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Pseudonym: Dominguez Martinez, Angel

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Miguel Casas Saez, who allegedly fled from Dallas to Mexico across the Laredo border on 11/22/63.


One account says this is alias of Miguel Casas Saez and he entered U.S. from Cuba (via Puerto Rico) at Miami in Oct. 1963. In Dallas Nov 22, 1963. Left through Laredo that day. FAR plane took him to Cuba. Another account says he is NOT identical with Miguel Casas Saez.


"Station traces on CASAS reveal the following information contained in AMOT reports: A. AMOT-Report CC-409, dated 5 November 1963, Source AMOT-28 (NOTE: Andres Eugenio Venegas Garcia), Sub-Source Jose Matias BLANCO Hernandez, A 12 895 935, who received the information in a letter from Emma BILBAO (mat, unk.), resident of Remedios, Las Villas, former President of the Remedios Board of Education. The letter stated that Miguel Angel CASAS, resident of Remedios, Las Villas, left Cuba on 26 September 1963 by small boat. Casas was caught by hurricane Flora and ended up in Puerto Rico. BLANCO stated that CASAS was a member of the Militias in Remedios and Caibarien, Las Villas Province, and speaks Russian quite well. As soon as CASAS arrived in Miami he tried to buy a boat for unknown purposes. BLANCO saw CASAS' parole card and noticed that CASAS entered the U.S., under the fictitious name of Angel DOMINQUEZ Martinez, from Vueltas, Las Villas Province for this reason, BLANCO believes that CASAS is up to no good in the U.S. B. AMOT Report CC-421, dated 15 November 1963, Source AMOT-28 (NOTE: Andres Eugenio Venegas Garcia), Sub-Source Jose Matias BLANCO Hernandez, A 12 895 935, who received the information in a letter from (REDACTION) (mat. unk.), resident of Remedios, Las Villas, a truck driver"... 01/27/64, dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff


"AMLAME-4 report dated 9 Dec 1963 identifies one Miguel (Casas) Saez, aka Miguelito...ardent revolutionary follower (of) Raul Castro, militiaman and G-2. AMLAME-4 reports Casas' Aunt Lucia (Lopez) wife of Wilfredo (Ruissch) told her dentist that nephew 'Miguelito' in Dallas day of Kennedy assassination, managed leave through Laredo. Boarded far plane Mexico for Cuba. Dentist (not further identified) was AMLAME-4 source for Casas info. Dentist informed AMLAME-4 Casas had firing practice in militia and capable of anything...According A-4 it appears Casas departed Dallas with two unidentified friends and the dentist believes he can identify one of those friends...no trace found of Miguel Angel Saez, parents, aunt, or Wilfredo Ruissch. (Traces were done of Angel Casas - matronym unknown, who under WAVE investigation as a CI suspect and may be identical with Miguel Casas Saez). When photo received by WAVE (from ODURGE/INS) and comparison made, it determined that (Miguel Angel) Casas Aguirre and (Angel Dominguez Ramirez) not identical." 1/25/64 cable from JMWAVE to Director. Note that Miguel Casas Saez identified as Subject A; Angel Casas identified as Subject B; Angel Dominguez Ramirez identified as Subject C.


Report from AMLAME-4 written on 12/9/63. A 11/5/63 trace based on AMOT-28 (NOTE: Andres Eugenio Venegas Garcia) as the source and Jose Matias Blanco Hernandez as the sub-source revealed that Miguel Angel Casas left Cuba for the US on 9/26/63 - Casas was a Russian-speaker and entered US under fictitious name Angel Dominguez Ramirez. Thought he was suspicious. On 11/15/63, Blanco received a letter stating that Casas was among the "Communist shock troops". On 11/20/63, Blanco got another letter saying that Casas had returned to Cuba. At p. 3: "On about 12/26/63, AMLAME-4 was arrested in a roll up of the AMLAME net in Las Villas Province..." At p. 4: A shoemaker in the town of Camajuani reports that Casas departed from Dallas Texas with two friends, and the dentist believes he is following the tracks of one of them."

Joseph Trento, A Secret History of the CIA (Carroll & Graf, 2001) p. 266

nterviewed Angleton extensively between 1976-1987. Angleton told Trento that he thought Gilberto Policarpo Lopez and Miguel Casas killed JFK: "In Angleton's theory, agents Policarpo and Casas, plus a third man whom Angleton would not name, separately worked their way to Dallas, where they met up and carried out the assassination. Angleton believed that Oswald's role was solely to convince Castro that the murder was a joint KGB/DGI wet operation. "Oswald was never aware of the orders," Angleton said. "Telling him would serve no purpose."

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