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Pseudonym: Devuono, Irving

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Grayston L. Lynch. A dispatch in February, 1962, stated that Irving C. Devuono was the case officer of Roberto Perez San Roman. Also, in two dispatches in 1964, Devuono was known as "Lee" (alias George Lee) to AMLILAC members, AMNUBA-1 and AMHINT-56 (Devuono was a case officer of the latter).
Page 14 of Grayston Lynch's Op files stated that Irving C. Devuono was born on June 14, 1923: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10224-10000.pdf Wikipedia states that Lynch was born on June 14, 1923: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grayston_Lynch Pages 256 and 340 of the 2022 release mentioned above also confirmed that Lynch's pseudo was Devuono.

Although Irving Devuono is similar to Irving Cadick, a pseudonym used by CIA officer William "Rip" Robertson, an undated memo from William Harvey, then Chief, Task Force W, listed Cadick and Devuono as being CIA JMWAVE career agents, and having the grades of GS-15 and G-13 respectively. Other memoranda in 1962 both also mention Cadick and Devuono, which perhaps indicates they worked closely together in Miami.

In April, 1961, Lynch and Robertson had defied orders, during the Bay of Pigs invasion, and went ashore as part of the invasion force.

A memo in June, 1967, stated that Grayston Lynch had served as a JMWAVE career agent at the equivalent of grade GS-13 since June, 1961.

A memo in December, 1965, contained in Grayston L. Lynch's CIA operations file (104-10224-10000, Page 246), had the name "SO - Irving C. Devuono" at the top of the page, with "Lynch" written in handwriting below this. Also, a document on page 325 of Lynch's file mentioned above appears to show that he used his own name as his true and legal signature, and in his relations with the U.S. Government, he would use the Irving C. Devuono pseudonym, when required to do so (the signature is redacted but it is very likely to have been Lynch's once again).

Grayston Lynch, Decision for Disaster (Potomac Books, 2000)

"There were two Americans in Cochinos Bay (the Bay of Pigs) that night (in April 1961), whose mission was to act as American representatives to the 2506 Assault Brigade and as insurance against any mishap that might endanger the effort. Those two agents were William 'Rip' Robertson, a tall, rugged Texan who was to become a legend in the clandestine services, and me."

104-10224-10000: LYNCH, GRAYSON L., OP.

5/12/61 request for approval from CA/PMG (note: Covert Action/Paramilitary Group) to Security Support Division/Office of Security: Grayston Leroy Lynch listed as a member of "Project ZRJEWEL". His specific area of use: "To serve as a paramilitary specialist in any area that is needed." Full details of use: "To provide senior paramilitary support for Agency activity under Project ZRJEWEL." (p. 338): Lynch had been in the Army from 1938-1960, then joined CIA. (p. 318) He had served in Bay of Pigs as a contract agent, this new contract would make him a career agent. (pp. 341-342) Memo to Chief, WH/4 (Cuba) from Chief, CA/PMG: Rip Robertson and Grayston Lynch were working together after June 1961 in Project ZRJEWEL. "Under the terms of Project ZRJEWEL, CA/C/PMG is responsible initially for their selection and recruitment, and subsequently for their training and developmental assignments until they are transferred to an existing operational project under jurisdiction of an operating division...it is suggested that WH Division assume...(administrative) responsibilities for both Robertson and Lynch as of 1 June 1961." Chief, WH/4 also asked to protect the "deniable status" of Robertson and Lynch. (Note how p. 341 initially states "PRJEWEL", and p. 308 is identical letter except for typeface - "ZRJEWEL" - significance is that this letter was typed twice - why?) - - - Page 325: "Date: 5/11/61. I do hereby declare that my true and legal signature is: (Signature)...Name, printed or typewritten: Grayston L. Lynch. Witness: (REDACTION)...Date: 5/11/61. I do hereby acknowledge that in my relations with the United States Government, I will use the following signature where required. Signature: (REDACTION). Name, printed or typewritten: Irving C. Devuono. Witness: (REDACTION)." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=160722#relPageId=325&tab=page

Ted Shackley, Spymaster (Potomac Books, Inc., Dulles, VA) 2005, pp. 55-56

"(In early 1962) it was decided to review what sabotage operations were being considered for implementation. This revealed that the team of Rip Robertson, Grayston Lynch and Mickey Kappes had been working for months planning an operation against the Matahambre copper mine complex in Pinar del Rio province, an important export earner and thus valuable to Castro...we completed the planning for the operation, got policy approval from the Special Group (Augmented), and launched it. The team got into the Matahambre complex as planned...we learned later that Cuban authorities had found the explosives (and) disarmed them...our Matahambre failure was not well received by Bobby Kennedy. His caustic tongue worked at full speed to let all and sundry know we were the new Keystone Kops. On October 20 the team was back at Matahambre. This time they were detected by Cuban security forces. A short firefight followed. Of the eight men on the team, six were captured. Castro broadcast his triumph over Havana radio. Heartburn was suffered in Washington, and of course the displeasure was conveyed to us in Miami with a series of biting and unflattering remarks."


02/27/62, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD: ..."2. Comment: Roberto Perez San Roman began contacting ex-brigade members immediately upon his return to the WAVE area from Washington, D.C. on 19 January 1962 and before he had discussed the matter with his case officer, Irving C. Devuono...4. Aside from the gossip and speculation regarding the significance of San Roman's action it has caused some dissension among AMHAZE (a post-Bay of Pigs CIA operational group consisting of exiles initially recruited for the 2506 Brigade) personnel..."

