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Pseudonym: Diaz. H.

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Jose Carbonell Marrero
The alias "H. Diaz" is used by Carbonell. The alias also seems to invoke Humberto Rodriguez Diaz, who was a gangster who defected from Cuba and worked with Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo/El Mexicano. Another possibility is Herminio Diaz, who was named as a JFK assassin by Tony Cuesta to the Cuban government after their failed raid to kill Castro in 1966. Or maybe Carbonell came up with it by himself or from his handler. Or it could be purely coincidence. The "Irma" corresponding with Diaz appears to be Irma Suarez. Another possibility is Irma Canseco aka Irma Carrasco.

124-90130-10035: No Title

1961: The FBI considered using Humberto Rodriguez Diaz as a PSI on Cuban matters, but dropped the idea upon learning from PSI Ricardo Madan - MM T-3 - that Rodriguez Diaz had been involved in two murders and was a typical "gangster and hoodlum" (also see p. 6).


Nov-Dec 1962: Three letters from "PEPE" were sent from Cuba threatening the life of JFK. The first one was sent 11/14/62; for the second one see 104-10506-10007 - p. 4 - "We will completely paralyze the future plans of the United States if we are successful in killing Kennedy...Fidel is very anxious to know how the plans are proceeding." This assassination threat was signed by "Pepe" - the return address was typed as sent by Jose Menendez. Menendez, a baker, had been a member of the American Bakery and Confectionary Union and was active with the Tampa FPCC. After Castro's victory, he defected to Cuba after almost 20 years in the United States and renounced his citizenship. For the third letter that emerged, see HSCA Report, Volume III, p. 426: it was sent 11/5/62 to Carlos Meneses, a prominent mayor in Guatemala, vowing "worldwide revolution".


7/23/63 report says that Francisco Rodriguez Tamayo/El Mexicano/Nicolas Diaz and Humberto Rodriguez Diaz were named by Roberto Perez Crusata in prison shortly before he was killed, and that Cuban police chief Efiginio Amerjerias had indicated the two men were "paid Castro agents".


10/17/63 letter shows "H. Diaz, 1350 NW 2nd St., Apt. 218, Miami, Florida", and the FBI writer of this memo indicates that Jose Carbonell Marrero wrote the letter and used the H. Diaz alias, who sent this letter to Irma Suarez, 9th Avenue, #7203 Almendares, Habana, Cuba. Among other things, the writer tells her not to worry if it takes a long time to hear from him by mail. There is also "secret writing text", where the writer asks Irma for news about any internal uprising and other subjects. There is also a brief reference to another letter from Carbonell to Irma Suarez postmarked 11/5/63 from Miami, with the same names and addresses as noted above. Also see 104-10308-10238, p. 3, which references this letter in a series of similar ZRKNICK intercepts during the 1963 period.

104-10308-10278: MEMO: ZRKNICK- AMAPOLA

Early December 1963: Memo from Joseph Langosch/Harold Swenson, re ZRKNICK-AMAPOLA: A "missing attachment" from 11/29/63 involves a letter to Irma Suarez in Cuba in both text and secret writing - and a similar letter for Manolo Garcia.

104-10308-10248: MEMO: ZRKNICK-AMAPOLA

12/25/63 letter to Irma from "J.G." - could be "J.C. - Jose Carbonell". "Tell my uncle Francisco that his nephew from Mexico is going to write to him and is going to send the IRMA letter to your address. I will tell you about KENNEDY's death in the other letter when I am in New Jersey..." At p. 5, there is a 12/30/63 letter to Irma from DIAZ. "IRMA, I certainly did not forget those medicines you asked me for. I was very sure that they would give them to you and that you would be able to go to Camaguey to see PEPE. The hurricane came and the Cuban government decided to keep them..." PEPE is invoked in this letter...as seen in the above Nov-Dec 1962 threats to kill JFK. Page 2 is a memo from SAS/CI Joseph Langosch/Harold Swenson, with the heading ZRKNICK-AMAPOLA, stating that these documents were received from the (FBI) liaison officer and are self-explanatory. Page 3 states "we are unsure if subject sent above-mentioned letters although it appears December 30, 1963 letter emanated with him." Also see 104-10308-10238, p. 3, which references these letters in a series of similar ZRKNICK intercepts during the 1963 period.


ORTIZ, IRMA CANSECO Sources: ----- Mary's Comments: "Wife" of Antonio Oliva Alvarez at Hotel Comercio in Mexico City when LHO was there. See OLIVA Alvarez.

104-10163-10140: Azcue, Eusebio

Subject: Irma Carrasco. "Source met (Irma) in 1962 when (Irma) was residing in an apartment building located in Marianao, behind the Colegio de Belen, where a friend of source, Dr. Emilio Fors, used to live. Source maintained the social relationship with (Irma) until March 1964. After which they have maintained correspondence from Spain, where (Irma) has resided since Sept. 1964." Irma is against the Castro regime and has had a brother in the US since 1961.

124-90090-10029: [RESTRICTED]

12/15/64 - a "JUNE mail" document, among the most highly classified FBI Page 4: H. Diaz is identified by the FBI as an alias of Jose Carbonell Marrero. Page 7: "Irma" is identified as "Irma Suarez Fernandez, reportedly imprisoned in Cuba for anti-government activities." "Abuelo refers to Manolo Garcia, Corrales 311, Segundo Piso, Apt. 11, Habana, Cuba, who apparently entertains anti-Castro sentiments and who is used by CARBONELL to obtain information relating to anti-Castro activities in Cuba."

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