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Pseudonym: Crabanac, Terrence

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CIA officer E. Howard Hunt. A cable in January, 1961, stated that Crabanac would be traveling as Edward J. Hamilton. A CIA report in 1972 stated that E. Howard Hunt had a documented alias of Edward V. Hamilton in 1960.
The report also mentioned Hunt used the alias of Edward J. Hamilton in 1963. However, Hunt probably used this alias earlier. Howard Hunt used the alias of Edward Hamilton after being arrested by police in 1972.


12/29/60: Contact Report by Wallace A. Parlett: "1. Eustace C. Keator, using the alias 'Colonel Roderick', accompanied me to the meeting. The purpose of my talk with AMBRONC-1 was to assess his attitudes toward the procedures in establishing a provisional government in Cuba. This purpose was never mentioned explicitly and the entire discussion was handled intentionally in a low key...3. AMBRONC-1 replied that the 1940 Constitution should be the basis for any future government, that he was much opposed to any military junta, and that the military should put itself, as soon as possible, at the disposal of the civilian authorities. AMBRONC-1 felt that composition of the government should be accomplished by all responsible anti-Castro groups getting together and nominating a provisional president, who in turn would appoint his cabinet..."

104-10171-10363: CABLE: ETA GUEST 9 JAN AT 2210

01/05/61: Cable from WAVE to BELL: "1. Crabanac ETA guest 9 Jan at 221C. Request Merton meet and house in safe apartment to facilitate meetings with MEXI delegate. Traveling as Edward J. Hamilton. 2. Understand MEXI delegate needs funds urgently. Assume MEXI has funding authority enable Crabanac bring payments up to date. CS Comment: *Crabanac welcome. Suggest any time except weekend 13-16 Jan."


09/03/65: Memorandum from William B. Caulfield, Chief, Covert Claims Branch to Chief, Contract Personnel Division: "1. This office herein recommends an amendment to Crabanac's Supplement dated 4 July 1965, to delegate paragraph 7, entitled 'Offset.' 2. This office acknowledges the CCC opinion, Reference A, which determined Crabanac may retain without Agency salary offset any future royalties earned as a result of his literary efforts based on the fact cover does not include role of a writer. 3. As Subject's cover 'activities' have been officially clarified as being only a light one of a retired Foreign Service Officer for which the Agency will be making all entitlement payments and actually he will receive no funds from any cover, this paragraph, which is misleading, has no meaning in Subject's contract and it is hereby recommended that it be deleted from Crabanac's Supplement. 4. Further, in future cases when a cover is so light that Subject will not be receiving funds from cover it is recommended that no 'Offset' paragraph be included in Supplements or Contracts."


06/28/72: CIA report from Howard Osborn, Director of Security: ..."Everette Howard Hunt, Jr.: Much of the publicity on the case centered on Mr. Everette Howard Hunt, Jr., a White House Consultant who formerly served as a CIA Staff Employee from 1949 to 1970. Mr. Hunt was initially interviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the evening of 17 June 1972, but he refused to discuss details of his involvement on Constitutional grounds. Information has now developed which indicates that in 1960 he had a documented alias in the name of Edward V. Hamilton; he used the name Edward J. Hamilton in 1963; and in 1968-70, he was seriously considering the publication of a book under the name of Edward J. Hamilton. Recent news articles indicate that Mr. Frank Anthony Sturgis had registered at the Watergate and gave the police the name of 'Edward Hamilton' at the time of his arrest. As of 27 June 1972, the Federal Bureau of Investigation gave indications that the whereabouts of Mr. Hunt is unknown. The Bureau is checking on Mr. Hunt's handwriting."

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