104-10194-10009: CIA FILE ON CROZIER ROSS

Undated memorandum from William K. Harvey, Chief, Task Force W to Chairman, CS Agent Panel: Subject: Career Agents of TFW: Reference: Memorandum to Chief, Task Force W from Chairman, CS Agent Panel, dated 6 June 1962, Subject: Information About Career Agents: For your request contained in reference memorandum the following information is supplied on career agents assigned to Task Force W: a. NOEMAYR, Harold R. (Ross Crozier), GS-(Unintelligible), $9,475 (JMWAVE). b. CADICK, Irving C. (William Robertson), GS-15, $13,750 (JMWAVE). c. DEVUONO, Irving C., GS-13, $11,155 (JMWAVE)."

104-10194-10009: CIA FILE ON CROZIER ROSS

09/25/62, Memorandum from Howard J. (possibly Preston), Chief, TFW/Support to Chief, Contact Personnel Division: Subject: Application of Housing Allowance for Certain Contract Personnel: It is requested that the contracts for the following named Contract Employees and Career Agents be amended to include, in the applicable paragraph, the provision: 'You are herein authorized housing allowance in conformance with and subject to the policies of this organization.' CADICK, Irving C. (note: William Robertson) (Career Agent). DEVUONO, Irving C. (Career Agent). NOEMAYR, Harold R. (note: Ross Crozier) (Career Agent). GLAVASCO, Philip D. (Contract Employee). HEARD, Bruce R. (Contract Employee)."

104-10194-10009: CIA FILE ON CROZIER ROSS.

11/13/62, Memo from William K. Harvey, Chief, Task Force W to Chief, Contract Personnel Division: Subject: Application of Premium Pay for Certain Contract Personnel: "It is requested that the contracts for the following named Contract Employees and Career Agents be amended to include, in the applicable paragraph, the following provision: 'You are herein authorized Premium Pay in lieu of overtime in conformance with and subject to the policies of this organization.' BLAINAUSE, Russell J.; DELLAROCCO, Peter V.; GLAVASCO, Philip D.; HEARD, Bruce R.; STUART, Jennifer A.; TARTARILLO, John K.; TARYDINA, Jacob C.; CADICK, Irving G. (note: William Robertson); NOEMAYR, Harold R. (note: Ross Crozier); DEVUONO, Irving G.; SLOMAN, Henry J. (note: Tony Sforza); LAURENKUS, Marvin A. (note: pseudonym used by Alan Barton. Alan Barton was probably an alias for Rudy A. Enders); STARKROOD, Kenneth A."


04/23/64, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: Page 9: (Damage Report): ..."Irving C. Devuono as Lee..." - - - 09/17/64, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Deputy Chief, WH/SA: Page 4: "KUBARK (CIA) Personnel Exposed: Irving C. Devuono: Known as: Lee..." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=161273#relPageId=4&tab=page

104-10215-10152: AMHINT/56

09/11/64, PRQ Part II - Operational Information (AMHINT-56): "Section 1: Contact and Development...3. List other Case Officers who have handled Subject or whom he knows or has known. Give names by which they have been known: Irving C. Devuono as Lee, Aubrey K. Paukert as Jerry, Kurt G. Makrickas as Ed."

104-10224-10000: LYNCH, GRAYSON L., OP.

12/06/65, Memorandum from COS to Multiple Chiefs (note: At the top of the page: "SO - Irving C. Devuono" and underneath in handwriting: "Lynch"): Subject: Commendation for Performance in HUBBARD I/II: "1. The Chief of Station wishes to commend all Station members and agents who were involved in the HUBBARD I/II operation. The successful exfiltration of the valuable agents AMKHAN-2 (Carlos Martin Ahrens Temple) and AMKHAN-3 plus twelve members of their families on 4 - 5 December was indeed a very impressive performance in response to an urgent requirement. All who participated in the HUBBARD I/II operation can take great pride in the fact that despite considerable difficulties it was possible to carry out the exfiltration of a sizeable group of persons in a swift and flawless manner. 2. Chief, SO: Please extend to the commander of the AMLILAC ("Commando Groups" - Comandos Mambises and others - involved in infiltrations into Cuba) group and to the personnel who participated in the HUBBARD/I and/or the HUBBARD/II actions the congratulations and the appreciation of 'The Chief' concerning their fine performances. 3. Chief, MA: Please extend to the ship captains and the commanders of the operational vessels and to all of the crew members who participated in the HUBBARD/1 and/or the HUBBARD/II actions the congratulations and appreciation of 'The Chief' concerning their fine performances."

104-10224-10000: LYNCH, GRAYSON L., OP.

06/30/67, Memo from Bruce B. Cheever, Chief, Special Operations Division to Clandestine Services Agent Panel: Subject: Grayston L. Lynch, Recommendation for Promotion to GS-14: "1). I am forwarding with my endorsement the recommendation from JMWAVE that Mr. Grayston L. Lynch, GS-13, Step 6, be promoted to GS-14, Step 3. 2). Mr. Grayston L. Lynch was employed by the Agency in February 1961 and has served as a Career Agent with JMWAVE at the equivalent of grade GS-13 since June 1961. He has an excellent record with the Agency and was presented the Intelligence Star for meritorious duty and heroism under hazardous conditions performed in the Spring of 1961. During his entire tour with JMWAVE as a Paramilitary Operations Officer he has shown strong leadership qualities and has demonstrated outstanding proficiency in the supervision and management of indigenous agents. 3). Based on the foregoing, I strongly recommend that Mr. Lynch be promoted to GS-14." An earlier memo in 1967 on the same subject can be found here: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=160722&search=#relPageId=227&tab=page - - - 2022 release, page 226: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10224-10000.pdf


01/26/68, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, WH Division: Page 5 (Page 2 of Damage Report): "WOFIRM (CIA) Personnel Exposed: ....Irving C. Devuono/Lee..." - - Note Page 1 has the signature of Irving C. Devuono.

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