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Pseudonym: Deconbard, Ray

Unknown identity. A dispatch in January, 1964, stated that Deconbard was scheduled to be the interpreter for a number of AMBIDDY-1 Orientation programs in that month.
A cable and a memorandum in 1970 mentioned that Ray D. Deconbard was attempting to meet AMSTRUT-2 (Juanita Castro) to ask her questions on Alpha-66.


01/09/64, Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Special Affairs Staff: Deconbard was the interpreter for a number of programs: 8 January: 1700-2200: The Infiltration Team Principles and Concepts, Organization of a Resistance Net. 10 January: 0900-1200: Caching and Sabotage Techniques. 1300-1500: PM Techniques, Reconnaissance, Raid and Ambush. 13 January: 1700-2200: Small Unit Operations, Training and Application in Clandestine Environment. 14 January: 1300-1800: Weapons Familiarization and Range Firing. 15 January: 0900-1200: Management Controls Regarding Agent Selection and Team Composition. 16 January: 1000-1200: Mission briefings - A Management Control. 17 January: 1000-1200: Management of Maritime Assets. 1930-2030: After Action Reports - Management Self-Critique. 2030-2230: Cache Operations..."


07/07/70, Cable from WH/Miami to Director: Slugline TYPIC AMOT AMSTRUT AMHIM: REF DIRECTOR 48379. "1. Following information, received from AMOTS, is geared to questions posed in reference. A. In 1969, Alpha-66 took out two loans to carry out the operation which was launched against Cuba in late December 1969 - early January 1970. According to AMOT information, AMSTRUT/2 provided Alpha-66 with an undetermined amount of money for this operation and later, provided additional funds. The details of this transaction are not known. According to Luis Gonzalez Grajales, a leader of the Revolutionary Democratic Action group, Juana Castro Ruz provided the funds for the Alpha-66 operation which was carried out in April 1970. Gonzalez added, that Juana Castro in financing this operation, was following the advice given to her by AMHIM-2. B. Persons connected with Alpha-66 have heard Andres Nazario Sargen make comments on the assistance given to Alpha-66 by Juana Castro. Apparently, there were members of Alpha-66 who (appears to be a page missing)...2. AMSTRUT/2 presently taking a small vacation in Naples, Florida. Ray D. Deconbard believes that he can safely broach questions A thru D, to AMSTRUT/2, and is endeavoring to set up a meeting. Any information gleaned from his meeting with AMSTRUT/2 will be forwarded promptly..."


09/24/70, Memorandum: Page 6: "1. In view ref an impending Justice Department action against Alpha 66 members it now becomes necessary verify accuracy ref information concerning Juana Castro and Augustin D. Alles Soberon support to Alpha 66. Answers to following questions needed for interdepartmental discussions prior to final decision for seeking indictment Alpha 66 members. A. Did Juana Castro contribute money to Alpha 66? If so, how much, to whom given and date. B. In her opinion who may have had knowledge she gave money to Alpha 66? C. How many people know of her relationship with CIA? D. Who in Alpha 66 knows of her relationship with CIA? E. Has Alles ever been officially associated with Alpha 66? F. Did Alles support Alpha 66 activities while being paid by CIA? 2. Although Hqs. appreciates Station may not have concrete answers above questions, any info obtainable from Station assets re financing Alpha 66 requested by COB 8 July. 3. If Station considers this course advisable, suggest Ray D. Deconbard might discreetly attempt elicit answers questions A thru D from Juana Castro." Page 7: ..."2. Juana Castro presently taking a small vacation in Naples, Florida. Ray D. Deconbard believes that he can safely broach questions A thru D, to Juana Castro, and is endeavoring to set up a meeting. Any information gleaned from his meeting with Juana Castro will be forwarded promptly."

Gavin McDonald

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