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Pseudonym: Cook, Pat

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Perry Crookham.
A memo in October of 1960 stated that Perry Crookham was known to David Durvard (David Tzitzichvili) by the alias Pat Cook.

104-10182-10004: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE

09/17/59: Cable from Director to Sao Paulo (Orig: Perry Crookham, SR/DOB): REDWOOD AEACRE: "1. Request local accommodation address for use by agent David de Panaskhet (David Tzitzichvili). 2. Also need name and address in order mail his out letters to Sao Paulo for your insertion into local postal system. 3. Incoming letters should be remailed in second envelope to Robert P. Hache PO Box 8028 S.W. Station Washington, D.C."

104-10182-10069: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

During 1960, WIROGUE-1 was described as a suitable agent for AESENTINEL is described as "an infiltration-exfiltration operation into difficult terrain in the Soviet Union." The senior project officer at the time was C/DOD/DOB Perry Crookham. (At page 55): "early July 59-late Nov 1960...the AESENTINEL Project...was to be prepared and launched from the ZI (Zone of the Interior -the continental US - see https://www.med-dept.com/articles/ww2-military-hospitals-zone-of-interior/) by SR/DOB, a covert site ops base formerly in the District of Columbia...(in early July 1959 there was) several weeks of survival training in Alaska...(training was conducted in a Virginia safehouse) until the operation was placed on indefinite conservation and ultimately cancelled because of the Powers U-2 incident...(at page 56)...ELINT gear was to be used on AESENTINEL...(and) air infiltration-exfiltration techniques..."

104-10182-10057: WIROGUE, (VOL III).

10/26/60: Memo from Michael Rae, Chief, SR/DOB to Chief, Africa Division (Attention: Dan Nesciur): Subject: CIA personalities known by alias to REDSOX agent, David Durvard (a): "1. The following personalities listed in true name and alias, are known by AESENTINEL REDSOX agent David Durvard (David Tzitzichvili) in the alias listed. 2. Subject is unaware of the CIA affiliation of these personalities. The period of time over which Subject was connected with these individuals was from May 1959 through October 1960. 3. True Name: Perry Crookham. Division/Staff: SR. Alias: Pat Cook...4. For any further information please contact Perry Crookham on Extension 8331."

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