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Pseudonym: Cook, Bill

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Bill Cook, Bill Billings and Don Hogan were probably pseudonyms/aliases for Mickey Kappes. Bill Cook was probably a CIA operative based at least partly at JMWAVE. Cook worked with the Unidad Revolucionaria (UR).
A CIA document on the UR mentioned that in early 1961, Ralph Diaz Hanscomb (AMGLAD-1) and Brito Cartaya (who had contacts in Sinclair Oil Company) met with a "Bill Billings", in New York, to argue for U.S. Government support. The result of the meeting was apparent assurances from the CIA of future shipments to Cuba of equipment and other support for UR resistance activity, and an office was to be opened in Miami to be funded by CIA. An undated CIA document on the UR mentioned that Diaz Hanscomb met Donald Hogan (probably Mickey Kappes) at Sinclair Oil Company in New York. A memo in May of 1961 stated that Donald Hogan was promoting Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria (AMDENIM-1) and the U.R. in U.S. Government circles. In addition, according to the CIA document on the UR, Fernando Cavada (AMBLEAK-1), in mid-1961, met with "Bill Billings" and later "Jim Bowden" in Washington, D.C.

A cable in November of 1962 from JMWAVE stated that "Cook" breakfasted on November 20th with SKEWER-1 (Luis A. Ferre) at Dupont Plaza. The cable added that SKEWER-1 would call "Cook" on his next trip to the JMWAVE (Miami) area in around "one month for more leisurely discussions." On November 5, 1963, Luis Montero Carrazana, while being interrogated by Cuban authorities, mentioned that a CIA operative named Bill stayed on board the Rex while it was moored in West Palm Beach. Carrazana estimated that Bill was around 40 years old and fixed any machines needing repaired on the vessel. A cable in December of 1960 stated that Kappes was the engineer on the Seagull boat. Also, a memo by Henry P. Rebholtz in April, 1964, mentioned that AMBLEAK-1 had allegedly said that Cabeza was on his way out of the UR, and turned to Carlos Theye, and said "your contact (meaning 'Bill Cook') is in trouble." Later, Cavada said "that Cabeza's ousting had been accomplished smoothly because Bill Cook was in Washington at the time." See 104-10172-10069: Kappes was from the Bronx; Hogan was based in NY.


12/30/60: Cable from JMWAVE to BELL: REF BELL 0077 (IN 5233)* "1. Per ref, request authority, utilize Robert Clark Stevens Jr. born (REDACTION) at Durant Miss and George Michael Kappes born (REDACTION) at Bronx, New York as captain and engineer on WAVE boat 'Seagull' until such time additional crew can be hired. Stevens and Kappes will be utilized on Alberto Fernandez Hechevarria new boat after competent crew for 'Seagull' located. Both men have crewed Fernandez boats during past few months and considered highly competent. 2. Kappes already has POA. Request POA Stevens ASAP. Plan contract each for approx $700.00 per month straight salary. C/S Comment: *HQs concurred to the use of Cubans as crew members on WAVE boat ops, but desire at least captain and one mate be PBPRIME (U.S.) contract for control and competence."


Undated CIA document: "The case officer of Havana Station was contacted on 14 December 1960 by Jose Alvarez Lopez, Carlos Manuel Borron y Carreras, and Ralph Diaz Hanscom (AMGLAD-1) (note: the 3 principal leaders of UR/AMGLAD - see 104-10226-10021) to discuss plans being made in Havana to form a coordinated movement to be known as Unidad Revolucionaria (UR). This movement was to be formed from all individual anti-Castro organizations then existing in Cuba. The original 'Act of Integration' was signed (with nom-de-guerre) by representatives of 16 separate organizations. In forwarding the above, Havana Station expressed the opinion that the UR deserved careful study, since a united front in Cuba might be helpful to overall planning to achieve a united and coordinated movement among the exile groups, which appeared to be deeply involved in their own caldron of politics. Ralph Diaz Hanscom, one of the three individuals contacting Havana Station as an MRR (Movimiento Recuperacion Revolucionaria) leader in Oriente Province. He advised the Station that he was flying to Miami on 25 December to contact Ray, Martin Elena, Sanchez Arango, Nino Diaz, and Varona, to attempt to obtain an agreement from the Frente Revolucionario Democratico (FRD) for coordination. WH/4/PA expressed interest in the new UR, and asked Miami to forward its evaluation and the results of Diaz Hanscom's talks. While in Miami, Alberto Fernandez Echevarria arranged to have Diaz Hanscom talk to Mr. Howard Hunt and to Mr. (REDACTION). Varona informed Miami Station (which advised Headquarters) that Diaz Hanscom was interested in establishing an overall internal Cuban command...Diaz Hanscom then went to New York to (unintelligible) to Sinclair Oil to arrange sabotage activities against Cuban oil industries. While there, he was contacted at Sinclair by Donald Hogan (who undoubtedly learned of his existence from Alberto Fernandez)..."


CIA document: Page 5: ..."ATTACHMENT A: Early in 1961, as activity continued in PBRUMEN (Cuba) on expanding the UR and appointing a Provisional Executive, Diaz Hanscomb and Brito Cartaya left for PBPRIME (U.S.) to obtain external support. Brito had contacts in the Sinclair Oil Company and at a meeting in New York with 'Bill Billings' the two UR leaders convincingly presented their case for ODYOKE (U.S. Government). Assurances were received from KUBARK (CIA) of future shipments to PBRUMEN (Cuba) of equipment and other support for UR resistance activity. In addition, an office was to be opened in Miami with a monthly budget of $1,500, to be funded by KUBARK..."

