason he could not give names of persons who met Oswald is that these persons still active revolutionaries and if they found out Contreras informed on them, he and his family would be in grave danger...4. Although Contreras was not able or willing give dates and names, he said Oswald visited UNAM campus shortly after Cuban Embassy refused him visa to visit Cuba. Oswald apparently made inquiries regarding pro-Cuban revolutionary group at UNAM and was directed to Contreras and his friends. Oswald met Contreras and four other persons as they came out of roundtable discussion held in faculty of philosophy. Oswald told group it urgent he visit Cuba immediately and that Cuban Embassy denied him visa. He requested aid from Contreras' group. Contreras and others mistrusted Oswald immediately because they felt he was CIA provocation. He was obviously American with little Spanish and was very preoccupied over not obtaining visa from Cuba." (CONTINUED BELOW).


06/30/67: Cable from Mexico City to Director: "Group allowed Oswald to accompany them the rest of that day, that night (at group safehouse) and part of the next day. Oswald very introverted and appeared be slightly crazy. During time he was with group, Oswald made no mention of Kennedy or any assassination plot, but kept bringing up point he had to travel to Cuba immediately...5. Contreras told Doscher he once had fleeting thought of selling this information to Look or Life magazines, but did not do so because of fear of being identified by his group as source of information. 6. Several doubts arose in Doscher's mind whether Contreras was fabricating the encounter with Oswald. Contreras said the chance meeting with Oswald impressed him greatly because of the assassination of Kennedy. Yet when Doscher asked him for specifics on dates and details of what was discussed with Oswald, Contreras refused to answer. This seems odd because Contreras' only preoccupation was informing on his friends and giving details on what was discussed with Oswald would certainly not fit into category of informing on his friends. This also applies to exact date of meeting with Oswald. If meeting impressed Contreras so much, he would have been able remember dates and should have no qualms about passing this on. 7. Another point of interest is that Contreras said if he pressed by Americans on issue, he could simply say entire story a fabrication and then they would have to leave him alone. 8. Doscher was to have a third meeting with Contreras evening 28 June 67 but Contreras did not make appearance. Before second meeting ended, however, Doscher told Contreras that the information he is holding back is of vital interest to the United States and to the world, and if he not willing discuss case with Doscher at present time, he will be visited again..."


07/22/68: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH (Info: Chief, SB): Subject: LIEMPTY Progress Report, 1 November 1967 through 30 June 1968: Page 3: "6. In line with the above reasoning, Gerende (Ramon Joseph Alvarez Durant) was introduced to Andrew R. Doscher on 17 February 1968. The idea was that Gerende would be trained to assist Doscher in some of his operations against Central American targets. Gerende's principal duty thus far has been to take over the handling of ERFAIN-3, under Doscher's close supervision and guidance. Gerende has performed quite creditably in this task. He seems interested in the work and has learned quickly. On the other hand, an apparently ingrained habit of procrastination has resulted in dilatory reporting. If Gerende can overcome this (and both case officers are working hard to teach Gerende the importance of prompt and complete reporting) there seems to be every reason to believe Gerende will develop into a competent agent handler..."


Undated CIA document: "June '70 by J. Barry, WH-1...5. Case Officers as NOC: Matthew H. Dingley, Vincent P. Rizzuto, Bruce H. Fernald aka 'Victor Babin" (?), Andrew E. Pellement alias 'Bill Wells', David H. Wilsted, Raymond L. Barcenas, Andrew R. Doscher - Mike Farmer (T) "


11/16/78: Mexico City Station History by Anne Goodpasture: Pages 280-281: ..."The installations were supervised by David M. Wilsted, American principal agent of the LIFEAT Project, who in turn was directed by the inside case officer for the project, Michael J. Farmer,* and the station's' technical officer, John J. McGee. Management of the monitors and transcribers was handled by (REDACTION) chief of the Cuban Section at the station. Transcripts were processed by station personnel in this section...*James E. Anderson replaced Farmer as inside case officer for LIFEAT in the fall of 1966." - - - 2022 release, page 110: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10414-10124.pdf


06/01/95: ARRB document: Titled: ARRB Request for the Historical Review Group, Central Intelligence Agency, June 1, 1995: "Please provide us with information on the following: Slinkard, Phineas F; Bender, J.L; Gabbot, Woodrow; Wilsted, David; Uttlecky, Karen C.; Bekrenev, Vice Admiral L.; Stein, Sidney; Brykin, Oleg Danilevich; Niarcos, Jeremy L.; Doyle, Bill; Anderson, Charles; Mahoney, Harry; Alvarez, Ramon Carlos (Mexican Doctor, Ramon Alvarez's sister's husband); Holt, Harper; Widden, Glen; Sancho, Joseph; Austin, Judd (with firm of Goodrich, Little & Rique); Puckett, Louis; Estancona, Frank; Maggard, Peggy; Spera, Alfonso; Feldmann, Robert...Roettinger, Phil. Hazlitt...Rodriguez, Alfonso; Dean, Warren; Hunt, Howard...Short, Stannard...Flannery, James; Dahlgren, Harold...Smith, Joseph; Stewart, Jack...Piccolo, Joseph; Lyon, Louise; Bright, William; Hausmann, Cynthia; Pittinger, Alice; Dillon, Paul...Misko, George; Keenan, Thomas; FARMER, MICHAEL (note: capitals added for emphasis); Esterline, Jacob B. (Releasable); Bauman, Jack (Pending)..." - - - 2022 release: https://documents2.theblackvault.com/documents/jfkfiles/jfk2022/104-10335-10002.pdf

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