104-10230-10028: CRC FINANCE REPORT FOR APRIL 1961

04/01/61: CIA document: Page 21: PAYROLL..."Miscellaneous...Cook Gordon, William: Check No.: 3061. Total: $350.00..."


05/16/61: Memorandum for the record from Bernard E. Reichardt, AC/WH/4/OPS: "1. This meeting was prompted by a call on Mr. Bissell by Mr. Hogan who requested that a meeting be arranged with Fernandez...ADDENDUM: 10. The Donald Hogan involved in this meeting, on whom a statement of background is attached, turns out to be an individual about whom we have a good deal of information and who, at times in the past, has been highly critical of CIA. His association with Fernandez is extremely close, and in this present situation Hogan is assuming the role of Fernandez's benefactor. He makes no secret of the fact that his intention is to promote Fernandez and his Unidad Revolucionario in U.S. Government circles and to try to convince our Government of the need to avoid forcing alliances between such action groups as the UR and Cuban political exile combines...12. It is obvious that Hogan and Fernandez intend to maintain this close relationship, and it must therefore be expected that Hogan will be knowledgeable in considerable detail of all that Fernandez undertakes and the extent and nature of any assistance we might give the UR..." - - - Page 6 mentioned that Donald Hogan (probably Mickey Kappes) was born on 20 September 1926. He would have been 37 years old in 1963 (see entry for 11/05/63).


08/11/61: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline JMZIP KUTUBE: Page 2: ..."Chief squanderer appears to be Alberto Fernandez, no longer an AMGLAD, who freewheeled on grand scale sending characters like Don Hogan on meaningless public relations trips and running up large long distance telephone expenses..."


CIA document: Page 9: "ATTACHMENT A: ..."Owing to his PBPRIME (U.S.) citizenship, first of the UR leaders to arrive in PBPRIME was Fernando Cavada in mid-1961. He proceeded to ZRMETAL (Washington, D.C.), contacted 'Bill Billings' and later 'Jim Bowden.' In September 1961 he was joined there by Brito, Sanchez, Zayas, and others for discussions and planning on the future of the UR and the support to be expected from KUBARK (CIA). 'Carl Hitch' and 'Jim Bowdin' represented KUBARK at talks which took place at ZRMETAL from 22-29 September 1961. Zayas and Sanchez stated the UR had been reorganized in PBRUMEN (Cuba) and that after receiving certain training from KUBARK they intended to return. (204)..."


11/20/62: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline GYROSE KUWOLF: "1. 'Cook' breakfasted with (REDACTION)EWER/1 (probably SKEWER-1/Luis Ferre) at Dupont Plaza 20 Nov. S-1 very busy and pressed for time this trip but genial and completely cooperative. 2. Brief background our recent relations with UR given S-1 repeated FYI...S-1 will call 'Cook' on next trip WAVE area in approx one month for more leisurely discussions..." For the folder including the two pages of this memo, see 1994.06.02.15:09:37:400005 - pp. 16 & 18.


11/05/63: Interrogation of Luis Montero Carrazana: ..."INTERROGATOR: Mr. Carrazana, apart from the North American, Warren (almost certainly "Wally"), whom you have mentioned, did you see any other North American aboard the Rex when it was in West Palm Beach? CARRANZANA: Well, I saw many but (the only other I knew - ed.) by name, there was another gentleman who was about 40-plus and who was called Bill. INTERROGATOR: What was Bill's function? CARRAZANA: Whenever an errand was to be run, Bill did it. But whenever a machine needed fixing he was almost always the worker. INTERROGATOR: That Bill also functioned in the CIA? CARRAZANA: Yes sir, and he slept on the ship and everything. He was always on the ship..." - - - Hogan/Kappes would have been 37 years old in November of 1963 (born in September, 1926): https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=35222#relPageId=6&tab=page


04/27/64: Memorandum for the record from Henry P. Rebholtz: Subject: UR internal Dissension: Interview with Eduardo Sotolongo Medina: Pages 3-4: ..."An example of this, Subject said that at a recent executive meeting (Fernando Fernandez Cavada/AMBLEAK-1, UR chief in Miami) announced that Cabeza was on his way out, and then turning to Carlos Theye, 'Your contact (meaning 'Bill Cook') is in trouble.' Then at a subsequent meeting Cavada told the assemblage that Cabeza's ousting had been accomplished smoothly because Bill Cook was in Washington at the time. Feigning ignorance as to what was meant, the undersigned asked Subject what was implied, and Subject answered that the only thing anyone could make out it was that Cabeza had been personally sponsored in the UR by Bill Cook...7. Before leaving, Subject stated that he felt that his embroilment in the current difficulties resulted from an attempt by Seiglie and Cavada to undermine his position because of his proposal for dissolving the current executive committee. He said that Seiglie had told all of the members that Subject was the sole reason that the UR's paramilitary effort had failed. Seiglie said that this had been told to him by 'Chuck' and had been confirmed by 'Bill Cook.' The undersigned assured Subject that this was not true, and opined that Seiglie's statement was at least an exaggeration probably based on a misunderstanding. The undersigned promised to look into it."

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